Chapter 1Edit

[Blaze was relaxing underneath a cherry blossom tree drinking sake as usual]

Blaze: Aa what a good day to drink ^^ * he looks up at the sunny sky*

Tempestra: *flies past him, bringing some wind with her. She stops and looks at him* Oh hello.

Blaze: Hey Tempestra ^^ wanna drink with me, i could use the company.

Tempestra: Sure. *she flies over an sits next to him* I hope you don't mind the wind, for some reason I can't get it to leave me alone.

Blaze: Wind and fire can get along great ^^ The wind could give fire strength it normally wouldn't have Its very carefree and genital...*stares at the shy*

Tempestra: Are you alright?

Blaze: Don't Know ^^ I like to talk whats on my mind when I'm buzed. Sorry if it was suden, these are some of the thing i do think about.

Tempestra: It's fine. I guess I could try some sake. May I?

Blaze: Have as much as you want *pour Tempestra a cup* ^^

Tempestra: *takes a cup and sips it, she shakes her head* Geez that's strong!

Blaze: It's high quality ^^ only the best.

Tempestra: Your friend right? *she takes another sip*

Blaze: Yep ^^ he's a great host too.

Tempestra: *takes another sip, and she starts to blush* You know...I think you're cute.

Blaze O thanks for the complement ^^ *drinks more* tell me what on your mind?

Tempestra: *hiccups* You wanna know what's on my mind? *she finishes her sake* More please.

Blaze: Yes ^^ *pour some more*

Tempestra: *takes another sip* I feel like people only like me for my looks. *she hiccups again* I appreciate the compliment but that makes me feel shallow. 

Blaze: There are people like that but you do have family that love you for you right?

Tempestra: Yes, but I can't date them. I want someone to love me for me. *she hiccups*

Blaze: Maybe you're trying to hard? who know the one you'll love might just find you one day

Tempestra: *she puts her hand on his, without realizing* But I can't help but flirt. I'm an avatar of love remember?

Blaze: There are many way to express fire, there're also many different kinds of loves. You need to find the right kind to find your happiness. *drinks more sake* Just because I'm a fire god doesn't mean i have to burn everything i touch...

Tempestra: *She holds his hand* Of course. You're not burning my hand.

Blaze: Hehe ^^ I didn't notice *holds her hand* I'm sure you'll find the one... you're a very good listener ^^

Tempestra: *blushes a little* No one's ever said that before...only Floodon and Tytan.

Blaze: For one to love one must first listen and understand...the feeling in ones heart, the burdens they carry, even there flaws...Um sorry thinking out loud again ^^

Tempestra: No-no. It's fine, that was nice.

Blaze: By listening to your troubles i was able to understand you telling some one you feel beater, that's a wonderful way to think. It's nice to have such great company ^^

Tempestra: For a fire god, you have a way with words Blaze. *she smiles*

Blaze: My mind is alot clearer when I'm buzzed ^^ I use to be more like your brother but much worse. I was angry all the time.

Tempestra: Then I think it's safe to say you're much better buzzed.

Blaze: You're right ^^ plus I'm more bold *drinks more*

Tempestra: *she smiles and hugs him*

Blaze: *hugs her back* I'll be listen to all your troubles ^^

Tempestra: *she blushes, he can't see* Thank you.

Blaze: Hehe ^^ No problem

Tempestra: Can I have more sake?

Blaze: Definitively ^^ *pore more sake*

Tempestra: *sips hers again* You know I think I've gotten used to it.

Blaze: That's good soon you'll be able to out drink your brother XD

Tempestra: Hehe...I think he's still under the effect, he tried to pick a fight with my brother Tytan not too long ago, got sent through the wall.

Blaze: Maybe he should drink more live a little, He'll enjoy life more ^~^

Tempestra: Maybe, but I think it's a little too much for him. *she takes another sip*

Blaze:You're maybe right but I'll till offer him a drink ^^ It's the kind of guy I am

Tempestra: Cute and Smart. I like that in a man. *She hiccups and giggles*

Blaze: Yep XD that's me *drinking more sake* sake and great company it doesn't get better than this ^~^

Tempestra: *looks to be drunk* Well I can think of one way it can be better.

Blaze: How could i forget the food ^^ want some?

Tempestra: I'm not talking about the food...

Blaze: Music is nice once in a while ^^

Tempestra: *She leans over* I'm not talkin about music either...

Blaze: I guess it could be better under a stary sky then in brad daylight. That's atmosphere for ya ^~^

Tempestra: Right...*she's about to kiss his cheek*

Blaze: Is there a certain atmosphere that you prefer?

Tempestra: The one you just said...*she kisses his cheek*

Blaze: Ok *snaps his finger and the night shy apears, the stars shine brightly* O and thank for the kiss ^^

Tempestra: *blushing* Y-you're welcome...oh it's so beautiful now!

Blaze: The stars burns so bright tonight ^^ *drinking more*

Tempestra: Wow, they're all so shiny.

Blaze: I'm going to make some grilled fish ^^ want some?

Tempestra: Ok.

[Later you can see Blaze grilling 6 fish on a stick, they smell really good]

Blaze:*bits into one as he hand one to Tempestra* ^^

Tempestra: They smell great. *she bites into one*

Blaze: O wait is it to hot for you i might need to cool of some

Tempestra: No-no! It's fine, thank you though.

Blaze: How does it taste ^^

Tempestra: Blaze it tastes great, thank you.

Blaze: No problem^~^ *his tail wags happily*

Tempeastre: Oh you're in your mobian state? You look cute. ^^

Blaze: You do like my mobian state the best ^^ *wags his tail*

Tempestra: Yes I do. *blushes* You happy about something? Your tail's shaking a lot.

Blaze: Ya it dose that whenever I'm happy or having fun in this moment in time both ^^ *Tail still wags* don't know how to stop it

Tempestra: When something bad happens or you feel sad is when it does. So right now the fact that you can't stop it is a good thing ^^

Blaze: True ^^*still waging*

Tempestra: Say...wanna know something about my name?

