This rp is for DXS and Sovash

Characters Edit

Ion the Hedgehog (DXS)

Sorrow the Demon-Fox (DXS)

Octo the Blue ringed Octopus (S-100)

Kira the Artic Wolf (S-100)

The RP Edit

Ion: *he was just walking into a bar* DUDE, WHAT THE HELL!!!

Sorrow: FUCK YOU HEDGEHOG! *sorrow was drunk at the time*

Ion: dood chill...

Octo: *sitting at a table with a few girls* And I was like, man, just chill. You know what I mean man? *drunk as he's talking jokes*

Kira: *sighs as he chao flies around her* He's a damn idiot. He didn't even drink alcohol. He gets like that when he drinks juice.

Ion: *truns to kira* ...

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