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Just really thought this would fit ^^;

An Insest love between me and Sovash. This is about the Dark storm's children, and the main three that will be looked at is Nero Darkenson, Hanail and Janile Darkensons; The oldest brother and the twin sisters ^^; Yes a three way, or really two loving one person |3


  • Hanail and Janile Darkensons{Y-Tiger}
  • Nero Darkenson {S100}

Ch.1: The normal life style, or is it really?Edit

  • Out wherever Dark Storm and Ebony had picked to settle for a home, The twins were outside just chatting since they had nothing to do.*

Hanail: You think Older brother would play with us?

Janile:I doubt it sis, he never does.*she grunted in her normal emotionless reply.* He is too bust simple cutting away at wood...

Hanail:*she frowns when Janile said that*Mm... Somehow we got to get Brother to do something with us at lest.

Janile:*glance to Hanail*sis, what are you thinking about?

Hanail:*blushes a tiny bit*N-Nothing! I was trying to think of what we can do to get Older brother to play with us, or just simple be around us for maybe a day.

Janile:*she sighs*He won't drop training for us, sis. You know that as well as I do.

Hanail:*she frowns, glancing to where the training grounds would be*...

Nero: *sparing with Froy outside* Your getting good. *sweating a lot*

Froy: Nero! *pouts* Why won't you use your powers? *Froy floating in the air using his massive amounts of dark energy*

Nero: Because I need to rely without it sometimes. *charges agin keeping up with his little brother without using his powers and blind folding his left eye* Hey, where are your sisters? *Stops sparing*

Froy: *stops fighting and runs to Nero* I don't know. *smiles and hugs his older brother...but then a dark pulse shoots from Froy's quills and hist Nero in the face* BIG BROTHER!!!

Hanail:*she gasped*Big Brother!!

Janile:*Her fur tenses.*!!!

Hanail and Janile:*They both starts running to the screen.*

Hanail:B-Big brother? *she was highly worry for Nero.*

Janile:*Tenses, going to Froy*Froy, are you okay?*she needed to make sure Froy wasn't harmed also, before glancing to Nero. this was one of the rare moments she shown any small emotions.*

Nero: *gets up and spits out blood* Man. Looks like I let my guard down. *pats Froy's head*

Froy: *crying* I-I-I Di-Didn't Mean I-I-It! *cries and cries*

Nero: *smiles patting his head* I know.

Hanail:*looking at Nero, worry.*Y-Your going to be alright, right big brother?

Janile:*Comforting Froy, even through she is pretty emotionless, Hanail's emotions is used to comfort Froy*

Nero: Yea, I'll be alright. *pats her head* But Froy. You can't control your powers when mom and dad aren't around. *sighs* So I'll take you to mom and dad in Vexian city tomorrow. They'll bee there for about 3 months due to a meeting so it's best I take you there.

Froy: *sniffles but buts on a smiles* O-Ok.

Hanail:*she was blushing a tiny bit, but only Janile notice. Hanail was trying to think of how she could have Nero pay more attention to her while Froy was away with mother and father*

Janile:*Has let go of Froy as she sees he is in a happy mood now, before looking to Hanail*...?...Mm...

Nero: *picks up Froy piggy back style-* I'll be back soon so don't worry

  • a few hours later

Nero: *back from dropping off Froy* That took a bit longer than I thought. *sighs and sits on the couch*

Janile:*Seem to be chilling out next to a wall*That is because Vexian City is longer, and you were carrying younger brother. *she glance to the kitchen.*Mmm... I believe Hanail will be making you something due to your long travel to Vexian city and back... If you are fine with that, of course. *she closes her eyes.*

Nero: *yawns and lays back* Ok.

Janile:*she was thinking*I am wondering what Hanail is thinking... Lately I haven't been able to read her mind....

Nero: that's what's been bothering you? She's been acting a bit....clingy lately more than usual. *takes the bandana off his eye that's yellow* It's a good thing I wasn't hit in this eye. Things would have gotten worse. *looks serious*

Janile:Yes, she appear so but she really just want to spend time with you. Also, that is very true.

Nero: *sighs* Yea. That's true. But I'm not a brother like Theroy who can smother his sister in love so thick a bitter knife can cut through it. *stands up and looks at Janile* I'm just not that type of person but I do care for you two and your brother the best way I can. *smiles a bit but even that's hard for Nero* I'll be upstairs taking a shower. I stink from practice.

Janile:*she sighs*That is very hard for you and I to show much emotions, I take the harder part of it.*she slightly narrowed her eyes*Hanail would do anything, even if I try to tell her it is useless... *she glance away.*Hanail is just an emotional person...

Nero: *smiles a bit* True. But I like both of you just the way you are. *pats her head* We may be known as emotionless but that's just how we live and it's not all true. *walks down the hallway to the bathroom*

Janile:*she sighs*

Hanail:*Walks out, but frowns*Janile, Where is Nero!?

Janile:Taking a shower.


Nero: *in the shower* Mmm. *washes his hair* I hope mom, Froy and dad are having a good time in Vexia...*grabs his towel and dries off*

Hanail:*she has set the food down that was on a tray at the table so Nero could see it. She leaves to her room.*

Janile:*she was still in the room, thinking.*

Nero: *changes his clothes and heads to the table and see his tray and smile* Thank you Hanail. *finishes his food and walks outside and meditates ontop of the roof*

Janile:*she sighs, telling Hanail that Nero ate the food*

Hanail:*staying in her room, sighing softly to herself.*

Nero: *sits meditating as dark flames appear around him; his left eye shines as bright as the moon* Mmmm. I wonder if both of them are asleep?

Janile:*she was noted having left to the training area and was practicing, but no signs of Hanail*

Nero: *sees Janile and jumps off the roof and walks to her* Wanna sparing partner? *smiles a bit*

Janile:*she looks to him*I believe that is okay, for you to spar with me is rare.

Nero: *chuckles to himself* That is true. I'm not the best at family training unless it's to improve Froy's life. *takes out his special knives with a chain on them and at the end a metal ball* But I can't resist a spar, you should know that.

Janile:True, but Hanail can not spar due to her weak figure...*A Shadow chain appear that is likes Ebony's chain*

Nero: Yes, but she's special in her own way *lunges forward and swings his arm with the knife! trying to send the metal ball at the end at her*

Janile:*She bounces the ball.with the dark chain as to snap towards him.*Yes... But, due to her powers that are not the same as mine, she doesn't spar...

Nero: That's true, but not all of our powers are the same which makes us useful in different categories *uses his knife to hook the chain and grab her closer*

Janile:*Her right eye glows as she suddenly flew over him, the chain pulling free of the knife.*

Nero: *throws his knife in her direction and hooks her* Too slow little sis. *pulls her down*

Janile:*She lands on her feet and grabs the chain before pulling it quickly*

Hanail:*Watching from her window.*

Nero: *gets pulled by her but grabs her and pins her down with his knife at her throat* I win sis.

Janile:You don't seem to notice how much I held back. *narrowed her eyes.*

Nero: *gets up and helps her up* I noticed. *his left eye glows* I can see almost everything with my left eye. *smiles a bit* But i do admit you and your sister together can take me down...and Froy going berserk is a different story

Janile: That is simple because me and my sister use each others abilities in formations, chaining it up so no one can simple guess.

Nero: Thats why I never try and fight you two at the same time. *pats her head* I'll check on your twin. I could seance she was watching our sparing practice. *walks towards the house*

Hanail:*She stays in her bed, wrapped in blankets as her thoughts just wonder her head*...

Nero: *walks into her room and sits in a chair* ok? I seance you were watching our battle.

Hanail:*Hugging the blanket*I just feel a bit left out...

Nero: *feels a bit sorry* Im sorry you feel left out. *pats her head*

Hanail:*blushes a tiny bit*...

Nero: *smiles a bit* Next time I'll do something with you ok? *smiles and loos at her more closely* Hanail, you look a bit red. Do you have a fever?

Hanail:N-No, I should be fine.*trying to hide her blush.*

Nero: *checks her temperature by putting his forehead on hers* You don't have a fever but your red..mmm...*looks puzzled*

Hanail:*she blushes a tiny bit.*

Nero: *looks puzzled* You ok Hanail? *gets closer*

Hanail:*Blushing bright red at how close he was*U-Um...

Nero: *sighs and gets up* Your not sick so i don't know whats wrong. *scratches his head and sists down*

Hanail:*she had a sweatdrop*M-Maybe it was just a really quick fever, U-Um.

Nero: *smiles a bit* Well ok. If you need anything then get me. Im the oldest and im incharge of you two. *blushes a bit* Its my deuty to protect you two...

Hanail:*she noticed the blush*D-Did the fever jump to you, older brother!?

Nero: *smiles* No. *chuckels a bit and gets up walking tothe door*

Hanail:*she blushes a tiny bit, staying quiet.*

Nero: *smiles a bit* Goodnight Hanail. *leaves the room* I better check on Janile before i go to bed...

Hanail:*she sighs sadly in her room, very quiet as she just lay in the bed*...

Janile:*Practicing her melee hand-to-hand attacks outside.*...

Nero: *walks outside and sees her* Hey, Janile, Its late so lets get some sleep.

Janile:*she doesn't stop*I am not tired, so go to sleep. I will later retire to bed when I feel it is fit.

Nero: *looks a bit annoyed and walks over and flicks her in the head in a brotherly loving fashion* Go to bed. Its late and I wanna make sure you and Hanail will be safe. *pats her head*

Janile:I understand you want to act like an older brother as much as you can, but Nero, There is a flaw in your way.*she stated rather boldly.* Me and Hanail are no longer as young as you once have to protect us. I am training so you don't need to worry about me. Worry about Hanail instead.

Nero: *looks a bit ticked but calms himself down* Fine then. *walks back annoyed* Just remember *his left eye glows yellow* I see everything....*walks back inside and goes to his room*

Janile:Hmph... Makes me wonder if you even understand sister's emotions...*she goes back to fighting Hand-to-Hand on the dummy.*

Nero: *can't go to sleep* Mmmm...*sighs* I was an ass back there...*gets up* I stink from fighting JJanile. I cheack up on Hanail and then take a bath...*his eye won't stop glowing*

Janile:*finished praticing and getting a drink before planing to take a shower after eating a snack and drinking water.*Mm...

Hanail:*Couldn't sleep and was just brushing her hair at the mirror, her hair really long and slightly curl at the bottom, her hair was even longer than Janile and wasn't in its normal ponytail. She was in a bra and panties since she couldn't be comfortable sleeping in anything else.*

Nero: *eneters her room* Hey its me agai- *sees her in her underwear and turns bright red* S-S-S-Sorry! *turns around real quick but runs tinto the door and falls own*

Hanail:*she gasped quickly, about to grab something to cover her but ignores that thought and goes to him, trying to make her hair cover her.*O-Older Brother!?

Nero: *holds his head* Damn that hurt. *looks up at her and turns red again and looks the other way*

Hanail:*she sniffles a little, tears were noticeable dropping near him.*I-I am so sorry!

Nero: Dont cry. *tries to comfort her* It was my fault so please don't shed tears. *holds her and blushes a bit, trying to hide it*

Hanail:*she sniffles, leaning into him*B-But, due to me not kn-knowing you h-hurt yourself.