Blaze: Sure I'm all ears ^^*still waging*

Tempestra: Now with my being an avatar of love and all, one would think my name's a play on words of temptress, but it's really Tempest with a few extra letters added.

Blaze: O really i though your name was close to tempest like the wind ^^

Tempestra: It're one of the first people I knew that didn't think it was based off of Temptress..

Blaze: O so i got it right ^^ *still waging* I just thought i makes sense you being a wind god and all =^~^= Honestly i wouldn't even think about the play on word with temptress.

Tempestra: *smiles and she kisses his cheek again* Thanks Blaze.

Blaze: No problem =^~^=*still waging* I can't be the first one to get it right

Tempestra: Well the first one whose not a sibling.

Blaze: Really!? *still waging*

Tempestra: Y-yes.

Blaze: I feel really honored *still waging* I wish i could tell you something intresting about myself but... I'm drawing a blank ^^

Tempestra: It's fine.

Blaze: What do you think it means to be a god?

Tempestra: I think to be a god you'd have to use that power wisely. You'd have to use it only when necessary and fight any battles that no normal mobians can.

Blaze: What do you think a normal mobian can do?

Tempestra: A normal mobian can get to live life to the fullest...they don't have to worry about the risks of being an immortal god.

Blaze: Do you envy there short lives they can find happiness build bonds, and with there limited strength change the world.

Tempestra: Yes.

Blaze:*Place his hand on her cheeks*They are able to form bounds because they are week, they help each other to become stronger. When a friend is in danger they feel a need to protect so they desiring more power to protect what whats important to them... Gods who are born with power don't understand what companion are. We mostly keep to our self never think of other gods until we watch them... We see them overcome obstacle we normal would never think they could accomplish. There will impress us and we seek what they have...vulnerability the need of others the desire we are wanted and loved not because of what we can do or look like but because of the type of persons we truly are.

Tempestra: *blushes and she starts to lean close to his face*

Blaze:*Boldly just Kisses her*

Tempestra: *blushes immensely, she closes her eyes and holds the kiss*

Blaze: *tail waging hugs Tempestra pulls away* I hope i didn't go to far *blush*

Tempestra: No. That was a beautiful speech. And a wonderful kiss.

Blaze: It's something I've been thinking about while drinking... I just had to kiss *blush tail still waging*

Tempestra: Blaze...I wanted to kiss you since you got my name's meaning right. *she kisses him again*

Blaze: I wanted to kiss you when i learned of your envy *kisses her again* You are someone i could be week around.

Tempestra: And you're someone I can be myself around. Because you're the first person who cares about my personality, not my body. *she kisses him again*

Blaze: It's a little funny... I wan't looking for love but love found me *Kisses her again*

Tempestra: *She smiles in the kiss and she hugs him*

Blaze: So what do you wanna do now ? *Blush Tail still waging*

Tempestra: Wanna go out?

Blaze: Sure where to *still waging*

Tempestra: My brother Tytan's bar and restaurant!

Blaze: That's sounds lovely *still waging*

Tempestra: Yay! *she holds his hand and starts flying*

Chapter 2Edit

[They've arrive at Tytan's bar and restaurant]

Blaze: Wow what a nice place ^^

Tempestra: I know. He takes good care of this place. *she walks in and motions for him to come*

Blaze: *Walks in after her* ^^

Tempestra: *follows* Hello!

  • a large brown mole looks out of a door and hugs her* Tempestra! How're you doing sis?

Blaze: *Smiles* Are you Tytan?

Tytan: Of course. Who're you?

Tempestra: My new boyfriend!

Blaze: I'm Blaze Inferno nice to meet you ^^

Tytan: Tytan. God of Earth nice to meet you. So you're my sister's boyfriend.

Blaze: Yep ^^

Tytan: Take care of her. And don't take advantage of her.

Tempestra: Can we eat now?

Tytan: Of course, made your first date here I'm so proud! There's a free table over ther. *he points to an empty table*

Blaze:Alright ^^ *leads Tempestra to the free table*

Tempestra: *led to the table*

Blaze: *pulls out a sit for her*

Tempestra: *Sits down* You're so sweet.

Blaze: Hehe ^///^ I have to do well on my first date*sits down next to Tempestra*

Tempestra: *smiles* So. Feel free to choose anything you'd like to eat. Whether you summon it or he has Burnstro and the others make it.

Blaze: I'll have whatever you're having with sake ^///^

Tempestra: Think you could form me some of that grilled fish? It was wonderful.

Blaze: Ok *Hand Grilled 6 fish on a stick and handed one to her * Here ^~^

Tempestra: *takes one and starts nibbling* Thanks ^^

Blaze:*pulls out a small gourd* Do you want some sake ^^

Tempestra: S-sure. *she hold out a cup*

Blaze: *pour some sake into her cup then pour some into his cup and drinks it* ^^

Tempestra: *drinks hers*

Blaze: So how many gods come here ^^ It is a really nice place

Tempestra: Actually, this is a place for mobians. Tytan's a gentle giant and prefers to keep his peace, this is his way of doing so.Gods can come if they'd like though.

Blaze:For Mobians?......I don't have any mobain money -_-;

Tempestra: It's free for us.

Blaze: O thank god..wait.....I am a god ^^;

Tempestra: *Takes another fish and nibbles it*

Blaze: So you like to talk with some of the mobians here ^^

Tempestra: Yes. I find it fun to chat with the people here. It also helps me as some of them are lonely, so I help them find someone to love. Well after I help them, I leave them alone and let them build the relationship on their own.

Blaze: Look at you now, you're on your own date...with me ^^

Tempestra: Yeah. With the nicest guy I could ask for. *she hugs him tightly*

Blaze:*blushes* I'm with such a wonderful person who listens to me who like me for me... someone who i can cherish*hugs back*

Tempestra: *she kisses his cheek*

Blaze: *bushes* I want to know more about you... your hopes, dreams, view and experience in life. Tell me...

