Anti version of ion the hedgehog

Character InfoEdit

Gender: Male

age: 18

birthplace: Votic Square

occupation: Male Prostitute

full name: Jack Cork Velocity

nicknames: Aton

"birth" abilities: super speed, instinct sense, vision prediction, ionic boost, homing attack, homing kick, atomic form.

"learned" skills: swordsmanship.

weaknesses: Darkness

Love interest: none

backstory Edit

Aton is a anti version of ion, he is pretty much a Pervert and always wanting sex with most Mobians, unlike ion who is a hero, Aton is neutral. Aton can use atomic energy much like ion, he was discovered by ion during his time in anti Mobius, then his anti was genetically split from him creating a anti version of him.

Personality Edit

Aton is very perverted and Laid back unlike his counterpart.


(he never met any one yet)


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