Nero: *smiles a bit and pats her head* I told you its ok. *tries to get up but trips due to him being a bit dizzy from the blow and falls ontop of her* S-S-S-Sorry!! *blushes bright red*

Hanail:*She blushes bright red as well, her heart racing.*I-I-It-It's A-Al-Alr-Alright B-Br-Brother!

Nero: *blshes bright red* S-Sorry!! *he starts to get hard blow his belt* I-I Better go

Hanail:*Blushes red*U-Um, S-Su-Sure.

Nero: *tries to get up but is still too dizzy and falls back down, this time he accidentaly kisses her and his boner rubs against her panties* S-S-SORRY! *turns red like a tomato*

Hanail:*she blushes extremely red, panting softly and not noticeable.*M-Maybe yo-you shouldn't tr-try to sta-stand up an-anymore b-big Br-brother!

Nero: B-But I need to. *tries again but once again kisse her and his boner rubs against her pantis more and rougher*

Hanail:Mm!*she blushes extremely red, her body slightly shivers as she felt her pussy become a little wet from the rubs.*

Nero: *un-intentionaly rubs faster as he tries more times to get up* If this keep going on I won't be able to hold myself back from this! *he thought to himself in worry* 

Hanail:*She starts panting heavily, blushing extremely as her pussy is extremely wet now from all the rubbing.*M-Mm!

Nero: *His left eye lights up red for some reason as he is too far gone and his instincts take over as he grabs her breasts and whispers in her ear* H-Hanail, I can't stop myself anymore. *blushes bright red*

Hanail:*she gasps sharply from the sudden grab, blushing extremely red*B-Big Brother.

Nero: *pants harder and whispers in her ear* Do you want me to continue~? 

Hanail:*she blushes, but nods.*Y-Yes~*Her body was well ready for him, so she couldn't deny.*

Nero: *kisses her lustfully as he takes off his pants* I cant hold back anymore~

Hanail:*She blushes extremely red, kissing Nero in return*M-Mm~ Y-You know Ja-Janile wil-will join us-us, Ri-Right, B-Big Brother~?

Nero: Mmm~ *kisses down her neck* W-What do you mean by t-that? *he pants hard as he grabs her breasts*

Hanail:*she pants, blushing*That sh-she will be-be joi-joining us b-becau-because yo-you and I-I are lo-loving each ot-other~. A-Aa~

Nero: *sucks on her neck as he unstraps her braw and squesses her breasts* H-How if she's not here~?

Hanail:Aa~ T-There isn't a 'if she is not here' A-Aaa~ Sh-She asked me-me a promise and th-that was sh-she would lo-love who-whoever I-I love~ Mmm~ *hugging him extremely close.*D-Do you no-not want her to-to join us-us~?

Nero: *not thinking strait as he is too far gone* Y-Yes~ Mmm~ *licks her neck and pulls down her panties*

Hanail:A-Aaa~ *Not able to think any more as she moans, her pussy is extremely wet and begging for him*

Nero: *emedially thrusts into her wet pussy* M-Mmm~ *thrusts faster as he grabs he waist* Y-Your so wet~

Hanail:Aaa~ N-Nero~! O-Oooh~! *Moaning loudly, gripping tightly on him.*

Janile:*Ended up watching the screen, completely naked since she didn't get any clothes for herself and seeing this*... This isn't really a spot to be fucking each other...*She was pretty sure they wouldn't hear her.*

Nero: *fucks her faser as he holds onto her waist harder* H-Hanail~! *pants harder as he enters her deeper*

Hanail:*Moans loudly, hugging close to him as her huge breasts press against his chest.*N-Ne-Nero~!

Janile:*Her right eye glows a bit, blushing a tiny bit at the suddenly feeling that shocked her body from trying to speak to her sister*Ooh... They're so into it...~...*she pants a little.*

Nero: *kisses her deeply as he enters her deeper and faster* Mmm~ H-Hanail~ *sucks on her tongue as he rams her deeper inside her*

Hanail:*She moans and kisses Nero out of pure pleasure*N-Nero~!

Nero: *kisses her deeper as he holds her closer thrusting faster* Y-You feel so good~ *licks her neck* I-I still d-don't know what y-you mean by J-Janile joining us? *nibbles on her ear*

Hanail:Aaa~♥ *hugging Nero*T-This feels S-Soo good~!

Janile:*Suddenly press herself on his back.*This is what she means, Brother~ *she whispers into Nero's ear.* I can feel Hanail's joy~

Nero: *feels Janile on his back* I see~ *pulls her down and gropes and licks her breasts as he fucks her twin faster and harder causing her to become even more wet* Mmmm~! *is almost at his limit as he nibble son her nipples*

Janile:Mmm~ *Enjoying her breasts being licked and nibble on.*

Hanail:Aaa~ *She starts messaging Janile's pussy out of pure pleasure as her legs wrap around Nero's waist to get him as deep as possible inside her.*N-Nero~

Nero: *thrusts deeper and violently into her pussy* H-Hanail~! *grabs Janile's breasts harder and sucks on them more* Y-You two are amazing~!

Hanail:Aaa~ N-Nero~♥ S-So Amazing~♥ *Fingering Janile a little as she presses herself fully into Nero.*Aaa~ F-Fill me U-Up~!

Janile:*Licks and nibbles on Nero's ear*Mmm~

Nero: I-I'm G-Gonna! *cums inside Hanail's pussy filling her up as he love bites Janile's breasts*

Hanail:Aaaa~! *Moaning, hugging Nero close as she pants heavily.*

Janile:Aa~ *Panting, looking to Nero.*Mmm~

Nero: *with lust still in his eyes as her grabs Janile as his still hard dick rubs her pussy* Your next~ *he whispers in her ear as he fingers Hanail*

Hanail:Aaa~! *Moaning from his fingering, blushing extremely red*

Janile:*Wrapping her arms around his neck, her breasts boucning a bit as she lick her lips a little as her pussy is a little wet from him rubbing.*Mmm~ Take me~ *She whispers.*

Nero: *grins as he grabs he thigh and thrusts into her wet pussy* J-Janile~! *fucks her faster as he finger bangs Hanail with three fingers now as her increases speed*

Janile:Oooh~ *pulls Nero closer to her and kissing him agresstivily.*Nero~

Hanail:A-Aa~! Aaah~! *Sits up so his fingers are in deeper, hugging his arm close to her body as she pants heavily.*M-More Nero! More!

Nero: *thrusts deeper and violently into Janile making her even more wet* I-I want every thing from you two~♥ *finger Hanail faster and deeper causing her to maon even louder* Don't hold back on me~

Janile:Aaa~ *Blushing, gripping and digging her fingers into his shoulders as she presses herself fully into Nero as she bites and sucks on his neck. She starts grinding against him in sync with his thrusting*Mmm~

Hanail:AAA~! N-NERO~! *Moaning as loud as she can.*

Nero: *fucks Janile faster and aggressively as he grabs her ass hard; he also finger Hanail deeper and violently* Mmm~

Janile:*Wraps Nero's waist with her legs, her tail wrapping around his tail as she moans while keeps grinding in sync with Nero's thrusts.*Aaa~

Hanail:*Moaning, drooling as her breasts press hard against Nero's arm.*AAAH~! *She screams in pure pleasure as she cums on Nero's fingers*A-Aaa~!

Nero: *grabs Janile's ass harder and thrusts even deeper into her pussy as she moans* M-Mm~! *pulls Hanail closer and sucks on her breasts*

Hanail:Aaa~ D-Does it taste good Nero!? D-Does My B-Br-Breasts meets y-yo-your needs!?*She moans loudly, blushing.*

Janile:A-Aaa~! *Blushing, still grinding in sync with Nero.*S-Soo Good~

Nero: *sucks and bits on her nipples to the point where milk comes out* You taste amazing~♥! *fucks faster and more violently into Janile's pussy causing her even more pleasure as he grips her breasts*

Hanail:I-I am so glad~!♥ *She moans and open her legs more to a extremely wet pussy once more.*A-Aaa~

Janile:*Grunts and moans, unable to keep up in grinding as she Love bites Nero's neck.*Mmm~

Nero: *reaching his limit as he thrusts deeper and faster into Janile violently giving her even more pleasure* Mmm~ *sucks on Hanail's breasts and lapping up the milk as his hand once again fingers her now extremely wet pussy*

Hanail:Aaa~!*Blushing, moaning loudly.*

Janile:*Panting heavily and hugging close to Nero*

Nero: I-I'm at m-my- *thrusts in deeper as he cums inside Janile, filling her up* Mmm~ *fingers Hanail violently and licks down her stomach and runs her hips and thighs*

Hanail:Aaa~! *She cums on his finger once more, panting as she was blushing bright him*


Nero: *panting heavily as as kisses Hanail and then Janile deeply* I-I love you two so much. *nuzzles them both*

Janile and Hanail:*Nuzzles him in return*

Hanail:We both love you as well.*She blushes, nuzzling him even more.*

Nero: *nuzzles them in return as his tail wraps around them*

Hanail:*blushing as she nuzzles him*

Janile:*Blushing a tiny bit, hugging Nero.*

Ch.2 : Tomorrow's surprise and a glowing red eyeEdit

Nero: *asleep in his bed as his ears twitch* mmmm. *wakes up with bed hair*

Hanail and Janile:*Sleeping in their bed*...

Nero: *gets up out of bed and cheacks up on them* Looks like they're asleep. *holds his head as his left eye starts flashing red again*

Hanail:*Yawns, starting to wake up a little*Mmm...

Nero: *holding his eye and turns around and sees Hanail* Good morning

Hanail:*blushes a tiny bit, but smiles brightly.*M-Morning!

Nero: *smiles and walks over and pats her head* I'll be down stairs in dad's library chamber if you need me. *smiles as he hold his left eye and starts to walk out of his sister's room*

Hanail:Alright, but you better come to the dinning for to get your breakfast once it is made.

Nero: *smiles a bit* I will...*walks downstairs holding his left eye*

Hanail:*Seem a bit confuse in why he was covering his eye, but left that thought be.*

Nero: *downstairs in the library* There has to be a book about this. *his eye turns back to normal* It stopped....why did it turn red. *he thinks to himself* When it did any desire I have clouds my mind and I...*thinks of last night and blushes a bit* No...*sits down to a pile of books he found* I hope these will help...

Hanail:*Have gotten dress and gone to the kicthen and started cooking breakfast.*

Nero: *smells food* I'll get some breakfast and then head back here. *walks into the kitchen*

Hanail:*Has finished cooking Breakfast.*Oh, Brother! I made you that Breakfast you always like.*she smiles.*

Nero: *smiles and pats her forhead* Thank you Hanail. *kisses her forehead and takes his plate and starts walking back to the library*

Hanail:*She smiles, blushing.*

Nero: *smiles back but his eye soon turns red and he heads to the library in a rush*

Hanail:*Seem confuse, but notice as Janile came down and they both started eating in the dinning room.*

Nero: *still resurchin* So. It states that my eyes light up when I'm over come by a certain desire...*reads more it not it as he heats his breakfast alone*

Hanail:*Working with Janile*

Janile:*Out hunting, Hanail was ensuring that she was fine*Mmm...

Nero: *sighs and and walks outside to get fresh air and sees his sisters* Hey Hanail. Hey Janile. *smiles a bit as he holds his left eye*

Hanail:*smiles*H-Hi Nero! Me and sis are hunting!