Tempestra: My hopes...I want to fall in love with someone caring. That happened since I met you. My dream is to help anyone and everyone find that special someone in their lives. My point of view is that love is something to be cherished. Not used and abused, and my experience in wonderful, I've met so many friends and I've met the most wonderful man who I hope to spend the rest of my eternity with. *she kisses him*

Blaze: I wanna know more... your weakens, your fears, all the good and bad thing that happened in your life *kisses her*

Tempestra: The best thing that happened in my life was you. The bad thing was being lonely. I'm scared of being rejected by someone I love..

Blaze: I will never reject you whenever I'm around you.... my heart is on fire..when we kiss it skips a beat ^~^

Tempestra: *she smiles and blushes* And I will never reject you either. *she hugs him*

Blaze: Tempestra *nuzzles her* Is there anything you wanna know

Tempestra: Same thing you wanted to know about me.*nuzzles back*

Blaze: I hope that i will find peace with myself and find the one i meant to be with. I dream that everyone can find their happiness in life...i know i have.My point of view everyone ha a burning desire to do something. My experience in life use to be nothing but hate and regret i started to drink my troubles away...then i started to reflect an think about my life, i see others drinking and having fun despite what there going through....and i wanted that. I joined them and tell them my trouble and for once in my life i felt better. My weakens was my temper but now i can't resist a good drink ^^. My fears... to once again be the god I used to be, full of hate burning everything he touch. The worst experience i had in life.... did you know i was in love or at least back then i though it was love...

Tempestra: I can only tell when a Mortal's in love...

Blaze: Before us before i began drinking long time ago, I wanted a goddess of ice... her eyes were so cold and beautiful. I just wanted something I couldn't have the fact that we're opposites intrigues me....

Tempestra: I'm sorry.

Blaze: Don't be If i never met her I might still be the same guy I used to be *nuzzles her* I wouldn't be here with you.

Tempestra: *blushes* I-I-

Tytan: So have you finished your meal?

Blaze: No there some fish left ^^

Tytan: Oh very well then. I'll send my brother Icrilic if you do not need anymore.*he walks away and tends to other customers*

Tempestra: Icrilic's a polar bear by the way.

Blaze: what where you about to say ^^

Tempestra: I-I think it'll be better said when we're not in public. >.>

Blaze: Hehe that's right ^^ i was so caught up i forgot we're not alone. You can tell me when you're ready

Tempestra: Thanks Blaze. *she smiles and kisses his cheek* Now, let's finish eating hm? *she takes a third fish and nibbles it*

Blaze:*starts eating his second fish while drinking sake, looking into Tempestra eyes*

Tempestra: *Blushes*

Blaze: What do you like to receive as a gift?

Tempestra: I-I've actually never really thought about that,

Blaze: That's because it's near impossible to give a god or goddess something that they don't have *sigh* gift giving is tough

Tempestra: But then again. You've already given me a wonderful gift. *she kisses him*

Blaze: Ya *blush* I just have a burning desire to do more for you

Tempestra: Oh? And what's that desire?

Blaze: Anything really...anything that will put a smile on your face, to know that I can make you happy.

Tempestra: Blaze. You already did. *she kisses him*

Blaze: Your so sweet to me ^~^*Kisses her* I just wish i could do more *hugs her*

Tempestra: It's fine. *she looks into his eyes* I love you.

Blaze: *looks back at Tempestra's eye blushing bright red* I love you to *leans in for a kiss*

Tempestra: *She kisses him without hesitation*

Blaze:*deepens the kiss hugging her tighter*

Tempestra: *blushes*

Blaze: *Kissing her, his hands rubs the back of her wings*

Tempestra: *pulls away blushing* Um...if we're gonna do that think we could go somewhere private?

Blaze: Sorry I keep forgetting in the heat of the moment *blushes* I gotta work on that.

Tempestra: S-so where do you wanna g-go now?

Blaze: Anywhere with you ^^

Tempestra: That tree we were at was nice and private. Or I could take you to my room at the house, my room's sound-proof for when I ever brought someone home. ^^

Blaze: You've thought of everything ^^ I would love to go to your room.

Tempestra: Wanna go by wind-travel? It's faster ^^

Blaze: Sure sound fun^^

Chapter 3Edit

Tempestra: *She takes his hands and walks out of the restaurant, she closes her eyes and a large spout of wind surrounds the two* Let's go!

Blaze: *hugs Tempestra*Awesome! ^^

  • she starts flying at quick speeds, holding onto Blaze tightly, she smiles at him*

Blaze: Your right this is faster ^^

Tempestra: *stops and she lands at a large house* Here we are.

Blaze: So this is your house *blush* It's cute ^^

Tempestra: My brothers and sisters live here too. That's why my room is sound-proof.

Blaze: Honestly i never been in a woman's room before *blush* Any of them home right now?

Tempestra: I think my sister. But she's too busy studying. *she opens the house door and walks in* Come on!

Blaze: O-Ok *walks inside ans looks around* I-It's really nice ^^ *pull out a mall gourd and drinks*

Tempstra: *she goes to a green door and opens it* Here, this is my room,

Blaze: I'm actually in your room ^^*Blushes drinking more* It's very nice *looks around*

  • there is a closet with a wardrobe on one side, a mirror and a desk on the other. A green heart-shaped bed is on the opposite side of the bed and the room is decorated in artificial leaves that sway to and fro, looking like they were moved by wind.

Tempestra: Thanks.*she closes the door and sits on her bed*

Blaze: *starts drink 10 big gulps from his gourd before he sits next to Tempestra on her bed* So we're alone now ^~^

Tempestra: Mhmm...

Blaze: Is there something you wanted to tell me now we're alone *leans in a little*

Tempestra: *leans in slowly as well* Only that I want to be with you.

