Black Widow lyrics- Brittany Underwood

Black Widow lyrics- Brittany Underwood

Only one that fits right now.

Alternate Baine X Alternate Tiger

"My poison is deadly, but my bite is more deadly~" -Black widow, when threatening someone

Basic BioEdit

Name: Black Widow

Real Name: Vixen Widow

Age: 19 ( truly 1,634)

Species: Hedgehog/Were-Black Widow

Weapon: Whip [Magical]

Crossbow (Poison bolts)

Forms: Were-Black Widow

Personality: Can be easily reasonable, but she has to be very smart as a Black widow.

Born: Medieval time

Place born in: Underground of mobius's main island in the city of Xesan with the Spider clan.


  • Wolf Spider (Dead) - Wolf spider of a male hedgehog who respected Black widow and was neutral. He died because he wouldn't help the Slavers get rid of her.
  • Iruna - She helps Iruna with understanding emotions, but likes Iruna and her shadow.

Lover: Ester, secret-Xenia

Likes: Teasing Ester, Loving Ester, her friend Wolf spider, caring for her friends.

Dislike: Slavers (Mainly)

Black Widow's Were-Spider formEdit

Pzo1007 spider by critical dean-d6szrvg

What Black widow's Full form is. I can't find a good black widow hybrid form...

(working on the rest)