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World's Greatest Battle OSTs Ever Inner Paradise

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Evanescence- My Immortal Lyrics

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Rules by xxjennathehedgiexx-d5wrdgl

"I-I'm C-Callie."


Name:Calina "Callie" Deusa


Species:A bat and a wolf

Abilities:Minor Ice power,blind,poison,minor speed,charm,Erusuka(She can have her eyes turn gray and can be seen carrying a stuffed bunny.She can summon stitched stuffed animals,making them attack her opponent.If she wants to,an elevator will appear.She will goin it,traveling through time(i need to work on this ^^;))


It's between Onup and Eniab -w-;



She has different personality:

If her tail(yes tail) turns blue:She is shy and is quiet.She tends to shake a little sometimes..

If her tail turns red:She is quite mad but doesn't utter/express it,therefore she smiles.She is also depressed when turned into red as well

If her tail turns white:She wants to have fun and tends to smile/grin a lot.

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