• Y-Tiger


    July 20, 2015 by Y-Tiger

    Really, really, really Bored.

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  • Sovash100

    Hey. I have two topics I wanna talk about. One is RP ideas and the other is trying to get more people to the cult known as our RP Freedom wiki.

    • Yandere-- I have a problem. That's it.
    • New OC Stories and Fandoms- Sonic Fandom is what brought us to this wiki but it's also known as RP Freedom. Anything goes and that includes other fandoms. Wherever it's anime, manga, comics, TV shows, or even your own universe anything goes. So I would be ecstatic if there were more of these ^^
    • Plain old Fun- Yes massive RPs are a hassle and can be chaotic but they bring us and friends together and the stories are pretty enjoyable. RPs like this include basic party, school, holiday, event, war, or multi dimension RPs.
    • Mystery- y? Because they can incorporate anythin…

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  • Y-Tiger


    May 8, 2015 by Y-Tiger

    Digimon!!! e-e

    I'm going into a digimon phase now.

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  • Sovash100

    Ehhhh, ideas?

    May 6, 2015 by Sovash100

    Heyyyy. I just wanted to know if anyone was up for some RP ideas.

    1: Pokemon trainer RP (adventure-messed up)

    2: God's Pillars RP Stories (RPs about my comic in which people from different realities and dimensions work under false gods(deities), who are under the true God, in order to stop a dimensional apocalypse/reset)

    3: Any Messed Up RP (that has a good story)

    4: Yander RP (because yanderes ar damn crazy)

    5: School Based story RP (Danganropan and so on)

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  • Y-Tiger


    May 3, 2015 by Y-Tiger

    So, I've been wondering...

    I have an Counterpart of Amy Rose, who goes by Ambrosia Rose, and I wanted to pair her with shadow(counterpart of)

    But, I want to do an RP of these two uncannon characters ^^;

    Ambrosia is an assassin, try to kill sonic but Sally saves Sonic( And Ambrosia even allows it). There, Ambrosia fakes her death and goes out being pay to kill people for a living. She teams up witth Demayo on murder and there for hasn't been caught. She has feelings for Shadow, but been ignoring them as they seem to mean nothing to her.

    I only have a name for the Counterpart Shadow, Shyam.

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  • Sovash100

    Growing up - -

    April 25, 2015 by Sovash100

    Yea....I'm getting ready to start me first job as a lifeguard (making study for a stupid training test -_-) and I'm stocked pulled with testing due to GA being a failure in academic standards. Any way with that, prom, and ATL Momocon Con coming up I'm pretty sure you wound see me for long periods.

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  • Onup147

    My life update ^^

    April 19, 2015 by Onup147

    Ok so now I'm living in Virginia Yaaaaaaaaaa ^^ and I'll be on a ship soon. the ship I was suppose e to be boarding already left so i have alot of time to kill but i don't know when I'll suddenly be busy again. I want to RP but i think it'll be very short -_-. if you want to RP with me about anything then leave an comment below ^^.

    I have a few ideas for a short RP

    As time passed: this is mostly how about Amira and Aidan growing up together over the years honestly i want to see Amira getting a little jealous when a girl flirts with Aidan haha ^^

    One unlucky day: This is mostly a comedy RP with a lot of misunderstanding thought it would be fun

    God and or Goddess getting rousted: Another comedy where our character say mean thing about well us ^^…

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  • DUBSTEPxSonic

    Bored as hell

    March 20, 2015 by DUBSTEPxSonic

    does anybody want to rp?

    I am so bored I want to rp with Anit-ion

    --Pingas is love Dubstep is better than Pingas (talk) 00:34, March 20, 2015 (UTC)

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  • Y-Tiger

    Bored .-.

    March 3, 2015 by Y-Tiger

    SFCW's chat died, so yea ._.

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  • Y-Tiger


    February 26, 2015 by Y-Tiger
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  • Ravoka67

    Livestream anyone?

