Section headingEdit

AngelFlames: Lizette the Fallen Wolf

FroZenHyBrid: Marica the Banshee

RP Part 1Edit

A pale blue wolf-ghost floated through the city, having rendered herself invisible to any normal passerbys in the city's streets and buildings.

Standing and observing from the roof of a building was a wolf. Her arms were crossed.

The ghost floats in front of the wolf, not paying attention to her. "..."

The wolf looks at the ghost. "Hm?" She then calls out to her. "Hey, what are you doing around here?"

She jumps from the voice, letting out a small squeak, she then looks at the wolf who had questioned her. "H-Huh? Y-You can see me??"

"I could see all souls." The wolf says blankly. "Anyways, what are you doing here?"

"I uh...Because I have nowhere else to go."

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