Janile:*she sighs*We were till you spoke, Sis.


Nero: *sighs but smiles* I guess I messed up again. Well, I'll see you two when you come back inside. I just came to check on you two. *smiles but his eyes starts to glow more so he looks a bit worried*

Hanail:Okay.*she smiles before going after Janile deeper into the woods nearby.

Nero: *smiles and walks back inside and hears the phone ringing* huh? *he answers it* Hello?

Dark Storm: Hey Nero. It's dad. Yea, Froy accidentally destroyed half of the council room office so we'll be staying here for at least a month. Sorry. Tell the girls papa said hi. Oh and Nero. Take good care of your sisters while your mother and I are gone. Bye Nero. *hangs up*

Nero: *sighs but smiles* I will dad. *heads outside to train behind their house*

Janile:*Coming back with some animals that are enough for tonight's foods and tomorrow.*Soon we will have to hunt again, Hanail. We didn't get as much as we were hoping for.

Hanail:Yea...*she frowns, walking with Janile*I wonder why...

Nero: *hears them and walks around the house* Back so soon?

Janile:Yes...*looks to Nero* Kill is been... hard to find...

Hanail:M-Maybe I shouldn't come hunting with you next time, Janile.

Janile:*looks to Hanail*I don't believe you being there would be the cause, but if you think that be better, I won't complain.

Nero: *sighs but smiles just a bit* Dad called today. He said he and mom and Froy won't be back till next month due to...reasons..

Janile:Due to Froy having done something? *she sighs*I hope he is well.

Hanail:*she smiles*Alright.

Nero: *smiles a nod chucles a bit to that comment* Dad said he's doing fine. *starts walking back inside. If any of you wanna help me I'll be cleaning dad's library in the chamber in the basement. *smiales a bit and waves as he goes inside*

Hanail:*she smiles*I-I'll help! *she follows after Nero*

Janile:Mm...*smiles a little and goes inside to clean the animals and do what is needed for them to be cookable and eatable.*

Nero: *in the chamber cleaning stuff* and sees a certain book he laid out* I'll keep you out...I need to see why I'm acting like this...*keeps cleaning up and waits for one of his sisters to help* Man did I make a mess. *sighs*

Hanail:*she comes down and helps him clean*I'm here brother. *she smiles*

Nero: *smiles with a whole bunch of books in his hands* T-Thanks sis. *tries not to stumble*

Hanail:*she smiles sweetly and she gently helps him put the books away.*

Nero: *a 30 minutes later* Finally Finished! *sits down and sighs as his tail wraps around that books he's been holding on to* Sorry it took a bit long. I guess I could have made it a bit cleaner. *looks to Hanail and sighs*

Hanail:*she smiles at him*It is fine brother, I'll be going to my room if you needed to know.*she had a sweatdrop*

Nero: *smiles at her expression* Ok Hanail. *gets up and kisses her cheek* I'll be down here for a while. Ok?

Hanail:*she blushes a bit, smiling*K-Kay.*she goes upstairs and up to her room.*

Nero: *smiles and walks into the kitchen and reads the book at the table*

Janile:*she is skinning*...

Nero: *looks up* You want some assistance Janile?

Janile:No, these are too easy for help... I was hoping I get something better than these.*she sighs.*

Nero: there wasn't a lot of game out this fall. It'll be winter soon by next month so we were lucky to even get that. *sighs* I only wanted to help so you could help me with something. I need someone to translate these dark Gaia texts so can understand this more in dept.

Janile:Oh...*she glance over.*Why didn't you say so, I would have agree.

Nero: *tries to make a reply but cant* Sorry. *sighs*

Janile:It is fine, first get me a pencil and some paper so I can write the translation on paper for you to read.

Nero: *hands her a pencil and paper* Here. *his left eye turns yellow which is unusual since it's only used in battle*

Janile:*she blinks, taking it*Your eye is yellow, just so you know.*she goes and starts translating.*

Nero: Huh? *looks at a pot and sees his glowing eye and looks worried* Yea. I think I may head up stairs after this...

Janile:Very well.*Still translating.*

Nero: *looks a bit worried but calms down* I think your done. I only need that part translated. Thanks. *sighs and tries to smile a bit and kisses her cheek*

Janile:Very well.*puts the paper in the spot of the book he was trying to read and hand it over.*while your reading, relax. I assume you will be in your room, so just relax a bit...*she blinks, going back to cleanign and skinning the animals.*

Nero: Alright, I'll try Janile. *he still looks a bit worried as his eye starts to tun into a red shade as he goes up stairs*

Janile:I am concern about you, Nero... Hope you can control yourself...*Finishing up.*

Nero: *walks into his room to lay down* Ughh. *looks in the window and sees his blood shot red eye glowing* Why red? And why now.

Hanail:*she had gotten clean and dressed, going down to Help Janile*So... Sis?

Janile:What?*she looks to Hanail.*

Nero: *looks worried and starts reading*

Hanail:*Helping Janile*Do you think big brother is okay?

Janile:As long as neither of us bothers him for the time being, I am sure.

Hanail:*She sighs, cleaning the meats as Janile was taking out the unateable stuff.* It may have been my fault...

Janile:You didn't force him, so it isn't anyones fault.

Hanail:?*looks to Janile*

Janile:I'm just speaking the truth, it is most likely something none of us know about, it is his own powers and his own eye we are speaking about.

Hanail:*she had a sweatdrop, but smiling*True.

Nero: *his eye turns back to normal and he calms down* Man...*swetdrops and sighs* That was close. *gets up and walks downstairs*

Hanail:*she was cooking down with the fresh, clena meat now.*

Janile:*She has gone pass Nero up the stairs to get clean.*Hanail is cooking, just so you know.

Nero: Ok. *tries to smile a bit*

Janile:*she just waves till she gets into her and her twin sister's room to get clothes.*

Hanail:*Humming happily while cooking.*

Nero: *comes down stairs* Hey Hanail.

Hanail:Oh, hello Brother! *she smiles, cooking.*

Nero: *smiles a bit* Hey Hanail.

Hanail:*she smiles, cooking.*

Nero: *hugs her from behind* I'll be outside until the food's ready. K?

Hanail:*Blushing red, nodding*O-Okay.

Nero: *smiles as he starts to leave*

Hanail:*smiles, still cooking.*

Nero: *sits outside as he looks at the moon* I better Finnish that book of mom's before they get back...I wanna know why my powers in my eye are acting up...and...I wanna spend more time with my beloved sisters before dad starts training school again when he gets back. *smiles and sighs a bit*

Hanail:*Cooking*Mmm... Only another hour or less and food will be done.*she smiles.*

Nero: *sighs* I better finish a chapter before Hanail is done. *walks inside and goes up stairs* Hanail! When will dinner be done?

Hanail:An hour or last.*she smiles.*

Nero: *smiles* Ok. Thanks. *smiles and walks upstairs* Now just got to red that next- *remembers that it's in dark Gaia text again and he can't read it* Damn it! *sighs and walks to Janaile's room* Hey Janaile? Hello? *nocks on the door*

Janile:*She is finished getting dressed and go over.*Yes, Brother?

Nero: *walks in her room* I need your help again to translate this. Sorry. *sighs*

Janile:Very well, let me translate the whole thing then.

Nero: Thanks. *hugs her*

Janile:Your welcome. Now, I should get to it...

Nero: *his left eye turns red* Not this again. *sighs as his left eye shines bright red* As you can see I'm looking for reasons why this is happening to me.

Janile:Figure that would be the case.*She gotten the book and started translating it to him as her eyes glance to pile of papers and they just started printing on the papers page by page of each word that she spoke for the translate.*

Nero: Thanks only glows like this when I'm around you two...I don't know why...

Janile:*she hands him the the whole book translated on the pile of papers.*Well, do find out, or else Hanail will blame herself.

Nero: Thanks. And its not her fault. Its mine. I love both of you two so I don't wanna see you two upset. 

Janile:You know I couldn't be upset, mad is more of your worry.*she blinks*But, you know Hanail will blame herself, even when it isn't her fault...

Nero: *sighs* Yea. I should let her know though...I don't wanna keep her out of the dark too.

Janile:Very well.

Nero: *smiles a bit* Alright then. oh and again... *hugs her tight* Thx

Janile:*she return the hug.*Your welcome.

Nero: *nuzzles his little sister and holds her close*

Janile:*she had a sweatdrop*Are you going to read the translate or what?

Nero: *sighs but grins a bit* Yes...I am. *flicks her in the head and leave her room as his tail closes the door*

Janile:*She sighs, shaking her head a bit.*

Ch 3: Lustful Meanings and Loving AffectionEdit

Nero: *walks down stairs and sees Hanail* Hey Hanail.

Hanail:Hi brother!*she smiles brightly.*

Nero: *smiles and pats her head* Is dinner ready yet?

Hanail:A secound and it will be done.*She blushes as she smiles brightly.*

Nero: *hugs her from behind again with a bit of a smile*


Nero: *his eye turns red as he nuzzles her neck* Hey Hanail~ what do you wanna do after dinner. I've been reading all day so I'm a bit bored*

Hanail:*She blushes, leaning into him*I-I like to spend time with you, Nero.

Nero: *smiles as he holds her close and nuzzles her*

Hanail:*She blushes, leaning more into Nero.*

Nero: *holds her closer as he kisses her cheek* Hanail~ *nuzzles her*

Hanail:*Blushing*Nero~*Nuzzling him a little.*

Nero: *nuzzles her more as he kisses her neck*

Hanail:*She blushes, panting softly.*

Nero: S-Sorry if I'm being too forcefull. *kisses down her neck as he holds her closer*

Hanail:*Sighs pleasureable.*It-it's fine brother...~*leaning more into him.*

Nero: *his eye shines brighter as he licks her neck* I think I may just go to desert~ *he whispers in her ear as he holds her closer*

Hanail:*She pants softly, before turning around to face him and leans deeper into him.*We may, Nero. I can always tell Janile to deal with the cooking~*She whispers, blushing and looking into his eyes.*

Nero: *kisses her deeply holding her by the waist close* O-Ok~ *his hands move up and down her waist* Should we take this in the basement~? *he whispers to her as he kisses underneath her chin and down her neck*

Hanail:*panting softly before lowering down a bit and kissing him once more.*Yea~*She pants, looking into his eyes.*

Nero: *uses his teleportation technique and they end up in the basement library room* Hanail~ *kisses her lustfully as his hands rund down her waist to her ass*

Hanail:*Kissing him deeply and lustfully as on hand grip onto his back to pull him closer to her and the other hand strokes through his hair sexily.*~

Nero: Mmm~ *grabs her ass and pulls her closer as he kisses her deeply panting hard* Hanail~ *his hands try to unbutton her pants*

Hanail:Nero~*Kissing him deeply, helping him unbuttoning her pants as she moans her hands around on his pants. She starts sucking on his tongue greedily.*

Nero: *takes off her pants and grabs her ass as he kisses her lustfully drooling a bit* Hanail~ I just can't control myself~ *he whispers in her ear as he grabs her ass even harder and pulls her closer*

Hanail:Mmm~ T-Take me Nero~*She nuzzles him as she whispers, panting.*

Nero: Hanail~ *kisses underneath her chin and neck as he takes off his shirt and tries to unbutton his pants* I want all of you~ *holds her closer as he pants harder