    February 14, 2015 by Ravoka67

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  • Red hedgehog sonic fan

    I'm unsure if I should continue on this wikia site. you all are good friends I know but I find myself coming to this site less and less I've branched off into roleplaying on other sites occupied with other things on my way to getting a job and lately any rp I've joined in has gone on so long that it was given up on or crashed suddenly

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  • AngelFlames

    Too much blogs i know


    if you guys have a roleplay with me and still want to continue it

    just tell me and I'll do it!

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  • AngelFlames

    I can't edit shit

    February 4, 2015 by AngelFlames

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  • AngelFlames


    February 4, 2015 by AngelFlames

    I know some of you may know that I'm back


    I have a few friends here that don't know


    I'm back here

    in the wikia.

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  • Y-Tiger

    My Own Genderbend World!

    January 30, 2015 by Y-Tiger

    To be honest, I don't know why this came to mind XD
    All the cannon characters will be genderbends of themselves, but with different personalities. They will all have a parent somewhere in the world and at this timeline they are going to high school!

    Sonic - Stacy: Female hedgehog with a sassy attitude( Like those 'I am better than you' Sassy)

    Amy Rose - Amory Lily: Male hedgehog who dislikes Stacy very much yet is a flirt.

    Rouge - Steven: Male bat who stays cool and hangs around with Amory. (Dating Kelly, but there can be crack pairings!)

    Fiona (!!) - Doug: Male fox, Somewhat same personality as Fiona

    Sally acorn - Sean Pinecorn: Male ground squirrel with the personality of pretty much a jock, but will defend his close friends ► Amory, Steven an…

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  • DUBSTEPxSonic

    my new characters

    January 24, 2015 by DUBSTEPxSonic


    I have new characters that have joined the Frey

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  • Sovash100

    There Here!

    January 23, 2015 by Sovash100

    I finnaly made pictures of Cloud and Digit!

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  • Y-Tiger

    Two New Characters

    January 22, 2015 by Y-Tiger

    Because Deviant Art is being stupid on me.

    These are my Tasmanian Siblings, here is more information on them.

    Andromeda: Love Parties, very out going, loves drinking and not wearing her clothes. She doesn't like her Brother very much, thinks he is a downer.
    She is an alcoholic, yet she is a really good lair and is really smart. Beside that, she is a flirt and will hit on anyone she deems sexy, cute or hot. Being Pansexual doesn't help with that, either.
    When Sober, she is easily pissed off and very demanding yet can stand her ground when need to.
    Dislikes(Weakness wise): Bugs, thunderstorms and being a hot mess
    She is 19 years old, her species is a Tasmanian Devil. Fur color is dark gray with icy-blue markings, muzzle and feet. Her eyes are brig…

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  • Y-Tiger

    I want to RP Dragon age, I only know mostly Origins, a little of Awakening, none of Dragon age two and Only a little of the new one that is out XD

    Main Character I have is: Keaven.

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  • Y-Tiger

    I'm just bored, and we have touch on the subject but never truly did it :3

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  • Y-Tiger

    I'm putting them all on here cause I just get the weirdest things ever XD

    (More will be added)

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  • Y-Tiger

    Random stuff...

    October 15, 2014 by Y-Tiger

    The school dance was a glow,
    For those that wanted to go.
    They gotten dates, and friends to go,
    While I just sat back and watch the show.
    The dancing on the dancefloor,
    Was nothing like you've seen before.
    I was the only one,
    Who couldn't join the play.
    I have no date,
    I have no friends to join me on the dance.
    I'm just one of those girls,
    That would just watch and wonder why no one wants to join me,
    On that lovely night....

    Like floating on a cloud,
    the sky is not so crowed.
    Your hand is over mine;
    A soft, warming delight.

    The sun shines, forever to be thrilled.
    The dusk is coming, you feel chilled.
    Night is fully awak,
    There is no mistake!
    Your eyes say it all,
    Ties into me.

    No hate or disrespect;
    Like bait, you pull me in.
    Your sweet, calming smile.
    A kindness n…

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  • Y-Tiger

    I'm just really bored, if not that is okay.