Blaze: That's it ^^ i thought it was a little more personal *hugs Tempestra* You don't have to hide such thing and... I want to be with you to, i don't care who knows it

Tempestra: *hugs him back, she nuzzles his neck*

Blaze:O~o Tempestra *hugs her tighter rubbing his hand between her wings*

Tempestra: *blushes and she kisses him*

Blaze:*deepens the kiss rubbing his hand down her back*

Tempestra: *shivers and she wraps her arms around his neck*

Blaze:*Gently rubs her rib cage, nuzzles her neck*

Tempestra: *blushes and she lifts her head up. she rubs his back*

Blaze: One of use has to go first so it might as well be me*starts to remove his shirt Blushing*

Tempestra: *she stops him* Me first. *she lifts her shirt up and drops it onto the floor, she's wearing a bra and is blushing immensely*

Blaze:*looks at her for a minute or two -Gulp-* It's my turn *Removes his shirt showing his abs ~Blush~*

Tempestra: *blushes immensely and she rubs his abs, she looks at him*

Blaze:*Rubs her back his hand is over the back of her bra* M~May I *blush*

Tempestra: W-we haven't even fully undressed yet...*she kisses him* But yes you may...*she kisses him again*

Blaze: Sorry i wan't thinking clearly*Starts to unbuckle* There're step to these things *nervous smile*

Tempestra: First time?

Blaze: It's that obvious ^^; *starts to pull down his pants*

Tempestra: It's mine too. *she places a finger on his lips* Now shh...can we just let our bodies do the talking?

Blaze:*looks at Tempertra for a moment befor sucking on the finger that was on his lips ~blush~leans in closer nuzzles her shoulders*

Tempestra: *blushes and she starts to take her pants off*

Blaze:*nuzzles her neck pressing his chest over her bra*

Tempestra: *she takes her pants off and is now only in her bra and panties, she kisses him*

Blaze:*returns the kiss-Blush-feeling down her legs*

Tempestra: *She shivers from the feeling, she wraps her arms around his neck and deepens the kiss*

Blaze:*mesh his tog with hers,rubbing her ass, Leaning more onto her*

Tempestra: *she blushes and starts to lay on the bed*

Blaze:*On top of her -Blush-pressing his hand over her bra*

Tempestra: *blushes and she lays down, she lets out a small gasp*

Blaze:*squeezes over her bra-gulp- rubs his hand in between her legs*

Tempestra: *gasps and she blushes, she let's out a small moan*

Blaze:*rubs two finger over her panties while pressing his hand more on her bra -Blush-*

Tempestra: *moans again and she puts her hand in his underwear*

Blaze:*Blushes bright red as her hand is inside his underwear, he can feel is hard dick rub against her smooth hand. He moves his hand inside her bra, slightly squeezes her breasts*

Tempestra: *blushes* Ooo...someone's happy. *she squeezes his man-part and rubs it*

Blaze:*Feels her rubbing his dick*I'm always happy when I'm with you *goes underneath her panties and uses two finger to rub her pussy, Pinches her nipple from underneath her bra*

Tempestra: *moans*

Blaze:*his two finger continues to rub her pussy, using the other hand to unstrap her bra*

Tempestra: *starts panting and she puts her other hand in his underwear, she rubs his manpart*

Blaze:*insert his finger deep inside her pussy,removing her bra, looking into her eyes*

Tempestra: *looks at him desirably, she's panting from his finger inside her*

Blaze:*pull down her panties, lick her nipples caressing her ass*

Tempestra: *moans, holding his head against her breasts* Mmm...

Blaze:*suck on her nipples as he starts to finger bang with two fingers*

Tempestra: *starts panting, and she moans*

Blaze: *Finger bangs faster as he sucks harder on her nipple, twisting her nipple*

Tempestra: *moans louder, she starts drooling* Mmmm...

Blaze:*Finger bangs deeper pressing her breasts together to suck on both nipples at the same time*

Tempestra: *she pants and rubs her hands all over his back, she moans loudly*

Blaze:*finger bangs deeper and faster then ever, sucking hard on both of her nipples, squeezing her ass*

Tempestra: B-Blaze! *she nearly screams in pleasure, she moves her lower area upward, getting his finger in deeper and she pushes his head against her chest*

BLaze:*sucke even harder on goth of her nipples, licking them with his tong. Using four finger to finger bang deeper,faster into her wet pussy*

Tempestra: *she grips the sheets of the bed and she moans*

Blaze:*suddenly kisses Tempestra* I want you *his chest press against her breasts as he finger bang even faster*

Tempestra: Then take me. *she kisses him passionately* MY body is yours. *she kisses him again*

Blaze: Are you sure?*his dick rubs against her pussy* There's no turning back...I'll understand if you don't want to

Tempestra: I promised myself I'd only give myself to the one I love. *she shivers from delight* And so I give myself to you.

Blaze: T~Tempestra *inserts his dick slowly into her pussy* I will love you and give myself only to you *starts to thrust in and out*

Tempestra: *gasps at his entering her, she moans* M-mmm...

Blaze:*Fucking at a steady pace foundling her breasts, panting-blush-*

Tempestra: *she moans, and blushes*

Blaze:* fucks faster hugging her, his hand rubs between her wings as he kisses her*

Tempestra: *Wraps her legs around his waist and she kisses him with her tongue*

Blaze:*Moans into the kiss as he fucks deeper into her pussy, blushes as her legs wraps around him, his chest pressed hard against her breasts*

Tempestra: *she meshes her tongue against his, rubbing his back*

Blaze:*fuck violently into her pussy, swirling his tong inside her mouth as he rubs his chest against her breasts*

Tempestra: *she wraps her tongue around his and she grabs his butt to push him deeper in*

Blaze:*cums deep inside her pussy, nuzzles her neck as he massages her breasts*

Tempestra: *Cums and she moans, she puts his lips to her neck without knowing*

Blaze:*kisses down her neck while squeezing her butt*

Tempestra: *moans loudly*

Blaze:*starts fucking again* I'll give you my all*passionately kisses her, stroking her hair*

Tempestra: *she puts her hand on the back of his head and back, she deepens the kiss*

Blaze:*Fucking steady,moans into the kissuses his tong to lick the roof of her mouth as he massages her breasts*

Tempestra: *moans and she sucks on his tongue*

Blaze: *fucks deeper inside her, begins to suck on her tongue as he pinches her nipples*

Tempestra: *She blushes deep red and she moans into the kiss, she wrapos her tongue around his and she licks everywhere in his mouth*

Blaze:*fucks violently inside her feeling her hot body, tasting her sweet, looks into her eye lovely, his eye shines with great hope for the future*

Tempestra: *drooling, panting, she smiles at him and she kisses him aggressively*

Blaze:*once again cums deep inside of her, filling her insides as he continues to kiss*

Tempestra: *cums as well, moaning, she meshes her tongue with his*

Blaze:*panting heavily* I love you so much * kisses down her neck*

Tempestra: *starts panting* I love you too Blaze.