Hanail:*She sighs lustfully and pants heavily as she helps him unbutton his pants.*Mmm~

Nero:*kisses her passionately as one hand goes up her shirt and the other holds her closer as he grabs her ass* Mmm~

Hanail:Mmm~*Kissing him passionately and deeply as she hugs him closer to her.*

Nero: *kisses down her neck to her chest as he starts to unstraps her braw*

Hanail:*She moans softly, blushing.*

Nero: *kisses her chest as he takes off her braw* Hanail~ *sucks on her breasts, panting hard with lust in his eyes*

Hanail:*she moans softly, panting heavily as she has lust in her eyes as well.*Nero~

Nero: *sucks harder as his boner rubs against her panties* H-Hanail~ *grabs her ass harder as he pulls her closer*

Hanail:Aa~*She moans softly, gripping onto Nero tightly.*Ne-Nero~ *She pants even more, blushing red.*

Nero: *his hand grabs her breast and squeezes it as he suck on her nipple* Mmm~ *the other hand starts to pull down her panties*

Hanail:ooo~ N-Nero~ Mmm~*She moans softly, helping him take off her panties, her pussy extremely wet and waiting for him now.*

Nero: *nibbles on her nipple as his hands squeezes the other breast* Mmmm~ *grabs her ass as his dick rubs against her wet pussy* You ready~ *he whispers to her as he kisses her lustfully and forces her to the floor*

Hanail:Yes~*She moans softly, panting as she had whispered back before returningt the kiss lustfully and deeply.*

Nero: * his dick penetrates her slowly an then starts thrusting at a steady speed* Y-Your so wet~ *kisses her deeper as he grabs her ass to pull himself in deeper*

Hanail:*Kissing him deeply, hugging him closer as she drools a little.*S-So good to fe-feel you inside of me N-Nero~ Aaa~*she moans.*

Nero: *thrusts deeper as he grabs her hips* H-Hanail~ *kisses her deeply as he thrusts fatser*

Hanail:*Kissing him deeply, panting*Ne-Nero~♥

Nero: *thrusts faster as he kisses and sucks on her neck* H-Hanail~! *thrusts deeper as he pulls her waits closer to him*

Hanail:Aaa~ N-Ner-Nero~!*She moans even more, sucking on his neck in return.*

Nero: *thrusts deeper in her as he grabs her ass to pull himself deeper into her* Y-Your soo wet~ *he whispers as he nibbles on her ear* Mmmm~

Hanail:A-Aa~*She nibbles and sucks on his neck, blushing red.*

Nero: *licks and sucks on her chest as he thrusts faster in her wet pussy* H-Hanail~ *gains speed as he holds her closer going deeper and more rough causing even more pleasure* Mmmm~

Hanail:Aaa~ Ne-Nero~ *She moans, hugging Nero closer to her.*

Nero: *pants harder as fucks faster and more rough; he holds her closer* H-Hanail~! *sucks on her breasts as he rams her wet pussy deeper*

Hanail:*she moans loudly*N-Nero~! *She drools a bit, digging her fingers into his shoulders a bit in pure pleasure.*

Nero: *rams her pussy harder as he grabs her ass and pulls himself even deeper inside of her* Don't hold back Hanail~ *he fucks more rough as he cums a bit in her pussy; he sucks and nibbles on her neck and underneath her chin as his tail wraps around her thigh*

Hanail:A-Aaa~! N-Nero~!*She moans loudly, hugging close to him and panting against his neck as she wraps her legs around his waist.*

Nero: *thrusts deeper and faster, cumming a bit inside her every time* Y-You feel a-amazing~♥ *licks her neck as he grabs her waist and gains speed* I-I'm reaching my limit~ *he pants harder as he sucks on her neck*

Hanail:A-Aa~! N-Nero~! MMm~!*Sucking on Nero's neck, blushing bright red.*

Nero: *fucks more rough and harder as he continuously rams her pussy* H-Hanail~! *love bites her neck as he cumms deep inside her*

Hanail:Aaaa~! Aaa....*She pants heavily, nuzzling Nero gently as she smiles.*

Nero: *panting heavily* a I love you so much~ *kisses her deeply as his hand moves down her waist*

Hanail:*Kissing Nero deeply*I love you as well, Nero~ Mmm~ *She pants, nuzzling his neck*Can I do anything to keep pleasing you~*she whispers, gently kissing his neck.*

Nero: *rubs her thigh as he licks her neck and kisses her* Anything you want to try lovely Hanail~ *he whispers in her ear as he pulls her closer to him*

Hanail:*She smiles, kissing him as her left hand slide down and starts stroking his dick.*Mmm~

Nero: Mmm~ *felling pleasure from her as he gets harder; he kisses her deeply and lustfully as his hand goes in between her legs and rubs her pussy* Hanail~

Hanail:Aa~ Nero~ *rolls him over to where she was on top of him and kisses him, stroking his dick faster.*

Nero: *fingers her with one hand and grabs her ass with the other as he kisses her as he sucks on her tongue* Mmm~! *feels more pleasure as he gets even harder*

Hanail:*she return the kiss, then pulls away from the kiss before repositioning her so she could lick his dick as he still fingers her*Mm~

Nero: Mmm~ *pants harder as he fingers her even faster* H-Hanail~

Hanail:*She pants, moaning softly as he licks his dick even more before putting her mouth around his dick and sucks.*Mm~

Nero: *pants heavily as she sucks and he gets harder* Mmmm~! *fingers her even faster and harder as he penetrates her with two fingers*

Hanail:Mmm~!*She sucks him deeper and faster.*

Nero: *fingers her deeper and harder as he feels even more pleasure from Hanail* H-Hanail~! *pants even harder as she sucks deeper and faster*

Hanail:*Her little tail wags a bit as she keeps sucking him faster, putting more of his dick into her mouth as she sucks. She licks his dick inside her mouth as she sucks.*

Nero: *feeling his limit as she pleasures him* H-Hanail~ Mmmm~! *fingers her deeper fitting in 3 fingers*

Hanail:*She deep-throats him, blushing*Mmm~! *she feels herself coming to her limit as well.*

Nero: Hanail~ *fingers her faster and deeper* I-m gonna- *blushes and pants heavily as he cums* Mmmm~!

Hanail:*she swallows his cum as she cums on his fingers. She took her mouth off his dick and pants as she goes back to facing him.*H-How did that feel~?

Nero: *panting as he holds her close* Amazing~ *nuzzles her and kisses her neck*

Hanail:*she sighs in pleasure*Good to hear~

Nero: But for some reason I'm still not satisfied~ *he whispers in her ear holding her close*

Hanail:*She pants, blushng*We can keep going till you are satisfied~*She kisses Nero's neck up and down before sucking on it.*

Nero: *licks her neck down to her stomach* Now it's my turn to taste you~ *opens her legs as his hands move and rub down her waist and thighs*

Hanail:A-Aaa~*She moans softly, becoming wet.*

Nero: *licks down to her waist and licks her pussy as his hands move up and down her legs*

Hanail:Aaa~!*She moans, drooling a bit.*

Nero: *licks her pussy as he holds her waist and pulls her closer*

Hanail:*She archs her back and moans.*

Nero: Hanail~ *licks her pussy and penetrates her as his tongue swirls around*

Hanail:Aaa~! N-Nero~*She moans loudly, blushing red and drooling a bit.*

Nero: *starts to suck her pussy as his tounge penetrates her* You taste soo good~♥ *sucks more as his hands move up and down her waist*

Hanail:A-Aa~♥*she moans louder, blushing.*

Nero: *sucks more as he starts to finger her* Hanail~ your really wet now~ *licks more each time she moans*

Hanail:Aaaa~ *She moans even more and she is drooling a bit.*N-Nero~

Nero: *licks her pussy hump to her neck as his dick rubs against her pussy* Hanail~ *he licks her neck and his tail wraps around her thigh* Do want me inside you~ *he whispers in her ear as he grabs her breasts*

Hanail:Oooh Yes~ Please Nero~*she moans a bit, hugging Nero close*In me again~

Nero: *holds her closer as his dick rubs her pussy faster; wanting to penitrate her* Hanail~♥! *he penitrate so her pussy as he love bites her neck*

Hanail: Aaa~! Nero~♥! *She moans, hugging him closer as she blushes.*

Nero: *thrusts violently and hard into her wet pussy as he sucks on her breasts* Hanail~! *thrusts faster as he starts to suck out milk from her breasts*

Hanail:A-Aaa~! N-Nero~! *she moans extremely loudly, drooling a bit.*Aaaa~!

Nero: *sucking/drinking as one hand gropes her breasts causing milk to flow out; the other hand grabs her ass as he thrusts even deeper and faster inside of her* Mmm~ Hanail, don't hold back~♥ *he whispers to her as he pulls her nipple and licks her neck*

Hanail:A-Aaa~!*She wraps her legs around his waist, gripping tightly on his shoulders and digging her fingers a bit into his shoulders as she moans loudly.*

Nero: *sucks and love bites her breasts* Your breast taste so good~ *he sucks her nipple and feeds on he milk as he thrusts deeper and faster into her causing her great pleasure* Mmmmm~ *he pants hard as he gras her ass and pulls himself even deeper inside of her pussy*

Hanail:Aaaa~! N-Nero~ O-Ooh Y-Yes~! *She moans as loud as she can, blushing extremely red as she pants heavily.*

Nero: *fucks her faster and more violently as he feeds on her bouncing breasts* Hanail~! *fucks her deeper with every moan as his tail wraps around her thigh*

Hanail:N-Nero~! *She screams his name in pure pleasure, moaning as she feels herself cumming a bit.*A-Aaa~!

Nero: *fucks her harder and more violently as he reaches his climax* H-Hanail!~ I'm gonna cum~! *he fucks her even faster as he bites down and sucks even harder on her breasts as he feels them both at their climax points*

Hanail:Aaa~ N-Nero, C-Claim me~! Ke-Keep making me Y-Yours~! Ah~! *She moans as she grips tightly on Nero, drooling uncontrollable.*

Nero: *fucks deeper and violently into her pussy* Y-Your All Mine Hanail~! *sucks on her breasts and chest as he cums deep inside her pussy! filling her up with his semen* H-Hanail~ *panting heavily, drooling as well*

Hanail:*She cums as well, panting heavily and drooling as she looks at Nero.*N-Nero~

Nero: *kisses her lustfully, drooling a bit as his tounge wrestils hers* Know I'm satisfied~ *holds her close as his tail wraps arounder her*

Hanail:*Blushing and panting, return the kiss as her tongue wrestles with his as she drools a bit.*

Nero: *his tongue wrestles hers and he licks her lips* Hanail. *nuzzle her and holds her closer I his arms*

Hanail:*she blushes and nuzzles him.*Nero

Nero: *holds her close and kisses her and nuzzles her* Hanail. *nuzzles her even more* I love you so much.

Ch 4: Sharing LoveEdit

  • a few hours later and everyone has had dinner, Nero is still in the basement studying and researching

Nero: *reading on the floor siting against a book shelf*

Hanail:*Cleaning dishes with Janile, She is humming happily*

Janile:*she sighs*Had fun with brother?

Hanail:*she blushes extremely red.*...

Nero: *sneezes (due to the urban legend saying you sneezes when someone's talking about you)* Hm?

