Still Doll sonic character - Alice-

Aynlie Ice Wolf

"... No emotions..." - Aynlie Ice Wolf

Basic bioEdit

Name: Aynlie

Age: 18

Species: Ice wolf

Powers: Ice

Personality: Lacking of one

Likes:... Unsure...

Dislike: Unsure

Fur color: Light gray and icy blue

Eyes: Icy blue

Hair and eyes(Human): Icy blue

Aynlie when emotionalEdit

Likes: Piano, singing, both of her forms, showing emotions, the truth, Grilled chicken, lemon flavor grilled catfish, sweets.

Dislikes: Soul eating demons[when their after her], dark places, being alone and sad.

Flaw: She always tell the turth, no matter what.

Skills: She can play the piano and sing at the same time...

Ice powersEdit

Ice Spear

Ice Field - Note: Anyone who touches it but the person being potect will freeze on touch

Ice storm

Ice aura

Ice armour

Ice sword

Ice shield

Freeze ray

Ice wave

Ice hands - They are huge hands that suddenly appear out of no where, the freeze people on touch and are big enough to crush people. [This happens when she stabs her sword into the ground and mutters some words and the air around her suddenly becames negatives real quick - causing a heartstroke due to how fast the temperture change.

Ice Machine gun

Ice pistols

Ice wings - helps her fly into the air

Ice mecha - She suddenly forms ice pieces that while create a huge mecha that she can control with her body.

Ice wall - A wall that protects an allie, and blockes the enemies view, may also block said allie it is protecting from said enemies to keep the allie from seeing the enemey.

Ice clone - Freezen version of the user that strangely moves like the user, and can easily fight enemies that aren't fire base.

Aynlie's human formEdit


Aynlie's human form

Aynlie can go into her human form whenever her owners want her too. (Being Zero right now)
Little Aynlie

12 year old Aynlie (She gave herself up to the spirits at age 16.)





Vassal: Zyn

Owners(People who can make her a vessel): Zero the Overlord

Nightcore - Invincible HD-0

Nightcore - Invincible HD-0

Fighting theme -fighting for Zero-

東方 Riverside- 廃獄のロア Lullaby of Deserted Hell

東方 Riverside- 廃獄のロア Lullaby of Deserted Hell

Aynlie's song -She sings in memories of her time with Zero, that's about it.-

【東方】 Riverside 『酔花』

【東方】 Riverside 『酔花』

Always true love -Her love for Zero-


Aynlie was an ice princess of an forgotten kingdom, meant to be marry off to a prince. The Ice Princess had fake her appearances to the coward as a servent to a cafe, and ended up falling in love with one of the workers. However, due to the prince finding it, it cause a war between the two kingdoms.

Aynlie, with her good willing spirit, wanting to end it all and seek a way. Aynlie ended up being pushed around by the people of her kingdom, rockes thrown at her and called names. In the end, she found a spirit[Demon] that wanted to be brought home, in the end she made a deal with the spirit. After getting the spirit what it wanted, it made a back door to her [Due to it being a demon]. Aynlie had stop aging at 18, and grown colder with each spirit[or demon] that uses her body for what they want.

Theme songsEdit

NightCore Still Doll

NightCore Still Doll

main theme song of Aynlie

Kanon Wakeshima - Still Doll (Music Box Version)

Kanon Wakeshima - Still Doll (Music Box Version)

Sleeping melody theme for Aynlie

Kanon Wakeshima - Lolitawork Libretto Storytelling (Romaji Lyrics)

Kanon Wakeshima - Lolitawork Libretto Storytelling (Romaji Lyrics)

Her Ending theme song (If she was in a game)

Dead Hearts- Stars Lyrics

Dead Hearts- Stars Lyrics

Childhood theme song / Flashback of memories

Black Widow - Dolores O'Riordan Lyrics

Black Widow - Dolores O'Riordan Lyrics

Theme song of her childhood (I am thinking she is an ice princess.)

Megurine Luka - Lavender Town (Lyrical)

Megurine Luka - Lavender Town (Lyrical)

Theme song of the deal with a spirit(Secretly, a demon) -Seeking to be forgiven-

Nightcore - Frozen HD

Nightcore - Frozen HD

Fighting theme song [better than the last one]

Extra infoEdit

  • Just cause Aynlie lack emotions, doesn't mean she can't understand emotions.
  • Her blood is Liquid nitrogen, but when blood is taken from her, it seems like normal clear blood.
  • Aynlie has been curse to forever tell the truth ever since she was four. [Yep, never can lie.] [has been cure]
  • [Demon part] Evility: Blade Dance-30% of base ATK added to SPD when sword is equipped.



Aynlie male self

Hehe ^^

This is what happens when Aynlie ends up drinking the demon turth syrume. Turns into a boy that looks kinda like a female [hair wise]


Owner: Zero the Overlord



Vassal: Zyn


A bit more braver about asking things.


(Working on the rest.)