Blaze:*rub her bell, panting* we're making something beautiful *nuzzles her*

Tempestra: something? Like what?

Blaze: A son or a daughter, i don't care which, I'll love this child *continues to rub her belly*

Tempestra: *Smiles* A baby with you. *she kisses his neck*

Blaze: You've made me so happy*hugs her tight* I never thought this would happen

Tempestra: Neither did I. *She hugs him just as tightly*

Blaze:*sigh* You won't be able to drink any sake with me but*looks deep into her eye*I have you and this child

Tempestra: And I have you and this child too. *she kisses him*

Blaze: Nothing but good times ahead *rubs her belly* i wonder ^^

Tempestra: *tears form in her eyes and she smiles* I've never felt so happy ^^

Blaze: It'll coutinue like this *nuzzles her* This happiness that is born when two become one.

Tempestra: You still have such a way with words ^^

Blaze: Just me thinking out loud ^^. I wonder if our child will have your eyes

Tempestra: Guess they'll have to be born for us to find out.

Blaze: 9 months is so long to wait but i guess you don't mind.

Tempestra: As long as I have you with me I can handle it. *She kisses him*

Blaze: I can wait with you*Kisses her back* We don't need to speed it up ^^ *nuzzles her*

Tempestra: Blaze...thank you.

Blaze: I should be thanking you... you've given me so much *kisses her*I'm so happy that I'm with such a wonderful person.

Tempestra: I'm so happy I met you. *she kisses him and wraps her arms around his neck*

Blaze: Normally this is where some people thank the gods soo thank you Tempestra god of wind to be here in my arms, to be cherish *rubs her belly* bring more reason to love, to protect, someone i can hold dear to me *kisses her*

Tempestra: And thank you Blaze, God of Fire for being here in my arms, to love, to protect, and to bring life into the world. Thank you for giving me the chance to be a mother. *she kisses him and holds the kiss*

Blaze:*Deepens the kiss stroking her hair*

Tempestra: *blushes* Mmmmm...

Blaze: When should we tell them?*blush*

Tempestra: Well...I don't know *blush*

Blaze: How about when they get back *kisses her* they should know the good news ^^

Tempestra: Of course. *she blushes* I-I think you're still in me though.

Blaze: I don't know if i want it out *kisses her* It feels so nice inside you ^~^

Tempestra: *blushes and holds the kiss* R-Right.

Blaze:*pushes his dick further inside as he deepens the kiss*

Tempestra: *blushes and she meshes her tongue with his*

Blaze:*pulls and thrust it back in as his tongue plays with hers*

Tempestra: *gasps and moans into the kiss, she puts her hand on the back of his head*

Blaze:*Pull and thrust again and again going faster with each thrust as he kisses her sweetly*

Tempestra: *she pushes her lower area upwards, for him to go further. She deepens the kiss*

Blaze:*fucking now at a steady pace he also deepens the kiss while stroking her green hair*

Tempestra: *she gasps sharply at something and she lets out a loud moan* B-Blaze I think you hit a sweet spot.

Blaze:*Still fucking* Where? here?*stroking her green hair*

Tempestra: *gasps sharply* Y-yes...keep hitting there it feels so good.*she pants and kisses his neck*

Blaze:Fucks deeper as he continues to strok her green hair as he Kisses her neck*

Tempestra: O-Ooooo...Mmmmm..*She tilts her head for him to kiss her neck, she moans

Blaze:*fuck faster, stroking her green hair*Mmmm~*lick her cheeks*

Tempestra: *she blushes and she rubs his back, she kisses him*

Blaze:*fuck violenly inside her, stroking her green hair*Mmmm~*Deepen the kiss*

Tempestra: *She grips the sheets, kissing him*

Blaze:*cums alot inside of her, kissing passionately while stroking her green hair*

Tempestra: *cums too, she kisses him*

Blaze: *nuzzles her* Tempestra you set my heart ablaze ^~^

Tempestra: *she hugs him* I love you.

Blaze:And i love you too *hugs tighter*

Tempestra: I'll be happy to be the mother of your baby. You know...I think I should give you something right now.

Blaze:What is it?

Tempestra: Sit up~

Blaze:*Looking at her focusing on whatever she going to do or say*

Tempestra: *she kisses his chest*

Blaze:*starts to stroke her hair*

Tempestra: *She kisses further down*

Blaze:*looks down at her rubbing her hair*

Tempestra: *she fondles his man-part, rubbing the tip*

Blaze:A~a*gasp a little still stroking her hair*

Tempestra: *She starts sucking it*

Blaze: GA~a*feels her sucking his dick,panting a little*

Tempestra: *she sucks on it and licks the tip*

Blaze: Aaa~*feels her licking the tip shiver of pleasure run down his spine*

Tempestra: *she licks all over it and sucks faster*

BLaze: Aa~Oo~*Feel her mouth sucking on his dick extreme pleasure all over*

Tempestra: *She licks all over the tip and sucks faster*

Blaze:AAaa~*cums into her mouth* That felt to good~

Tempestra: *eyes wide* Mmm! *she points to her mouth*

BLaze: Y-You like the taste of it *stroke her hair, blushing*

Tempestra: *shakes her head*

Blaze: Tha was really nice*blush* I'll have to do something for you

Tempestra: *grabs a small cup and spits some of it out* Really? W-what?