Hanail:*Blushing a bright red.* I-I'm going to take a bath! *She runs upstairs.*

Janile:*She sighs.*

Nero: *still reading as he yawns a bit* I'll get some of my pillows and covers from my room. Looks like I'm a be sleeping her tonight. *walks upstairs and sees Janile* Hey Janile.

Janile:*glance over*Hello, brother.

Nero: *pats her head as he walks past her* Sorry I didn't help with the kitchen. *sighs a bit as his left eye once again turns red*

Janile:Hanail ran off to the bathroom while blushing insanitly. *she stated boldly.*

Nero: ??? may I ask why? *looks at her with a curious but cautious stare*

Janile:You should know Why, Brother. *she stated boldly.*

Nero: *understands as a sweatdrops falls* Ahh..I see...*his ears flatten due to guilt* Y-Yea...*gives a false small smile*

Janile:Mmm... You can make up for it if you want, Brother. *she said to him, knowing his gulit.*

Nero: I-I'll do that. *he knows Janile is not to messed with*

Janile:*She hugs him*Just a kiss may do, Brother. An lest you want to give more.

Nero: *holdes her close, blushing a bit as his eye's give her a lustful look* Well, may I dear Janile? *smirks a bit as his tail wraps around hers*

Janile:*She blushes, but smiles*You may, Nero.

Nero: *kisses her as he holds her close; his hands run down her back to her waist* Than I shall~ *kisses her neck down to her collarbone*

Janile:Mmm~*Grips tightly on his shoulders, pressing herself hard against him.*~

Nero: *sucks on her neck and then licks underneath her chin* anxious are we~ *he whispers in her ear as his hands grab her ass hard and pulls her close to him*

Janile:*Sucking on his neck very hard, still pressing herself hard against him*Mm~

Nero: *licks her neck as one of his hands go in her pants and gropes her ass* Janile~ *kisses her lustfully, panting hard as his tail wraps around her thigh*

Janile:*She pants heavily, kissing him*Nero~*Her tail wraps around one of his legs.*~

Nero: *kisses her as his tongue wrestles hers* Janile~ *grabs her ass harder as his other hand goes up her shirt from her back* I want all of you~ *sucks on her neck hard with lust in his eyes*

Janile:*Panting, lust in her eyes*Then take all of me, Nero~. *she hugs him extremely close to her.*

Nero: *kisses her aggressively as he pins her up against a wall* And I will~ *takes off his shirt and sucks on her neck as his hand grabs her ass harder*

Janile:Ah~ Yes~ *She pants, wrapping her legs around his waist and grinds against him.*~

Nero: *kisses her more! panting heavily as he hardly takes a breath* More Janile~ *takes off her shirt as he grabs her ass holding her up and licks down to her chest* Mmm~

Janile:*She moans, hugging Nero close as she keeps grinding agianst him faster.*Mmm~

Nero: *takes off her braw as he licks her breast and starts sucking on them* Mmm~ *his tails starts to mess with her pants, pulling on it*

Janile:Mmm~*She keeps grinding against him*Aaa~

Nero: *sucks and nibbles on her nipple as he starts to take off her pants* Mmm~

Janile:Oooh~ So good~ *She moans, grinding against him even faster.*

Nero: *takes off his pants as his tail pulls down her panties* I want even more of you~ *he whispers in her ear as his dick rubs against her pussy, making her wet*

Janile:*she moans, hugging him closer to her.*

Nero: *sucks her breast even harder causing milk to come out* Mmm~ *pants hard as his dick rubs against her pussy faster* Do you want me inside you that bad~ *he whispers to her in a seductive taunting way*

Janile:Aaa~ Yes~! *she moans, gripping tightly on Nero, panting.*

Nero: *kisses her aggressively as his tongue moves around in her mouth; his dick immediately penetrates her pussy and starts to thrust in and out of her * Mmm~! *drools a bit and pants heavily as he rams her pussy against the wall as he hold her up* Mmm~!

Janile:*Kissing him in return*Mm~!

Nero: thrusts deeper as he love bites her breasts* J-Janile~! You feel so good~ *grabs her ass harder as he fucks her against the wall* 

Janile:*Moaning, nibbling his ears while blushing.*

Nero: *fucks her violently and deeply as he grabs her ass harder* Mmm~! *kisses her roughly, drooling a bit as he penetrates her deeper giving her even more pleasure*

Janile:Mmm~*Kissing him even more, hugging him closer.*

Nero: J-Janail~ *kisses her aggressively as he fucks her faster as he sucks on her neck and grabs her ass* Mmmm~ Y-You feel soo good~

Janile:MMm~*Kissing him deeply, hugging him closer. She then moans.*

Nero: *thrusts deeper and harder as he suck on her neck even harder* Mmm~ *fucks her against the wall even harder as his tail wraps around her thigh* Give me even more~ *he whispers in her ear as he thrusts violently inside her pussy*

Janile:*She pants heavily, moaning as she grinds hard against him.*Mmm~

Nero: *panting heavily holding her close as he thrusts even deeper and faster inside her* T-That's it~ *sucks underneath her chin and her neck as he fucks her violently against the wall* Mmmm~!

Janile:Aaa~*Grinding against him harder, hugging him closer.*Mmm~!

Nero: *licks her neck an grabs her ass ene harder as he fucks her violently; cumming a bit as he rams her pussy_* D-Don't hold back on me Sis~ *sucks on her breasts again as his tail wraps and squeezes her thigh* Mmm~!

Janile:Mm~! *Grinding violently against him, panting*Ooo~

Nero: *panting harder; grabing her ass as he thrusts harder and violently into her pussy* I-Im reaching my limit~ *he whisper to her as he sucks on her neck; fucking her faster as she grinds againced him*

Janile:*Moaning as she grinds against him* Don't hold back, brother~!

Nero: Janile~! *love bites her neck as he rams her pussy deeper and violently* I-I'm gonna- *he grabs her ass even harder as he cums deep inside Janile's pussy; he pants heavily drooling a bit as his tail wraps around hers*

Janile:*she pants heavily, drooling a tiny bit as she hugs him.*~

Nero: *hugs her as he nuzzles her; his eye still red with a lustful look* Janail~. *he kisses her deeply panting heavily* I love you so much~.

Janile:*Panting, smirking at Nero.* I love you a lot, in return, Nero~

Nero: Janail~ *panting heavily as he licks her neck as his hands run down her waist* I'm still not satisfied~ *kisses her deeply, drooling a bit in the process* I want even more of your love Janail~

Janile:*Blushing a bit, panting heavily* Mmm~ Nero~ Then let's do all the things you want to do, Nero~ *she smirks, panting heavily as she kisses him deeply.*

Nero: *grins too as he kisses her aggressively as his hand rubs her pussy* Janail~ And I shall~ *rubs faster as he sucks underneath her her chin and neck*

Janile:Aaa~ *she moans, panting heavily and smirking.*

Nero: *licks down to her chest as he pins her on the floor; and one of his fingers start to penetrate Janile's pussy as he fingers her in a constant speed* That look of you smirking for some reason turns me on even more~ *he whispers to her as he fingers her faster and he kisses her aggressively*

Janile:Mmm~ *Kissing him aggressively, moaning softly.*

Nero: *fingers her faster and deeper giving her more pleasure* Mmm~ *sucks on her tongue as he pans heavily an drools a bit*

Janile:*Panting, kissing him agresstively, moaning a bit.*Mmm~

Nero: *kisses her deeply as he kisses down her neck* Mmm~ Janail~ *his other hand gropes her breast as he kisses her lustfully* Do you want more sister~? *he whispers to her seductively*

Janile:*she pants heavilly*Of course I do Brother~ *she whispers in return.*

Nero: *kisses her aggressively as he pulls her closer and pins her down* Janail~ *sucks on her neck as he rubs his dick against her pussy*

Janile:Aa~ Nero~*She moans, panting heavily.*

Nero: *pants heavily as he rubs against her pussy* Do you want me inside you that bad~? *he taunts her as he licks her neck*

Janile:Ah~ Yes~!*Hugging him closer to her, panting heavily.*

Nero: *kisses her deeply and lustfully! holding her close as he rams his dick in and out of her pussy* Mmm~! *thrusts faster as he holds her close and licks down her neck*

(This is to keep going with the RP.)

  • Hours pass*

Ch 5: The Eyeful TruthEdit

Nero: *sitting on the roof as his eyes shine in the nightlight* So...I guess these eyes of mine are changing me...*sighs* I hope they don't cause me to hurt my sisters...

Hanail:*walking down to the living room in her night clothes, getting something to drink*...

Janile:*sleeping in Her and Hanail's bed*Zz...

Nero: *sighs and jumps off and heads inside the house* Mom and Dad should be back in another few days...*sighs* I'll ask them when they come back. *walks inside the house*

Hanail:*finishes her glass of water, sighing a bit as she then starts cleaning the glass and puts it up to dry.*

Nero: *runs into Hanail* Hey Hanail. *smiles a bit as he heads to his room*

Hanail:Hi Brother...*She said after he had just gotten to his room, she sighs softly as she started going for her bedroom*

Nero: *walking upstairs and checks on Janile* Hmmm. *smiles a bit and heads to his room* Its still my job to be an older brother...*sighs and sits on the floor of his room and reads the books he obtained from the library*

Hanail:*she goes into her and Janile's room quietly, undressing into her underwears and goes into bed to sleep*...

Nero: *falls asleep until 2 in the morning, he then wakes up and heads to the library*

Hanail:*sleeping peacefully in bed*

Janile:*was in the library, reading something that look like a mentail book*...Mm....

Nero: Hmmm? Janile? What are you doing down here so late at night? *looks puzzled*

Janile:I'm seeing what is wrong with Hanail... Her body warmer than normal, and she started sweating in her sleep without waking up.*Reading the book still.*

Nero: What!? *looks alarmed* When did this start?

Janile:Recently...*She keeps looking through the book*Mm... She doesn't have a Fever, and she is still sleeping...

Nero: *thinking* I wish I knew how to help...*walks over to her* have you've found a way to help?

Janile:Beside putting something cold on her, nothing...

Nero: *sits down and sighs* I can't believe I didn't notice...

Janile:I didn't notice till she came to bed.*reading*

Nero: *still worried* I'll go check up on her...*leaves for upstairs*

Janile:*she sighs*

Hanail:*Sleeping in her bedroom, laying on her bed in clothes that Janile had put her in, she had a cold wet cloth with an ice pack on her forehead.*....

Nero: *walks in and looks worried and a bit guilty*...what type of brother dosent even notice his own sibling is sick...*his hand grips into a fist, clutched in guilt*

Hanail:Mm...*She smiles a little in her sleep*...Brother...

Nero: *surpised and chucles a bit to herself* Even when she's sick. She dosent stop caring. *sighs*


Nero: *looking worried and lost* Hanail...*alks over and pets her head. He clutches his other hand in a fist and then turns around getting ready to leave*

Hanail:Brother...*She sounded rather quiet, but seem to call out to him.*

Nero: *hears it faintly and turns around* Hanail?

Hanail:*Slightly awake*Brother...*She smiles a little*

Nero: *walks over to her bed* Hanail! *smiles a bit but then looks sad* I-I'm sorry I didn't notice you were sick...

Hanail:*she smiles a little*No one notice Brother...*she reach for his hand*I didn't know either...

