• Name: Borka
  • Age: Died at midnight of her birthday. So she looks 18, but she should be 19.
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Ghost/wolf
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Powers: Beside being able to float through walls and show herself to people. She has no other powers.
  • Weakness: Feeling pain for what she has done...


Borka was a cheerful, happy girl who was dating a boy. Three days away from her birthday the boy broken up with Borka for another girl; but, Borka smiled and told him that she was happy for him being happy with someone else. She live on, working on stuff and getting a dress ready for her birthday. On the night before her birthday, she was sleeping and her ex-boyfriend came in and killed her at midnight. Borka lives as a ghost, and was rather angry. She gotten her revenge by killing her ex-boyfriend and killing the girl he was dating. Yet, she hasn't pass on; and she doesn't really know why.

Current LifeEdit

Borka just roams around the graveyard, as she got nothing else to do.


Borka used to be happy before she died. Now she just doesn't care at all.

Borka, now not caring at all, shows hardly any emotion to others. But, she express what looks like a wisdom aura about her, as if she was wise for a young, dead being.

Likes and DislikesEdit

Borka likes being alone, and she dislike being bother by others.




Love interestEdit

(She rather she didn't fall in love again.)

Pictures of BorkaEdit

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