Blaze:*starts to lean in on Tempestra, looking in her eye's lovingly*

Tempestra: *eyes close half-way and she smiles*

Blaze:*kisses down her neck rubbing her sides*

Tempestra: *She blushes and moans*

Blaze:* kisses from her neck to her belly,starts to rub her legs*

Tempestra: *moans loudly, blushing immensely*

Blaze:*kisses from her belly to in between her legs, he began to genitally lick the surface of her pussy*

Tempestra: *gasps sharply, she moans*

Blaze:*lick more of her pussy in a circular motion, while rubbing her legs*

Tempestra: *moans loudly, she pants while looking at him*

Blaze:*sticks his tongue inside her swirling inside her*

Tempestra: *lays on the bed, moaning loudly*

blaze:*Licks deeper inside of her, rubbing her legs*

Tempestra: *screams out of delight, she wraps her legs around his head and she grips the bed sheets, now drooling*

Blaze:* his face mesh inside her pussy, licking even deeper as he rubs her ass*

Tempestra: *she looks at him, and a bit of cum escapes into his mouth*

Blaze:*push her but so he can lick even deeper inside her, everywhere inside her while squeezing her ass*

Temepstra: *panting, more cum escapes*

Blaze:*continues lick more inside her pussy*

Tempestra: *cums into his mouth, she's panting and blushing*

Blaze:*licks then swallows* Did you like it?

Tempestra: *blushing and panting* I-I loved it.

Blaze:*gives a big smile* I'm glad

Tempestra: *she kisses him*

Blaze:*returns the kiss*

Tempestra: *she pulls away and nuzzles him*

Blaze:*Nuzzle her in return, his arms wraps around her neck* We're bounded forever, we'll rely on each other. I will always be a part of you~

Tempestra: And I you. *she wraps her arms around his waist*

Blaze:I want to know what does the wind means to you?

Tempestra: To me it means everlasting change. Evolution of love and a desire to see your goals through to the end.

Blaze: I like the sound of that*hugging her* let our love grow for all eternity, each moment more precise than the last. A Beginning with no end for us * nuzzling her* I'm looking froward to the future.

"Me too." She hugs him back.

Chapter 4Edit

[9 months has passed, the love between Blaze and Tempestra has only became stronger. Tempestra is carrying Blaze's child, they're expecting the baby to come any day now. Right now our two lovers are spending time together at Blaze normal drinking spot under a lovely cherry blossom tree. ^^]

Blaze:*his head on her big belly, trying to feel the baby*I can hardly wait *rubs her belly* there's so much I want to show you

Tempestra: *pats his head* I can't wait either honey. Our first child together.

Blaze: it's actually happening ^^*hugging her gently* Now I know how all those couple feel *nuzzle her ,rubs her belly*

Tempestra: I know. *she blushes* It might happen any day now huh?

Blaze: Yep ^^ I'm sticking by you

Tempestra: Mhmm. I'm hungry.

Blaze: What would you like *nuzzling her* some grilled fish perhaps ^^

Tempestra: Anything edible, ooh your grilled fish is fine! I love it!

Blaze: Ok ^^*hand grills some fish for her* here you go *hand one to her*

Tempestra: *eats it rapidly* Yum!

Blaze: Its nice you have such a healthy appetite ^^.

Tempestra: I think it's just because of my pregnancy.

Blaze: Hhehe ^^ *drinking from his gourd* Is there any place you would like to go?

Tempestra: I dunno. You have any ideas?

Blaze: We could spend time at the beach ^^ or see what your brother is doing.

Tempestra: How about the brother idea?

Blaze: Ok ^^ are we taking the wind there?

Tempestra: I don't think I can.

Blaze: Do you think your brother is using fire right now? If he is we can get there instantly ^^

Tempestra: I think so.

Blaze: Do you think your brother is using fire right now? If he is we can get there instantly ^^

Tempestra: Uh...maybe? o.o

Blaze: I'll show you how I travail ^^*hugging her* ready to go?

Tempestra: Mhmm.

Blaze: It's completely safe ^^*nuzzling her hugging her*

Tempestra: I trust you. *she hugs him back*

Blaze: Ok ^^*His body caches on fire then the fire sounding them but felt to heat*

[for a moment the only thing you can see was fire soon the fire dies down you notice that your inside a house next to a burning fireplace]

Blaze: We're here ^^ *still hugging her his tail wagging*

Tempestra: Woah. What was that? *she looks around in awe*

Blaze: You see all flame are connected. As long as there something is burning I'm there.^^

Tempestra: Cool! *she kisses his cheek*

Blaze*blushes, his tail wags*^^ glad you think so. I hope your brother doesn't mind us suddenly popping up.

  • a spout of fire bursts from the other room following with burnstro's angry voice. A checkerboard soon follows*

Tempestra: He'll be fine

Blaze: If you say so ^^ *hugging her, his tail*

Tempestra: Ugh...I feel tired. *she sits down*

Blaze: Is there anything I could get you?

Tempestra: Water?

Blaze: Ok ^^* he hurried to the kitchen and returns with a glass of ice cold water* here you go * gave her the glass*

Tempestra: *starts to drink it*

Blaze:*sites next to her, his tail wags as he drinks (sake) from his gourd* Ever take the time to not think of anything?

Tempestra: To be honest, no. 

Blaze: You should try it sometimes ^^ Your mind wanders to the most weirdest things. It's nice not to think *hugging her* just being in the moment*tail wags*

Tempestra: *hugs him* I know.

Blaze: I love being around you*nuzzling, tail still waging* Do you want another kid?

Tempestra: Yes, but we should wait for this kid to be born. Ok?

Blaze: Ok ^^ *hugs her tail still waging* Our child is going to have a little brother or sister. I always wonder what's like to have a brother or a sister.

Tempestra: It's not easy I can tell you that much. *kisses him*

Blaze: I'm sure it has it's fun moments ^^*deepens the kiss* I want our child to have that.

Tempestra: I hope they do.

Blaze: I'm sure they will *hugging her* They'll have us to show them ^^

Tempestra: Right.

Blaze: So any thought on where to give birth? Maybe a sacred mountain or next to a lovely lake?

Tempestra: Or a hospital?

Blaze: Didn't think of that ^^ guess I'm a little old fashion hahaha.

Tempestra: It's fine. *she nuzzles him*

Blaze: Um do you know where the hospital is ^^;

Tempestra: My sister could take us. *she starts to fan herself*

Blaze: That's good ^^, feeling hot?

Tempestra: Yes, I am. 

Blaze: I'll turn down the temperature *the flames die down the room got cooler*

Tempestra: Thank you.