Nero: *grits his teeth as she holds his hand, a tear drops* But I should've known. It's my job to keep you two ok while dad and mom are gone.

Hanail:*She nuzzles his hand gently.*How about... You give me something really cold, brother...

Nero: *rubs his eyes a bit and tries to give a small smile* Ok...What would you like me to get?

Hanail:Ice water sounds good right now.*she smiles a bit*A-And if you can Brother, make me mom's special soup as well?

Nero: *smiles* I shall. *pets her head and kisses her forehead* Get well Hanail. *heads down stairs*

Hanail:*Smiles weakly, waiting.*

Nero: *down stairs making soup with a glass of ice water* Mmmm...*still looks worried*

Janile:*come up from the basement*Hanail just caught a small cold*she sigh, sighing*One most Dark gaia blood types get, nothing too major.

Nero: *gives a sigh of relife* That's good to hear that it isn't serious. I'll get these to Hanail and just check up on her regularly tonight. I don't want it to get worse. *turns around and looks at her* You should head to bed to. I don't want anyone else sick in here.

Janile:I think me heading to bed would get me sick since me and Hanail share the bed.

Nero: *sighs* Your right. I guess you can have my room since I'll be sleeping in the library tonight.

Janile:Very well. *she nods, going upstairs to his room*

Nero: *smiles a bit and heads upstairs with the soup and glass of ice water to Hanail* here. If you need anything else please call for me. *still is a bit worried*

Hanail:*Smiles a bit*Thanks Nero...*Siting up, eating.*

Nero: *smiles a bit and sits down with his arms and legs crossed* Its not as good as mom's but it's decent.

Hanail:*Keeps eating*It's still good, Brother.

Nero: *chucles a bit due to that remark* if you say so Hanail. *when ur finished during your water and I'll clean up everything.

Hanail:*she nods, eating and drinking her water*

Nero: *smiles a bit and sighs out of relife* Two more weeks and mom and dad will be here. I hope bfor then youlll be healthy and mon and dad can come home to my healthy and wonderful sisters.

Hanail:*smiles, nodding when Nero said that, but blushes a bit.*

Nero: *grins a bit* Anyway are you done? I dontt want to leave any dishes up here. I also want you to get some sleep. *still is worried but noes it has calmed down a bit*

Hanail:*smiles a little*Yea, I'm done...

Nero: *takes the the dishes from her and kisses her forehead* I'll take these down. Get well Hanail. *smiles a bit*

Hanail:*she smiles, nodding a bit*I will.

Nero: *smiles* Ok. Just call for me if u need anything or if you just want someone to talk to. *heads for her door*

Hanail:*She smiles a bit.*I will let you know

Nero: *smiles a bit and leaves*

  • downstairs washing the dishes. He finnishes and goes down into the family library

Hanail:*sleeping in her bed*

Janile:*Reading the energies of the air, but her eyes shrink*?

Nero: Janlie? *walks over to her* What are you doing in the lybrary at this time?

Janile:I was checking each room Hanail has been in beside the bedroom... *Her ear was twitching a bit.*

Nero: *a bit confused* Umm, but Janile, she was never in the lybr-...oh.. never mind.

Janile:Twice she has been in the lybrary and the energies here are... Very unstable...

Nero: Twice? And hy are there unstable energies. *looks confused at the matter* Is there anything else you need to fill me in?

Janile:*looks at Nero*Once she was helping you put away books and the other you should know very well.*her eyes slightly narrowed when she said that, but glance away*The unstable energies are high powerful Dark gaia energies, through their not affecting me...

Nero: *felt a slight jab at that remark but feels best to to go on with that subject* Hmmm...*thinks, he soon sighs and looks at her* Do they have any conectionn with me? It could explain why I havent beenn acting usual....

Janile:No, or I wouldn't have notice them so well... They are more connected with Hanail, for some reason...*thinking, sighing*If she is being affected like how your eye is affecting you, then there is a huger question behind what we thought was the answer...

Nero: Mmm...thats concerning. *looks a bit uneasy* Do you think we should ask for help on this matter. If it is that serious. This eye problem not only changes my personality it also blocks some of my seeing powerss and dimension opening powers. If its affectingg Hanail now who knows what her symtomss will be.

Janile:*she sighs*I'm hoping it isn't that bad, but we might need to ask for help...*thinking*Strange that I'm not affecting through...

Nero: Yea, that seems odd to me. *looks at her closely* I dontt see anything strange in your personality and your physicaly fine. *his eye turns red* Here we go again. This needs to stop.

Janile:*Puts the book he needed in his face*I thought once Hanail was hit, then I would be hit next, but nothing came to that...

Nero: *takes the book from her* Thatss weird. Since you two are twins I would expect for you both to get it...

Janile:Yea, I'm confuse in why as well...

Nero: Well I hope that dosent mean your symtomss will be mor sever*sits on the other side of the library* I'll sit over here until my eye turns back...I cant controll myself when imm around you and your sister and you'll know what will happen...*sighs*

Janile:*she sighs, searching for a book* I fully understand, Nero. And I'm sure it isn't affecting me at all.*found a book and looking it over.*

Nero: Lets hope *sighs*

Ch 6: Sibling Solutions Edit

Nero: *alseep in the library*

Janile:*Has taken the book she was reading into Nero's bedroom, still reading as her eyes glow a bit*Mm... I believe I hear you, Dark gaia.*Her ears twitched*Which is strange, you should be sleeping...

Nero: *walking up* Hmmm. What time is it? *feels realyy drowsy*

Janile:*walking down the stairs*Don't remind me, Dark Gaia, I know the events unfolding before us all.*she groans the moment she gotten to the basement.* I really do hate it when you talk into my head, it makes it seem like I'm talking to myself like a crazy person.

Nero: *hears someone* Is that Janail? What is she doing?

Janile:Look Dark Gaia, it isn't easy saying that I have a dark powerful being speaking to me via mind speak.*she groans as she gotten down the steps with a book*I'm putting away a book, Dark gaia. It is why I even came down here.*she groan in slight annoyances*I never thought I be speaking to a powerful god-like creature like their a six year old...

Nero: *sees Janile* Hey Janile. Who are you speaking to?

Janile:*she sighs*You don't really want to know, Brother.*she puts the book away, looking once more*Mm... That book didn't answer anything... *she seem slightly annoyed as if she was being spoken to again*...

Nero: *sighs* Sometimes I dont unterstand you.

Janile:and Sometimes I don't understand why I have things talking to me.*her eyes glow as she spots a book*Mm... That might explain everything... A really old looking tome. *she seem suddenly annoyed*Dark gaia, how many times have I told you the issue going on?

Nero: Wait!? Did you say Dark Gaia? Why is he speaking to you?

Janile:*looks at Nero*You really want to know? Let's see, what happens if Dark Gaia is somehow awake but sounds and acts like a six year old?*she sighs, a bit annoyed*I have this Dark gaia voice in my head since I gotten halfway through the book I put away.

Nero: Well I can tell now. Must you be so rude about it? *sighs* Its probably a symptom you're obtaining. *yawns* Ima cheak on Hanail and see how shess doing.

Janile:It isn't a symptom, or I have everything mother would have.*looks at Nero*also, Hanail is completely passed out in her bed right now, so I say you either get something to eat or go back to sleep.*floats the old tome book into her hands*Mm...

Nero: *yawns being still asleep* Ticked much? What are you reading anyway? *walks up to her*

Janile:A really interesting find. A tome about all the side effects and symtomms down the Dark gaia blooded family line.*opening it and reading*Mm... Dark gaia help me find these book too...

Nero: Really? Does it give reasons why me and Hanail are like this? That would be very useful info.

Janile:That is what I've been searching for from the time you when to sleep to the time you woke up recently.*looks at him with a slight annoyed mark*For an older brother, your starting to sound like the six year old that has been talking to me non-stop in my head.

Nero: *looks ticked* Janaile. does it look like imm having any fun from this? *looks annoyed and heads for the living room up stairs*

Janile:*she sighs*Finally, I can read in silences, so I can figure out what is going on.*she sits in a chair and reads the tome, looking for anything that gives why Nero and Hanail are the way they are*Mm.... Mm?*she found sixteen pages on just the topic*Huuh?

Nero: *fallis asleep on the couch in the living room*

Janile:*Reading the sixteen pages of the topic, which later involve the eye thing Nero has and the fact how Janile and Hanail were twins*The... You know what, Nero can find out himself. I'm just fucking mind blown.*she takes the tome with the bookmark in the page that talks about the symtoms, going to the living room couch and groan at the fact Nero was asleep. But, she puts it on the table in front of the couch and heads up to Nero's room to go to bed.*

*The Next morning

Nero: *wakes up and sees the book* What's this doing here? *opens it up and reads it* What!? *reads it more closely* So this is the book Janail was reading that would solve everything. *sighs* I should thank here but I think in got on her nerves way too much yesterday.

Janile:*Passed out on Nero's bed since she couldn't sleep well*mm...

Hanail:*Feeling free of her fever, perking through the door*??

Nero: *scratching his head and heading upstairs* I'll cheak up on them and then take a shower. *sighs* I should be greatful that sister of mine was able to help find the solution. *smerks a bit*

Hanail:!*she quietly close the door before Nero notice and gotten in her bed quickly with no sound and acts like she was sleeping in her bed*...

Nero: *walks in and sees Hanail in her bed* Hanail? *he walks over to her to check her fever* Hm? Its Gone.

Hanail:*Pretending to be sleeping*...

Nero: *looks annoyed and flicks her on her forehead* I now your not asleep Hanail. *sighs*

Hanail:*whimpers and hides under her covers completely.*

Nero: *feels a bit sorry* Sorry Hanail. *moves her covers and kisses her forehead* Do you feel better? I just wanna make sure...*blushes a bit*

Hanail:*she slightly buff her cheek, before suddenly hugging him to where his face was in her chest, either she just wanted to hug him or did it with intent.*I wanted to see my sister...

Nero: *blushes bright red but sighs* Do you want your big brother to get your sister?

Hanail:*she lets go of him and nods*

Nero: *smiles* Ok. *pets her head and kisses her forhead *

Hanail:*She smiles, nodding*

Nero: *smiles and leaves the room and goes into his* Janile? *sees he sleeping*

Janile:*Sleeping, through now pulling more blankets over her*Mmm...

Nero: *pulls back the covers* Janail, you need to wake up. Hanail wants to see you.

Janile:*she groans*Can't I have eight hours of peace and quiet to myself so I can sleep!?*she open her eyes, bags under her eyes were really noticeable as she groans and pulls the blankets back*

Nero: *looks annoyed* are we really doing this? *pulls her cover back*

Janile:*She growls, her hand found his neck and pulls him close to her*Look, Brother. If I can't have any fucking sleep, I'll ensure both yours and Hanail's day is a living hell of a nightmare, because I had to deal with a fucking six year old Dark gaia in my head till two fucking thirty in the fucking morning.*Her eyes were narrowed, yet tired at the same time.*

Nero: *looks a bot frightened and teliports to the door* Ok....*leaves* So that child isntt in the mood *walks to Hanail's room* Sorry Hanail. Janile wont comee. *sighs as he walks over to her*

Hanail:*she frowns*I heard the talk...*looks at Nero*

Nero: *sighs* Sorry Hanail. I wish I was more helpful. *pats her head*

Hanail:*She hugs Nero close, nuzzling his chest*

Nero: *blushes but hugs her back* You always were an affectionate little sister. *smiles a bit as he pats her head*

Hanail:*she smiles*so... You know what is causing your eye issue?

