The Birthday Massacre - Video Kid Lyrics

The Birthday Massacre - Video Kid Lyrics

Theme song of Alisa [Alice]

Alisa and her demon form, Alice

Alisa [Right] Alice [Left]

"I and Alice are the same, but we do not live in the same worlds..." ~ Alisa.

Basic BioEdit

Name: Alisa Ovhen

Age: 18

Species: Hedgehog

Form: Alice [Demon]

Eye colors: Bright green eyes

Fur/hair color: Black

Skin color: Pale

Love Interestion: Cassy(Secret)

Friends: Cassy The Cat (Picture will be up soon.)



What Alisa is based offEdit

Alisa is based off Madness Return, a game about of a corrupted version of Alice in Wonderland. If you played the game, it is rather nice.

Alice BioEdit

Name: Alice Ovhen

Age: 18

Species: Hedgehog/Demon

Weapons: Scythe, knife, Horse check piece hammer and cards.

Hair/fur color: Black

Eyes: Bright green

Skin: Pale

Friends: Cheshire Cat, and Mad Hatter


Enemies: Red Queen