A demon of the woods.


Name:Athlensia Kurouria

Age:Physically 16,Really ageless.Unless she's normal..

Powers:Able to summon shadows,Fog summon,Plant powers (lol -w-),able to appear and reappear,able to become someone's shadow,shadow shifting

Skills:Silently quick,swordsmanship

Likes:Shadows,Black Cat Demon,Roze the Demon,Respectful males

Dislikes:Her first love,any idiotic beings,hasty knights/males


As a shadow girl,she is lady-like and respects well of others,except for those who were hasty to her.She sometimes worries for her friends and willingly to talk their sadness out.When somebody mentions something that makes her shaky and stuff,it's really her thinking about her past.


There is one powerful weakness that shadow demons cannot resist..Their hateful past.Athlensia's weakness is having to remember her first love.She will drown into depression.If shadow demons do this for a long time,they will become dead.By dead,I mean a shadow going down into the ground,having themselves disappear from the world and existance.

Second thing is Kerolystral.It is chemical,minerals,and metal that can pain a shadow being for days.It may also kill them too.

Third thing is light.But,if they have a necklace pendant,they are able to change to their normal selves and become a regular person.Otherwise,the light might sting and pain the shadow.If not healed quickly or correctly,that shadow will die a painful death.



She appears to be a shadow,wearing a shadow version of this dress.She has long,black shadowy hair that goes to her knees.


She appears to have dark purple fur with black hair and a braid.She wears this dress.


Lie ✦ by Circus P ✦ (Cover)【JubyPhonic】03:30

Lie ✦ by Circus P ✦ (Cover)【JubyPhonic】

First Love in Camelot...Or insane memories?Edit

Athlensia used to be a young,happy girl.She always believed in love.One day..she met her first love.They were a couple for a year.Things became insane.Arguments were happening.Everyday,Athlensia sits in an allyway,crying herself until she stops.She usually comes back to her home and sleeps in her nightmares.

Tears' Crack in the Soul and the Heart..Edit

Athlensia always watches her boyfriend.Everytime she sees him cheating on her to an another girl,she would bury herself into tears.Her soul will crack and her belief in love with break.

Bring Me to the Demons..Edit

One day,Athlensia gave herself to the demons.She entered into the demonic woods,having shadow demons surround her.After a long conversation between the demon and her,she eventually becomes darker until she becomes a shadow demon.


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