Blaze: Anything for you^^

Tempestra: Thanks Honey.

Blaze: You know there's nothing I wouldn't do for you *looks lovingly into her eyes*

Tempestra: *rubs noses with him* I love you.

Blaze: I'm forever one with you*rubs noses with her* I love you~

Tempestra: *kisses him*

Blaze:*deepens the kiss, hugging her gently*

Tempestra: *hugs him back just as gently*

Blaze: Let us never part. *kissing her* We'll always be together

Tempestra: You, me, and our children. *She kisses back*

Blaze: All of us*his tongue meshes with her* will grow closer. We'll be one happy family~

Tempestra: *tilts her head, gripping his shoulders* Right~

Blaze:*nuzzling into her neck* After our child is born *rubbing her wings* I'll take you all over again~

Tempestra: *blushing* S-Sure, I'd like that.

Blaze: I feel so hot next to you~*blushes, waging his tail*

Tempestra: Me too.

Blaze:It's so hard *blushing passionately kissing her ,waging his tail* but just a little longer * rubbing her belly*

Tempestra: *she blushes* Yeah, just a little longer.

Blaze: If you feel it too then it must be soon *wagging his tail blushing* it can happen any moment *kisses her* Come out so we can meet you *Rubs her belly*

Tempestra: *kisses back and blushes* I uh...I think it's gonna happen. We gotta go to the hospital.

Blaze: Your water broke !? How do I contact your sister!?

Tempestra: P-Phone.

Blaze:*frantically looking around* Where's the phone in this house.

Tempestra: L-Look behind you!

Blaze:*looks behind* o there it is *picks up the phone about to dial the number*.... What's her number^^;

Tempestra: *groans a bit* In the contacts!

Blaze: ok*quickly looks the ought the contacts, starts to call* Hello we need a ride to the hospital!

  • a honk is heard outside*

Tempestra: Oh, she must've been waiting.

Blaze: Hiw did she.. Never mind *picks Tempestra up* Just keep breathing deep breaths* rushed to the car*

Tempestea: *taking deep breathes*

chapter 5Edit

[Tempestra sister took them to the hospital. Right now Tempestra is giving birth]

Blaze:*holding her hand* come on. Breath and push you can do it

Tempestra: *is doing both*

Blaze: just a little more I can see the head * hold her hand tighter*

Tempestra: *grips his hand harder,*

[a loud cry can be heard]

Doctor: It's a boy

Blaze: A healthy boy... Our son *giving Tempestra the baby*

Tempestra: *holds him when he's covered in the blanket, panting* He's adorable.

Blaze: Do you have a name for him.

Tempestra: Twister, little Twister. *she gives him her finger* So adorable.

Blaze: He definitely has your eyes ^^ *a small gust of wind plows inside the room* Haha and your power.

Tempestra: *smiles* That can only mean if we have another child then they might take after you.

Blaze: A chip of the old block ^^. Someone to teach all my fire tricks to. It going to be another nine months but first how are you feeling?

Tempestra: Tired.

Blaze: It always looks painfully.*nuzzle* I think it's amazing, to go through so much to bring something so beautiful into the world.*hugging her* here we are no longer looking... It's nice

Tempestra: Mhmm. He's so cute. 

Blaze: He's coming home with us ^^. Ready to head back?

Tempestra: I'm just gonna rest a bit ok?

Blaze: Ok ^^I'll be right here.

[The baby fell asleep in Tempestra's arms]

Tempestra: *falls asleep holding her baby*

Blaze:*Fell asleep watching over Tempestra*

[Its the next day suddenly the baby starts to cry]


Blaze: Hu *starts to wake up*

Tempestra: *snaps awake* Twister's crying!

Blaze: He's most likely hungry *yawnes* so somber -_-

Tempestra: *rocking him gently* Shhhh.

[the baby continues to cry]

Blaze: You have to breast feed him.*rubbing his head* let him suck on your nipples.

Tempestra: *starts breast feeding Twister*

Twister:*stops crying sucking the milk from Tempestra's breasts*

Blaze: *pulls out his gourd* breast feeding is very important for his development *drink from his gourd*

Tempestra: Shh. *she raises her finger to her lips as a signal for him to be quiet* He's stopped crying.

Twister:*sucking on her breast*

Blaze*whispers* O sorry hungry little fella

Tempestra: *whisperS* Thank you Blaze. *she continues feeding Twister*

Blaze: *whispers* No problem I see it all the time during my younger days ^^.

Tempestra: Not in front of Twister.

Blaze:???*whispers* what do you mean?

Tempestra: Nothing. *she looks at Twister* 

Twister : *sucking on Tempestra's breast , holding on to them*

Blaze: Ok ^^ * drinks from his gourd*

Tempestra: *yawns* Hey Blaze, let'd go home.

Blaze:*stands up, walk over to Tempestra and gently hugs her and the baby* Do you want a ride home or my way home ^^

Tempestra: A ride home please.  *she kisses his cheek and holds Twister up to Blaze* Your son wants a hug honey.

Blaze:*he carefully pick up and holds Twister in his arms* welcome to the world, there's so much to show you*rocking him gentility in his arms*

Tempestra: *smiles as she fixes her shirt*

Blaze: can you call your sister *holding him gently*

Tempestra: Mhmm. *she calls her sister*

Blaze: we she gets here we can all go home*holding twister gently*

  • her sister, a white moth comes in*

Solareana: *gasps* Oh he's so cute!

Blaze: Shh he's asleep *holding twister gently*

Solareana: *whispers* Right, sorry. Anyway the car's ready.

Tempestra: *gets up slowly*

Chapter 6Edit

[Solareana drove Blaze Tempestra and twister home. Baby Twister sleeps peacefully all the way home.]

Blaze:*gets out of the car holding Twister gently* Thank you for the ride.^^

Solareana: You're welcome. Thanks for taking care of her.

Tempestra: *gets out of the car, and yawns*

Blaze: It was more than than my pleasure ^^.* holding baby Twister close and gently*

Tempestra: *hugs him and looks at Twister* Bye Solareana, thanks for the ride home.

