Alinoa The Cat is a beautiful cat from South Island. She is secretly a car mechanic who worked for the late Martin Newell.


Alinoa The Cat

She is known to be Alphonse Uprising's first female character.


Alinoa comes from a family who are wind mages, special characters who had the ability to create wind. This was solely inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender.

Alinoa did not find out that she was a wind mage until she turned 10 years of age. Her powers made her different from the others which made it very difficult for her to make friends in elementary school.


Alinoa may not seem much of a fighter but she is actually a hardcore martial artist, but she refuses to tell that to anyone else.


Age: 17

Birthdate: July 27th

Gender: Female

Power Type: Speed

Voice Actor: TBA

Love Interest: Ask before editing

Eye Color: Green

Species: Cat

Nationality: South Islander

Genetic infoEdit

10 is excellent, 5 is average, 1 is below average

Intelligence                  5

Speed                         9

Perception                   5

Dexterity                      6

Strength                      5

Health                          7

Stamina                       6

Total                            43


The name "Alinoa" is not a real name in any language.

This is the first and only Alphonse Uprising character that is a female.

Alinoa is the only AU character that has wind powers.

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