Gender: Female

Age: 18

Species: Wolf

Sexuality: Bisexual

R. Interest:


Mother: Chia Flavus

Father: Draxis Dionis (Disowned)

Brother: Marble Dionis (Disowned)

Brother: Sidianite Dionis (*keeps in touch*)


After seeing Miranda, Amber had made the choice to dye the colorings on her body, replacing the gold colorings with purple colorings not unlike Sidianite's own. These markings can be found on her ears, legs, and the tip of her tail. She has naturally dark grey fur, that covers her arms. She has a tan muzzle as dark as Sidianite and Marble's fur color, this color reaches to her ears as well. Her hair reaches to her waist, and she keeps it loose. Also, with the freedom she has she tends to wear some slight makeup, such as purple eyeshadow and lipstick.

Amber also prefers to wear light clothing to make sure she doesn't have much if she ever leaves. So she wears a black jacket without a shirt underneath, and a pair of dark red pants.


Spending much of her life on the run with her mother has hardened this girl's emotions, making it difficult for quite a few people to crack her shell before she's gone again. Amber has had to force herself to grow up to make sure she and her mother survived, this has also caused her to become more aggressive in everyday life.

And when she sees something, or SomeONE, she likes she won't hesitate to get it.


Amber has a unatural abilitiy to make any normal conversation seem awkward.

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