Shinseiki ~New Millenium~ English Lyrics 【Kagamine Len】【VOCALOID Anime PV】05:55

Shinseiki ~New Millenium~ English Lyrics 【Kagamine Len】【VOCALOID Anime PV】

"I'm Asta! The bunny princess!"


Name:Asta Moon


Species:White Bunny


Likes:Pocky,sunny days,flowers,hopping,exciting things,friends

Dislikes:Sad stuff,tears,deaths,her friends crying/about to die

Fur color:White

Eye color:Blue


Mirrors:She can import herself into the mirror/mirrors

Erusuka:Only the elevator thing

Technopath:She is like Tails..A bunny who does technology.

Ticky Tock(Wild Cards)Edit

"Tickity Tickity Tock~"

Name:Ticker "Ticky" Tock


Species:Clock Bunny


Likes:Her friends,Wonderland,Clocks

Dislikes:Her queen and her army

Fur color:Mint white.

Eye color:Green


Others:She was inspired of White Rabbit and the song Alice Human Sacrifice.She's taken the role of White Rabbit.You can also find her by looking through the mirror or see her rushing to a hole.


Tick Tock clock:She uses a pocket clock and swings it,making the enemy dizzy

Human Clock:She tosses the clock and turns into the human self of her as she catches it

Wild Cards:Clock's Tock:She holds up the watch,making her and the enemy teleport to a clock-liked dimension.She then somewhat tells you a riddle.Get it right,you're free.Get it wrong,you die and fade away.


Asta's opposite.She is stitched and somewhat has black scars liked things on her.Her outfit changes as well..

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