Nero: Not entirely sure. But I do know I apparently obtaine a new power in my eye once it calms down...thatss why...*blushes* Im more rash than usual. But I still love you and you sister.

Hanail:*smiles at Nero.*Makes senses.

Nero: *smiles back but once again his eye turns red* Damn! *hold his eye*

Hanail:*she blushes, but hugs closer to Nero with her head on his chest.*

Nero: *he nuzzles her but then sighs and stops hugging her so close* You know...what will happen if my eye is this color...Right? *turns the other way out of embarisement*

Hanail:*she smiles, blushing a bit*I know... And I don't mind...*hugs closer to him*

Nero: *his eye shines brighter as nuzzles her and holds her closer as his tail wraps around her* Hanail. *blushing as he looks at her knowing he won't be able too stop himself*

Hanail:*Blushes a little, looking up at him as their noises touch, hugging him closer to her.*Nero.

Nero: *blushing as his heart races* Hanail~ *holds her closer and kisses her*

Hanail:*Kissing him deeply, hugging Nero closer and pressing her body against his.*Nero~*She whispers before returning the kiss deeply.*

Nero: *kisses her deeply as his tongue wrestles hers* Hanail~ *pins her down on her bed* I can't hold back anymore~ *sucks on her neck as he holds her closer*

Hanail:*Panting, blushing a bit.*Ooh Nero~*Panting even more*Don't hold back~ I want to relief you of the stress Nero~*She pants heavily, blushing.*

Nero: *pants heavily as he rubs down her thigh as kisses down her neck* I want all of you~ *he grabs her breasts with his other hand*

Hanail:*Panting heavily*I'm all yours, Nero~*She starts taking her shirts off for him, blushing as she moans a little*Ooh~ Nero~

Nero: *licks down her chest and starts taking off her bra* Hanail~ Mmm~ *unbuttons her pants as his tail wraps around her thighs*

Hanail:*Panting heavily*Yes~ Nero~ Mmmm~*blushing as she drools a bit*

Nero: *blushing as he sucks on her breasts* Mmm~ *unbuttins his pants as he sucks harder on her nipple* Hanail~

Hanail:*Moaning*Oooh~ Nero~*She moans even more.*

Nero: *licks down her chest to her thigh* Hanail~ Mmm~ *starts to take off her panties*

Hanail:*Panting, blushing. When her panties were taken off, her pussy was soaking wet for him.*Mmm~ Nero~

Nero: *licks her wet pussy as he opens her legs* You taste soo good~ *his tongue penetrates her as his hands stroke her thighs*

Hanail:*Moaning, arching her back in pure pleasure*Oh Yes~! Nero~!

Nero: *panting heavily as he sucks her pussy and his tounge penetrates deeper* Hanail~ *grabs her breasts as his tounge swirls around giving her even more pleasure*

Hanail:*she moans louder*Ah~! Nero~!*She drools a bit.*

Nero: *sucks more as she moans louder* Don't hold back Hanail~

Hanail:Ah~!*She cums into his mouth, blushing and panting.*

Nero: *he licks it up and whispers in here ear* Hanail~ Do you still want to feel good~ *he whispers I her ear as he gets hard and rubs against her pussy*

Hanail:*she blushes extremely red as she pants heavily*Oooh~ Yes, please, Nero~ I want to feel like I'm yours, Nero~*Moans as his dick rubs against her pussy.*Ooo~

Nero: *panting heavily as he rubs faster making her even more wet* I want to claim you over and over again~ *he whispers in her ear and nibbles on it* Hanail~ Let me fill you~

Hanail:*she grips her bedsheets tightly, her pussy becoming even more wet from him rubbing and whispering to her.*Please, Nero~ Take me~ Claim me as yours~*she moans a bit.*Fill me as much as you want~!

Nero: *licks down her neck and sucks on it as his dick forcefully penetrates her wet pussy* Hanail~ You're really wet~ *fucks faster as he grabs her waist*

Hanail:*she moans loudly, gripping the bedsheets tightly, she wraps her legs around his waist to shove him deeper inside her.*Oooh~! Nero~! So Good~!

Nero: *grips her waist tightly as he fucks deeper and faster into her wet pussy giving her much plesure* Hanail~ *kisses her lustfuly as he fucks deeper inside of her, he drools a bit as she moans*

Hanail:*Moaning the kiss, sucking on his tongue lustfully as she takes one of her hands and place it on the back of his head.*Mmm~

Nero: *kisses her passionly as he grips tighter on her waist as he fucks her pussy roughly, picking up speed each time she moans* You feel amasing~! *thrusts deeper inside her causing her to moan even more*

Hanail:*Moaning loudly*Nero~!

Nero: *thrusts deeper and more roughly inside her pussy as he kisses her deeply, hardly taking a breath* Hanail~! I-I'm reaching my limit~! *licks down her neck as he holds here closer bringing himself deeper inside her*

Hanail:*Moaning as loud as she can*Please~! Nero~! Make me yours~!*She blushes, hugging him closer to her, pressing her body as much as she can.*

Nero: *thrusts faster as he grabs her ass* Hanail~! Mmm~! *kisses her lustfully as he sucks on her tounge* Imm gonna- *cums inside her, filling her pussy* Hanail~ *pants heavily, drooling a bit as he holds her closer*

Hanail:*Drooling a bit, panting heavily as she hugs him*Nero~

Nero: *kisses her deeply as he rubs he thigh* Hanail~ Do you still want more~ *he whispers in her ear as he rubs he thigh*

Hanail:*Returning the kiss, panting*Yes~ I want you to take me as much as you can~*she whispers to him, hugging him closer to her.*

Nero: *kisses her lustfully as his dicks rubs against her pussy roughly* I want to be inside you again~ *he whispers in her ear: *he sits up and sits her up on his lap as his dick rubs her pussy* Hanail~ *kisses he neck down to her chest as he grabs her ass*

Hanail:*Panting heavily, blushing as she becomes extremely wet to his dick rubbing her pussy*Oooh~ Nero~

Nero: *grabing her ass as he pushes her back and forth, rubing against his dick faster as he suck on her breasts* Hanail~ Mmm~

Hanail:*Moaning a bit more louder, hugging him*Nero~!

Nero: *licks up her chest and kisses her deeply as her grabs her ass and penitrates her as he moves her up and down on his dick, thrusting deeper inside her* Hanail~ *he kisses her pasionatlyly as his tail wraps around her*

Hanail:*Moaning loudly, hugging closer to Nero.*A-Aah~! Nero~

Nero: *thrust deeper and more violently into her as he sucks on her neck* Hanail~ You feel soo good~ *he whispers in her ear as he rubs her thighs and thrusts even deeper giving her more pleasuer*

Hanail:*Moaning loudly against his neck, sucking on it roughly and aggressively.*M-Mm~ Nero~ S-So good~ Do-Don't Stop~! Faster~! Ha-Harder, Nero~!*She pants heavily against his neck, moaning even more*Get De-Deeper~! Ta-Take me Lik-Like you Ne-Never have Be-Before- Ah~!

Nero: *thrusts deeper and roughly as he gains speed, raming her pussy* Hanail~ I want to fill you~! *kisses her lustfully as he nibbles on her neck* I want to pleasure you till you reach your climax~ *he whispers in her ear as he pins her back down on the bed and thrusts faster and violently inside her wet pussy*

Hanail:*Moaning loudly, almost screaming in pleasure*Nero~! A-Ah~!

Nero: *thrusts even faster as he grips her waist harder* Hanail~! I-Imm reaching my l-limitt~! *nibbles on her neck sexually as he cums a bit each time he thrusts inside her*

Hanail:*Moaning loudly, blushing*Pl-Plea-Please~! Nero~! Fill me~!!*She nearly screams, nearing her climax.*

Nero: *kisses her lustfully as he sucks on her tongue, drooling a bit as he thrusts violently inside her* H-Hanail~! Im gonna-! *he cums insider her again, filling her pussy* Hanail~ *panting heavily*

Hanail:*Panting heavily, moaning a bit as she cums along with him. She blushes red*Nero~

Nero: *panting heavily* Hanail~ *kisses her passionatlyy as he holds her close*

Hanail:*Panting, kissing him in return*Nero~*hugging him close.*

Nero: *holds her closer as he nuzzles her* I love you so much Hanail~ *he kisses her deeply and nuzzles her with her in his arms*

Hanail:*Blushing, nuzzling him and deeply kisses him even more before pulling away*I love you very much, Nero~*She hugs him closer, kissing him deeply once more, pressing her body against him*I want to be more... Than a sister to you, Nero~*She blushes red when she says that, her left eye glowing a bit in matching his glowing red eye*

Nero: *blushes at what she just said and smiles as he holds her even closer* and I want to be more than a brother to you and your sister~ *pins her down as his eye glows brighter than before matching Hanail's now* I love you Hanail~ *nuzzles her neck panting heavily* And nothing will change that~

Hanail:*Panting, her left eye glowing and energies matches with Nero's. She smiles as she blushes*Oh Nero~ It may take a bit to have Janile love you like I do~*She nuzzles him, pressing her body hard against his body.*But, I'm all yours Nero~ Every piece of me belongs only to you, Nero~*Her eyes meet with his, in a love haze.*And I want nothing to stop this, Nero~ I-I want you to be my lover, Nero~ I want to do everything with you~*She wraps her arms around his neck, her breasts press fully against his chest and expose to him*So, Please Nero, take everything of me~*she says in a lustful, begging tone*And Make it all yours, Every last thing of me~

Nero: *nuzzles her neck as he blushes* Hanail~ I love you so much, hearing this from you makes me truly happy. *he smiles befor he sucks on her neck and holds her close* I want you to be mine and only mine~ I want to be your lover and claim you as mine everyday~ *his dick becomes hard as it rubs her pussy wanting all of her* Hanail~ *holds her close as he whispers in her ear lustfully, panting heavily* I'll always be there and there's nothing that will keep me away~ *kisses her deeply, panting heavily and drooling a bit* I want you to be mine forever more~

Hanail:*she moans, blushing as she hugs Nero close.*Oooh~ Nero~*She pants heavily, returning the kisses deeply as she drools*I'm so glad to hear~ I want to be forever yours, Nero~ Pl-Please claim me over and over, Nero~*She nuzzles him, blushing and drooling a bit more.*Aaa~*Her pussy is soaking wet, begging for him to take her.*

Nero: *panting heavily as he nibbles on here neck* Hanail~ Let me fill you again and again~ *he violently penitrates her pussy and thrusts steadly in a constant speed inside her wet pussy* I want all of you~ *grabs her breasts as he thrusts deeper inside her giving her even more pleasure*

Hanail:*She moans loudly, wrapping her legs around his waist to feel more pleasure.*Oooh, Nero~ Please Take all of me~!*She drools even more, moaning.*F-Fill me to yo-your hearts Content~!

