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Black: This is why i try to stay away from Pinkie Pie *sigh* I new she'll crack one of thees days no pony should be that hyper.

Basic InfoEdit


Onup: New and improve look ^^ Black: Its acceptable Onup:....-_- man

Name:Black Licorice



Eye Color: Moderate arctic blue

Mane: Dark cerulean & Brilliant green

Coat: Very dark gray

Magic Aura: Brilliant green

Cutie Mark: (Rethinking it)


Love Interest:(It could happen)


Love drain(changeling power): Can feed on the love and/or positive emotions of others

Shape-shifting(changeling power): Can look like any pony or anything.

Emotion Sensors(changeling power): The ability to see a ponies emotion and how strong the emotion has become.

Meteor Crash (changeling power):Forms a brilliant green colored shield in front of them then crashes into it.

Dark Bind(changeling power): A changeling power to bind a anyone in a brilliant green colored slime like substance.

Info Restoration: Use to restore burnt books and old damaged scrolls. It can allow you restore weathered down stone writing.

Illuminate: A simple spell that create a small sphere of light and flouts around you, shedding light to your surroundings.

Levitation magic: Basic EASY unicorn magic( if your a unicorn and can't use it for shame)

Frostfire bolt: Launches a bolt of frostfire, causing damage and slowing the target

Frost/Fire shield: Creates either frost (protection) or fire (damage) shield.

Self Cloak: Personal cloaking field but the user must remain stationary to use it.

Telepathy: Talk to other ponies with his mind.

Teleportation: An advance magic spell to get to point A to point B

About ChangelingEdit

[Note:Some things may not be canon, there not much canon info about changeling]
Blaze, TuXe, Ozzwald - The Changeling (Twitch Remix)05:06

Blaze, TuXe, Ozzwald - The Changeling (Twitch Remix)

Black:*chuckled to himself* Be careful some pony may not be who they say they are.

  • Changeling do not feed on the positive emotions of other changelings. The reason because it taste foul and the energy gained is to small to survive off of.
  • Changeling can eat food that was cooked with a lot of love in them. It's a nice substitute from just feeding from some pony directly.
  • They are able to clime walls like incest ^^ kinda like spider-man XD


(Takes a lot of thought)


He doesn't like to show emotion, being a changeling he doesn't like others knowing what he is. He never tasted true love yet but seeks the driving force behind love. He's very proud of his magical abilities but doesn't like to show them off, he often look for rare books or tomes to add to his library. He is very conscious of everyone he meets. He's HIGHLY conscious Of anyone who's super-positive all the time (like Pinkamena Diane Pie aka Pinkie Pie).


  • Out of all the things in the MLP universe (in my opinion) The changeling seems the most fun and that why I thought of making one
  • The Idea for the name is because everyone I know hate black licorice but I love it ^^

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