Solareana: My pleasure. *she drives off*

Blaze:Hehe *smiles as Tempestra hugs him still carrying Twister gently* I'm glad you're feeling better.

Tempestra: Still a bit woozy but yeah. Thanks hon.

Blaze: You can take it easy ^^ I'll make sure our son feels right at home.

Tempestra: Thank you Blaze. You're so sweet. *she kisses his cheek*

Blaze:*blushes as his tail wags back and forth* I do anything for you.

Tempestra: Thanks hon.  *she stops at the door*

Blaze:*while carfuly caring Twister Opens the door for Tempestra* Goddess first ^^

Tempestra: So sweey. *She takes Twister gently from his hands and walks inside* Now the handsome god comes in next.

Blaze: Thanks ^^ *blushes as he inters the house* Aa home sweet home ^^ *takes a few gulps from his gourd* O ya is there anything special I should know?

Tempestra: Since we told them about the baby, Tytan and Icrilic were nice enough to build a crib for him. *she looks at him* And his room's right next to ours.

Blaze: I'll definitely thank them the next time we meet ^^. We'r officially parents and we'll be adding another member to our family. *hugging her*Tempestra with each passing moment we grow closer, our love will only grow stronger~ At this rate we'll never part, we'll be one. I'll always stand by you *nuzzling*

Tempestra: *she blushes and nuzzles him back*

Blaze: Just being next make me happy, knowing I'm never alone. *kissing her*what ever lies ahead we'll be there, we'll be one. I wonder what kind of girl Twister will bring home one day ^^

Tempestra: Blaze, Twister's only a baby. We shouldn't get too far ahead in who he'll fall in love with in the future.

Blaze: I know *hugs her gently* I just want to know, I'm exited about the future.

Tempestra: I understand but we'll have to wait when he's old enough to have romantic attractions. And you know as well as I do, he has the right to love whoever he loves.

Blaze: I know ^^ we'll support him no mater who he wants to love. Everyone has the right to be happy, I know I have my happiness*place his hand on her cheek* right here.

Tempestra: *Smiles and kisses his cheek*

Blaze: ^^ *blush* let's see Twister's new crib. I wonder if Twister will just fly out of the crib when we're not looking.

Tempestra: He'd better not. *she tickles Twister's belly and walks into her room, there's a room next to it*

Blaze: let me get that *opens the door*

Tempestra: Thank you. *she walks into the room*

Blaze: Here we are in your room again ^^. *walks over to the green heart bed* Where we became one~

Tempestra: Mhmm. *she walks out after putting Twister in his crib*

Blaze: So I was thinking what should we do for twister's first birthday. I know it's soon and he'll have a lot of birthdays but I can't help thinking about it. *sites on the bed*

Tempestra *Sits down* Calm down Blaze, his birthday's a year from now. *she puts her hand on his*

Blaze:*holds her hand* Your right I just don't want to mess up so I try to plan in advance. *hugging her sweetly* we'll get to it when the time comes.

Tempestra: *blushes as she hugs him back* Exactly.

Blaze:*blushing , looking into her eyes lovingly* Any ideas what we can to today?

Tempestra: I actually don't know.

Blaze: Twister will be sleepy after you breast feed him *his arm wraps around her* Your room in sound proof *nuzzling sweetly* So are you ready *kisses her*

Tempestra: *she blushes and returns the kiss*

Blaze:*deepens the kiss, rubbing her lower back*

Tempestra: *She blushes and wraps her arms around his neck.*

Blaze:*kissing down her neck, slowly unbuckle her pants* Tempestra~*lifts her shirt up a bit rubbing her bar back*

Tempestra: A-ah..*she blushes and nibbles his neck*

Blaze:Mmm *pulls down her pants while nuzzling her*I love you so much~*rubbing her more slowly removing her shirt trying to get her wings out*

Tempestra: I love you too~ *she kisses him, undoing the belt of his robe*

Blaze:*he slip out of his robe his tail wags excitingly* here i come~ * holding her close as his body rubs against hers while rubbing her wings*

Tempestra: *shivers and she pulls on the ends of his shorts, she kisses him and sucks on his tongue*

Blaze:* his tongue played with hers , removing his shorts while pressing his body more against her *

Tempestra: *She leans away from him, she pulls her shirt off and she kisses him passionately, her body pressed against his*~

Blaze:* return the passionate kiss, squezz els her ass as her remove her panties* My love~ *leaning mor on her, his chest pressed against her bra*

Tempestra: *She blushes and moans softly, she lays on him and kisses his neck.*

Blaze:*remove his boxer while undoing her bra strap panting, licking her cheeks while his tail wags happily*

Tempestra: *she presses him against the bed and she kisses his chest*

Blaze:* panting runs his hand through her hair as she kisses his chest* Aaa~

Tempestra: *keeps kissing his chest, she removes her bra and she kisses him*

Blaze:*deepen the kiss as he press his chest against her breasts, feeling down to her ass, massaging her ass while rubbing her pussy*

Tempestra: *gasps then moans, as she rubs against his manpart*

Blaze:Tempestra~ * his hard dick penetrated her pussy, kissing her neck* My love~*Holding her closer panting as he thrust in and out*

Tempestra: *moans* Blaze~ *she kisses him* Take me~

Blaze: Yess~ *thrusting fast into her* It feels soo good~ *kissing her a little aggressively*

Tempestra: *She kisses him.* "Mmm~"

Blaze: *thrusting harder into her grabbing her breast casing milk to come out*

Tempestra: *moans* Drink~

Blaze:*nods as he licks the milk off her breast* it's taste so good~*starts sucking on her nipple drinking the milk from her breast while fucking her deeper*

Tempestra: *moans in pleasure*

Blaze:* cums deep inside her as he licks her nipple* It's so wonderful, the taste, the feeling. I never want to separate.*now sucking on the other nipple drinking more milk from her breast as he resumes fucking her*

Tempestra: *moans*

Blaze:*now kissing her passionately thrusting harder and faster, rubbing the fold of her wings while his tail wags*

Tempestra: *She moans.*

Blaze:*pulls out kissing down her neck to her belly*

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