Demon female character

Basic idea of Danava

"Hello, i am the daughter of Evil, The Danava."

Basic bioEdit

Name: Danava Jigoku

Age: Unknown [Appear 19]

Species: DemiDevil

Personality: Danava could care less what people think. In fact, Danava has a rather cold personality, but can be insane at the same time. Calm yet cazy... A strange combination.

Likes: Evil, violins, playing Violin, Singing evil songs, insulting people, speaking to the devil himself[yes], driving people up the wall [Verberly and phyiscal], bitter foods and spicy foods.

Dislike: Cheerful people, peace, and sane people.

Attire: ....[Thinking on]

eye color: Crimson red

Fur color: (Thinking on)


Danava used to not be the daughter of evil, but she was a sinner of her past life. Evil deeds was her name, a dream she lived in years. Cold, snappy and bitchy was Danava, and no on like her. But, the only peace she truly had was playing her violin, a work of art for sinners and saints, as stories would say...

Now, Danava is the daughter of evil, a offspring of the Devil to say.

Theme songsEdit

Voltaire - When You're Evil (Lyrics)04:37

Voltaire - When You're Evil (Lyrics)

Theme song of Danava

Death, Death (devil, devil, devil, devil, evil, evil, evil, evil song) - Voltaire with Lyrics05:04

Death, Death (devil, devil, devil, devil, evil, evil, evil, evil song) - Voltaire with Lyrics

Backstory of Danava pretty much. [Only involve Violin]

Voltaire - Land of the Dead (Lyrics)01:58

Voltaire - Land of the Dead (Lyrics)

Appearance theme of Danava

Voltaire - Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)02:54

Voltaire - Happy Birthday (My Olde Friend)

Theme song to people Danava makes suffer

Blue Foundation - Bonfires Lyrics04:17

Blue Foundation - Bonfires Lyrics

A strange love theme song..


The Devil - Pretty much her father now.

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