Birdsauce is a fictional psychiledic drug that was originally a food custard  made by a younger Tesla The Hedgehog on accident.

A picture describing all of Birdsauce's effects will come soon. 
Shadow On Drugs

Shadow The Hedgehog on birdsauce.

Birdsauce is a combination of mayonaise, ranch dressing, and mustard thoroughly stirred together to make a revolting taste. To some users, it is considered a drug. 

Universal symbol for birdsauce


If one ate/smelled only a cup of birdsauce, they would experience odd hallucinations, and increased energy and awareness. This somewhat boosts there powers up to 150%.

When Tesla first ate birdsauce, he described the hallucinations by saying "I was put into a video game like situation. I saw an HUD showing my lives and score, and evil blue birds began pecking my head. I pointed at them and water squirted out my index finger, and the blue bird exploded, bits flying everywhere. I realized that I got over thousands of points. I will continue to point my finger at birds hoping I will get a new high score."

Apparently, this drug puts the user into an odd "video game like situation", where blue birds come out of nowhere and peck your forehead. By pointing at them, your finger squirts out a fluid (or probably a gun that you just fired at a flying object, like a helicopter), and the bird explodes violently.

Based on how much you digest/inhale, birdsauce can last at least an hour before disappearing. Upon wearing off, the user will most likely vomit it out or get an annoying headache/toothache from it.

Short term effectsEdit




Boost in power + energy

Long term effectsEdit



Increased awareness

Where can it be found?Edit

Birdsauce is banned in multiple countries. It can only be found when coming across a drug dealer or Tesla The Hedgehog himself. It can also be created by the user, too.


Controversially the weirdest fictional drug in the Sonic fanbase.

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