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  • Y-Tiger

    RP ideas XD

    September 30, 2014 by Y-Tiger

    You can post whatever ideas you have or had ^^;

    Belly-dancing ancient Egypt- I don't know at all ^^;

    Everyone meeting Eight-year odl Baine, or everyone in their child hood ^^;

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  • Y-Tiger

    Yay :D

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  • Red hedgehog sonic fan


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  • Y-Tiger

    Haha... Hetalia -w-;

    September 16, 2014 by Y-Tiger

    I have to hit on this subject, but I can't watch the series HOWEVER I do know some of Hetalia to somehow make a Fancharacter for the series ^^; Strange, huh?

    Engan, or known as Julie, is my FC. Her colors are dark blue and black, which is almost the same as Greece's colors but a different pattern. So, Pretty much I assumed Greece rasied Engan, because when she was younger she was pretty much a cat in a human's body that own real Cat ears and tail ^^

    Julie has brown hair and blue eyes ^^

    Her weapon is a huge frying pan that is twice her size (Max is 5'5.)

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  • Y-Tiger

    Glideon - No. 720


    - Flying

    - Type 2


    Desc- Feather creature pokemon


    Pokedex entry - Glideon is still unknown, but it says during the summer time the Male Glideon sings to the dawn rays for a mate. The female Glideon then is drawn towards the male singing that is the loudest.


    How to get Glideon ♂ or ♀: If your eevee a pretty wing and level it till it is level 16.


    Glideon♀ pictures

    (Still editing)

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  • Y-Tiger

    I don't care what kind of RP as long as I play as Squeaky the Pumpkaboo ^^ Any pokemon of any Gen can be use X3 Or even a pokemon trainer of your own ^///^


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  • Sovash100

    UHHHHHHHHHHUUUUUUUUU. Jezz I hate me self right now. I'm having serious artist block and DA is getting on my nerves because I'm getting no where with it. Plus I hardly have time to draw due to my junior homework and looking at colleges now -_-. Man this bites!

    • sets his bookbag and art books a blaze*
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  • Y-Tiger

    3DS Friend code

    September 1, 2014 by Y-Tiger

    Who wants to be my friend on 3DS, doesn't matter if we search games or not.

    I am 3566-2315-6400.

    I am mostly playing Pokemon X right now -w-

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  • Alphonse Uprising

    Big Hero 6

    August 31, 2014 by Alphonse Uprising

    GET IT?! 

    BIG HERO 6?

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  • Y-Tiger


    August 30, 2014 by Y-Tiger

    This is some stories that I have written, but may not finish due to how I am...

    Quiet Love

    Ch. 1

    In the stillness of the trees, the night sky and the silver moon. I gaze on the surface of the water, which reflects the silver moon above. I had given my vow, my offering, to the mother moon; the night plains she rides over and freely roams on till the awakening of the dawn. I, Ivorilian Stalien, vow my soul and eternally life to her in her silver gaze; an offering to be her champion under this night fantasy. Oh the beauty of her, that all stand still as I await her response to my vows. What fate waits ahead for me? What challenges are ahead? I sit, pondering on these questions near the lake's edge. Waiting, and waiting to see if a trail; a test,…

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  • SweeTea


    August 28, 2014 by SweeTea





    IM WARNING YOU mkaaaaay




    (okay umnot a true story sorat kinda uuhhh XD kind of a diary story thing for me i will be writing in amys POV so yeaaa) 

    DING DING. DING DING DING DING. It was annoying. Every morning I wake up to the same alarm clock ring.

    Then, I remember him. As I shut off my alarm I smile, stretching and looking to the sunrise. Beautiful, as always. Wish I appreciated it though. I run to my computer in my PJs, wondering if he had sent me an E-mail or something. He was all I thought about every day every second of my life. Smart, funny, tall, and handsome: Sonic the Hedgehog.

