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Danny Phanto is an animatronic wolf at Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. He is incredibly aggressive towards others but passive towards people he knows. He is blue with white highlights and his left arm "fur" is slashed.

Some Stuff Edit

Danny Phanto, on stage, is a background singer. He can talk instead of sing when he wants to, but it's still pretty mechanical and a bit hard to understand. He has a low growl which is how you know he's close if he was ever in the games. He has his own stage(similar to Foxy) called "Wolf Den". When he comes out, he stares into the camera similar to Bonnie, but he is smiling and his eyes appear to be bloodshot. When he comes out into the main hall, his hand is shown on the wall. He always smiles in the shots on the camera. If you lose by him, unlike most animatronics that sound like they say something similar to "Freedom" he says "Liberation" which means "the act of setting someone free from imprisonment, slavery, or oppression; release" or "freedom from limits on thought or behavior."

As a Child Edit

As a Child, Vincent was diagnosed with Autophagia, a disorder where you get the compulsive need to eat yourself or parts of yourself, typically in small bites. This may also branch off into Trichotrillomania, the need to chew your hair. Vincent was also a mama's boy, at the age of 6 his father became abusive and attacked his mother. Vincent jumped up and punched his father in the face. This caused his father to attack him, and his mother to fight back, and more problems happened. He was always teased at school for things like this, and his disorder. He walked into Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria on his 10th birthday. He seperated himself from his group, he was almost mystified by the place, and walked blindly into his doom.

He was then murdered along with other children by the Purple Man. His last words were simply "Be safe mother".

Other Things Edit

Danny Phanto has been obsessed with eating, either food, himself, or... you. He will not hesitate to take a big chomp out of your FACE.

If Danny Phanto was in the 2nd game, if you didn't put your mask on in time, he would crawl out from under your table and he would open his jaw, and that would be when his screech plays and you get the game over.

Danny Phanto is perhaps one of the most aggressive out of all the FNAF's characters.

Danny Phanto always smiles on stage when the pizzeria is open, but when the new shift happens his smile turns into a grim, evil grin.

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