    All I ever think about and…

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  • Y-Tiger

    Guessing Gender Game :D

    August 21, 2014 by Y-Tiger

    Who wanna guess the gender of this one Charfacter i have ^^

    Her name is Love-onna, or just simple Love for short |3

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  • Onup147

    My thoughts on fetishes

    August 18, 2014 by Onup147

    This is just my thoughts about fetishes, much like my blog About Love Couples I will be expressing my opinion. We all know there's a lot off fetishes out there and not everyone will like the same fetishes. There are some fetishes that are close to or are consider taboo. There are also some "main stream Fetishes" that majority like and/or viewed as acceptable. For an example I like big breasts I, for me bigger us better. I have a fetish for A-cup angles ^^. There are some "weird" fetishes I enjoy like... I think pregnant woman look sexy, I know that'll weird some people out but that's just me. One of the great things about fetishes (in my opinion) is that it can be about anything just like rule 34 :P. If you look long enough you might find …

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  • SweeTea

    Conceited Girl...

    August 16, 2014 by SweeTea

    Hey guys! Did I catch your attention with the title? If you're reading this, I must have...just a little bit, right? I can already hear you all saying "No" lol.

    Well, anyways, I thought I should write a blog for all of you who LOVE TO READ like me. You don't like to read?Then you haven't read a good book, huh? You will soon. There's a book/comic/article out there for everyone, and I am sre you will find one as you get older.

    This is a story about the adventures of my rotten half cousins and how I somehow survived. I don't remember EVERYTHING, so keep in mind some parts are made up just for entertainment.

    When I was about five or six, i would spend every summer weekend with my uncle's wife's family. They weren't really a part of my family, but…

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  • Y-Tiger

    Mer mixing creatures ^^;

    The Females are rather important to the life of these species, cause not only do they bear creature(Duh), but their the only beings who can turn off and on the powers of any tech the males made for travel, or just simple to speak. The females control these from inside water filled crystals that glow in a nice Pinkish-red hue, how the water stay inside is a whole another question.

    The females sometimes forget to put on clothes as it is normal for them to be completely naked in the crystal (They can also live inside without food, water, and so on as the crystal acts all these things for the females. Once out, they'll wake up like it was tomorrow and not that 70 years or so pass...) Normally the females wear a long cove…

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  • Onup147

    Letters for the future

    July 27, 2014 by Onup147

    [i was thinking about time capsules and what would my character write and to who. I would make a page for this but can't -_-]

    Dear Kaede

    Hey how are you doing, I hope that we'r still together. I love you very much it's a little funny at first I did think this would turn out to be a serious relationship. The first time I meet you you we'r so goodie goodie. You where the perfect good girl alway did the right thing believing there's good in everyone and did everything your parents told... well almost you did date me. You was also ignorant about the world but with patents like yours I'm not surprised. I thought at first this is just you "wanting a bad boy phase" that after a while you'll wise up leave and date someone your parents approve of. Of…

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  • Y-Tiger

    I can't seem to stop wanting either Kidnap RPs or Slave RPs ^^; I need a character for this -w-; (As in, I need to stop using Baine XD )

    For those that don't know, Foxes are not k-9 their Vulpini.

    Yasmi Heyu, a Mix of a Fox and a cat.

    age: 19(at lest.)

    Colors: Fur is lightest gray, sometimes show as white. Her eyes are a nice, icey blue as her outfit is rang through light cream and sometimes dark blues.

    Traits: Heyu family - Honest, loyal(to whom her family is loyal to.), resistance to magics[all self put on her, if it affects the area but does not affect her, then it is fine.), their accent kind of gives off maybe an arbic mix of Brisith.

    Juile family(Mother side) - Able to barter(Trade well), blend in well with crowds if wearing clothes to sho…

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  • Sovash100

    I was lookin back at my old characters that I hardly use and I was like "Damn you were half ass". These characters are Narcro, Freddy, Mai, Lemony, Core, Jacob, and a few others. So I'll be posting their re-designs on this blog and plz comment on what you think. Thx!

    Octo was a bit changed. All i did was make him more in the style of most sonic characters. His tentials i made more indipendantly, thats why they are in diffrent positions.

    Rodnye I finnaly made him look like a REAL RHINO! I also changed his shoes and his gloves. His gloves are like boxing gloves with his square symbol on them.

    Now this is a re-desighn! Freddy has his tribal markings like his cusines Fire Arm and Volco. He still has his trademark robotic hands and arms..but that …

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  • Y-Tiger

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  • Sovash100

    New characters

    July 12, 2014 by Sovash100

    Ok so I've made two twin sisters who are the sisters and replacements to the air guardian of the sky monster gem. They both are gonna be added in my new comic strip called "Thunder Punch vs The Guardians". Merciless and Cruelty are their names and they are the most ruthless of the guardians. Both are daughters of the King of the Sky Mammalianas tribe. Merciless is the more rough and tough and is an expert in knifes. Cruelty is more shy but is mentally unstable and can snap easily, she's also bisexual and is known to be more lustfull than her sister. She is an expert in needle like attacks and uses thin thread to capture victims. Both sisters are seductive and use their charms to attract enemies, allies, and well "friends".

    Octo is the water…

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  • Sovash100

    Hi X)

    July 12, 2014 by Sovash100

    Hello. I'm back again. I was on a youth ministry so I was gone again. But now I'm back and ready to add some characters and RPs. So it would be great to get me up to speed to what's been going on.

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  • Y-Tiger

    Random! -I think-

    July 6, 2014 by Y-Tiger

    So... I ended up doing this -w-;

    A Four-tailed Fox demon female, but she won't be like my other fox demons. (Only in underwear now because... I was bored and lazy.)

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  • FroZenHyBrid

    This used to be a limit blog, but as people are well aware of the rule, which I've made moot for now, I have used it for the other half. 

    Below are the taken characters of my group. 

    Sidianite: Taken by Y-Tiger 

    Dust: Taken by Y-Tiger 

    Aurum: Taken by Angel 

    Vulkan: Taken by Angel 

    Festus: Taken by Angel

    Kasai: Taken by Angel

    Mephisto: Taken by Hynoid

    Rixcit:Taken by Lily 

    Burnstro: Taken by Lily 

    Circit: Takin by Lily

    Strife: Taken by Hynoid

    Chiaro: Taken by Y-Tiger

    Jynx the Harvester

    Icrilic the Polar Bear: Taken by Y-Tiger

    Cros Marron/AnaCros Marron: Taken by Y-Tiger

    Tempestra the Bat: Taken by Onup

    Eternity: Taken by Y-Tiger 

    Marica: Taken by Angel

    Tsuki: Taken by Y-Tiger

    Cris Marron: Taken by Y-Tiger

    Sicha: Taken by Y-Tiger

    Myria the Panther: Taken by Y-Tig…

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  • Y-Tiger

    I am playing Forsaken World, and want to know if you guys wanna join me or not :3 Sadly, you'll need a computer/laptop. ^^;

    I know poor Onup doesn't have a computer yet T^T.

    So, if you guys wanna come play with me [If you are allowed to or can and want to], I would like to do Skype calls ^^; I work better in talking part of time work -w-

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  • Sovash100

    Oh America

    May 30, 2014 by Sovash100

    Well I got real board so I talking to my cousin and he sent me this wonderful video. The jokes never end! X). Being the nephew of a priest and a apostle I wish we do something like this for fun.

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  • AngelFlames


    May 29, 2014 by AngelFlames

    Hi..Fuck it.

    I need help with something huge in the real world.

    My friend will commit suicide soon and I need some type of advice to help her prevent suicide.

    My card made her better,but I don't think it's enough.

    What do I do?

    If I tell my teacher about it,I might betray her.

    If I talk to her,she might not become my friend anymore.

    If I call the police,I might also betray her.

    I just don't know.

    I want her to prevent suicide,because I care and I am her friend.

    Please help me.

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