Nero: *sucks greedly on her nipple as he fucks deeper and violently inside her as his tail wraps around her waist* Hanail~ Your pussy is soo wet and feels soo good~! *he sucks harder and thrusts deeper inside her* Illl take all of you for myself as I clam your pussy over and over again~

Hanail:*she moans loudly, gripping onto him as her legs wraps tighter around his waist to make him thrusts deeper inside her.*Oooh~ Yes~ Nero~ S-Soo Good~ S-Soo Amazing, to feel you inside of me~ Mo-More~! Cl-Claim my Pussy ag-again and ag-again~!

Nero: *fucks viloently and faster inside her pussy giving her more pleaser. He licks and sucks on her breasts harder each time she moans* Hanail~! Don't hold back~! *he grabs her ass and pulls himself deeper inside her pussy as he thrusts deeper inside, reaching his climax*

Hanail:*Moaning as loud as she can, gripping tightly onto his shoulders as her legs are tightly wrapped around his waist.*Ne-Nero~!*She cums on his dick as he thrusts, blushing.*

Nero: *cums inside her filling her pussy; he pants heavily as he holds her close* N-Now imm satisfied. *he kisses her pasionaately as he looks in her eyes in a love haze*

Hanail:*she pants heavily, before kissing him deeply once more with their tongues touching before pulling away as drool parts from their tongues.*I love you so much, Nero.*She nuzzles her nose with his*I want this everyday... And Every night... Just you and me, Nero...

Nero: *nuzzles her as he holds her close and his tail wraps around her* I would want nothing else. Hanail. *holds her closer as he em raises his sister* I'll always be yours and you'll always be mine.

Hanail:*She blushes, nuzzling him happily as she hugs him*Nero.

  • a few hours later

Nero: *meditating outside as he turns his eyes red* So this is the new ability I learned from that ordeal. *he looks around and can sense the aura and emotions of living creatures around him* Hmm. *smiles* Thank you my sister.

Hanail:*sleeping happily, having felt tired of the ordeal.*

Janile:*Starting to wake up, yawning*Mmm...

Nero: *meditating but sences Janile is awake* Hmm...I hope she stlll isntt mad at me. *he wonders*

Janile:*she was her calm, emotionless self with no emotions of angry showing. She gotten up and walks out of his room.*Mmm...

Nero: *uses his new found powers and senses Janile is her usual emotionless self. he sighs* At least I wont have to worry*

Janile:*she goes and makes herself breakfast, not even bothering to go to Hanail's room*Hmph...*she sighs*The two pleasure each other again...*she mutter to herself.*

Nero: *sneezes as he gets a slight chill* Uhh. Janile is up. *he sighs*

Janile:*She sits down and starts eating.*

Nero: *meditating watching the weather get darker* Hmm..looks like a storms approaching.

Janile:*she sighs, finishing her food*Mmm...

Nero: *comes inside as the storm clouds cluster in the sky and thunder is heard* Looks like todayss gonna be a rainy day...*looks at the calander* And winter is approchingg too. If it keeps this up for a few days then snow is on its way too. *he looks to Janile* had a good rest?

Janile:I did... Sorry for threatening you...*she glance away a bit.*

Nero: *sighs and glances away* Its ok...I deserved it a bit for being so noisy and nosey. *smiles a bit at her*

Janile:*she sighs*If that is how you feel... So, was the book helpful?

Nero: Oh yes! Thank you again Janile. *pats her head* It helped me aslot

Janile:*she blushes*And take good extra care of sis.*she slightly narrowed her eyes at him.*

Nero: *sweatdrops as he sighs* I will. Nothing gets past you now dosent it? *pats her head, trying not to get on her bad side again*

Janile:Not when I can scent it in the air.*Narrowed her eyes slightly.*

Nero: *sighs as he looks the otherway as a sweatdrops* Yea...but I do love your sister. *pats her head* and I do love you.

Janile:*Glancing away, blushing a bit.*

Nero: *smiles and kisses her forehead* I do love you Janile. *smiles as he pats her head* So please don't get mad at me.

Janile:I only get mad because I care...*she glance to him.*...

Nero: *sighs but pats her head* I know. *smiles* Thank you.

Janile:*blushes a bit, letting him pat her head*...

Nero: *smiling and blushes a bit as he pets her* you're lucky im in control of my new power or my desires would have taken me over. And we know how that plays out.

Janile:*Blushes a tiny bit*Agree.... Thanks to my sis...

Nero: *sighs, but smiles* Thank you again Janile. *he kisses her* If you need anything than please ask me. *pats her head*

Janile:*Blushes a bit when he kisses her*...

Nero: *smiles as he pats her head* Didn't I tell you I love you. *smiles and blushes a bit*

Janile:You did...

Nero: *sighs as he pats her head* Well I'll get Hanail to go get breakfast. If you need anything than come and get me.

Janile:*she nods.*Very well... But, are you sure you should be waking Hanail up?

Nero: *looks confused* Why you say that? Shess been asleep for a while now and soon it'll be noon.

Janile:*She has a small sweatdrop*Hanail is a heavy sleeper, and with how she is right now. She is still tired and is dreaming, you might end up being in her bed by force.*She sighs*Not because of what you did, but she is dreaming about you and her together... Kinda hard not to notice that.

Nero: *sighs* I see. *sits down but smiles a bit* That girl. *sighs and looks in his pockets but notices somthingg is missing* My book. *sighs* I must have left in in you and your sister's room. *gets up*

Janile:How about I go get it?*She stands up.*

Nero: *gives a sigh of relief* Thanks Janile. *pats her head* I owe you.

Janile:*She goes into the Bedroom, getting the bed and getting out without waking Hanail. She returns to Nero*Here is the book.

Nero: Thank you. *takes the book from her and pats her head* Well I'll be in my room cleaning it up since you slept in it. *smiles a bit but sighs looking at her* I hope itss ok since I let you sleep in it.

Janile:*She blushes a tiny bit*It's fine, brother.

Nero: *smiles a bit* If you want to get anything from my room than get it now since im cleaning it and anything that isn't mine will be lost or thrown away.

Janile:Nothing of mine is in your room, so you should be fine.

Nero: Ok. *walks up stairs into his room and cleans up* Hmmm...looks like a storms approaching. *looks at his window and sees a grey hint cloud in the horizon

Ch 7: A Snow Storm? Edit

PANero: *its in the late afternoon and he's finnaly done with his room* Man, that was more messy than I thought. *sees the blizzard* good thing we gathered wood earlyer this week. *gets up* I better check up on Hanail and see if she's awake yet. *sighs but blushes a bit. He walks to her room* Hanail. Time to wake up.

Hanail:*Yawns, waking up.*Nero!*She smiles.*

Nero: *smiles and pats her head* Time to wake up. It's the afternoon and theres a blizzard outside.

Hanail:The storm woke me up.*She looks up at him, blushing a bit.*

Nero: *smiles and pats her head* Ok. Well I was just checking up on you.

Hanail:* hugs him and kisses his nose* I am glad to hear ^^

Nero: *blushes and smiles and kisess her back* Thank you my wonderful sister.

Hanail:*she blushes, returning the kiss*I really don't want to leave my room through...

Nero: *sighs as he looks at her* Hanail. *blushing a bit as he pats her head and kisses her forhead*

Hanail:*She blushes*I feel so selfish when I do this, Nero...*Hugging him close, blushing even more.*

Nero: *holds her close, blushing a bit as he nuzzles her neck* Its ok. When you're with me you can be as selfish as you want to.

Hanail:*She blushes even more, nuzzling his chest as she hugs him closer, only being in her bra and panties.*

Nero: *holds her closer as his tail wraps around her* So Hanail, *he looks deeply in her eyes* What do you desire from your older brother? *he whispers to her*

Hanail:*she blushes, her heart racing a bit as she nuzzles more into him*I just want to stay in her hold a bit longer... Just a bit longer, and maybe I'll go get dress... Don't want to keep sis waiting...

Nero: *smiles a bit as he holds here close* Yea. What a caring sister you are. *holds her closer*

Hanail:I'm also hungry... *she nuzzles him, blushing*Another reason why I just want to be in your arms...

Nero: *a bit surprised at the comment and can't help but chuckles a bit* Ok Hanail. *smiles as he nuzzles her*

Hanail:*she blushes*I don't feel like moving... It is so comfortable being in your arms, brother....

Nero: *blushing as he holds her* im glad I'm of use to you.

Hanail:*She smiles, blushing*Yea...

Nero: *holds her and nuzzles her. He blushes a bit*

Hanail:*Blushing, hugging close to him.*

Nero: *hugging her closer as he nuzzles her neck* You might want to get up now. I may lose myself again. *blushes a bit*

Hanail:*She blushes even more* but, my legs are so weak... Leaning against you just feels so good, brother...

Nero: *blushes more as he holds her closer and nuzzles her neck* Hanail. I could hold you forever but~ *he kisses her* Imm trying my best to hold back.

Hanail:*She kisses him, blushing*Okay Nero...

Nero: *kisses her back as he holds her* So, are we gonna stay here or get up my sister?

Hanail:*She sighs*I'll try to stand-*When she goes to stand, she stumbles a bit and press more against him*My legs... their so weak...

Nero: *holds her and helps her up* Are you ok Hanail!? *looks worried* You ok?

Hanail:I-I think so...*She smiles weakly.*

Nero: *sighs but holds her* Do you want me to carry you if your legs are that weak? *looks concern for her

Hanail:*Smiles weakly* I guess so... Sorry for troubling you...

Nero: No, not at all. *still looks worried* Are you sure your alright? Should I get help? *trying to help in any way possible*

Hanail:*Hugging him* Maybe I just need to eat.

Nero: *holds her and looks concerned* Ok...Illl do anything to help you

Hanail:Can you carry me...?

Nero: *picks her up and carries her close* Yes. *he looks worried but tries to hide it behind a smile*

Hanail:*She blushes, nuzzles closer to him.*...

Nero: *holds her closer and turns his face away blushing a bit* Im here for you. If you need me i'll be there. So lets head down stairs.

Hanail:R-Right.*She blushes a bit.*

Nero: *takes her down stairs and sits her on the couch* I'll give you a vitamin so you can feel better and move around. *smiles a bit and goes and gets her a vitamin and a glass of water*

Hanail:*She nods, waiting for him.*

Nero: *gives her her water and vitamen* There you go. *pats her head and smiles*

Hanail:*smiles as she takes the vitamin and drinks her water*

Nero: *pats her head and looks outside* Its really nasty outside. *sees it snowing*

Hanail:*she looks*Yea..

Nero: *sighs as he sits down next to her* I hope Dad, mom, and Froy don't come home during this weather. It's a good thing you over came your fever befor this weather came. *smiles and blushes a bit* W-We were really worried for you...especially me. *holds her close in his arms* You feel better?

Hanail:*nods*  I'm good.

Nero: *smiles a bit* Thats good. *pats her head* Well you should eat breackfast. I'll be in the library unless you need me. *kisses her forhead*

Hanail: *She nods quietly, eating slowly.*

Nero: *leaves for the library* Dad mom and Froy should be here in a few days. I better straiten up down there. *he yawns a bit and accidentally bumps into Janile

Janile: *looks to Nero* Ah, Brother, I assume Hanail is up now.

Nero: Yea. She's up. It was kinda hard getting her out of bed though. *rubs his eyes* Sorry for runnin into ya. Oh, and are you still having that annoying telepathic chat with dark gaia?

Janile: No, his having his some odd number years nap right now... And... *she exhales, but goes and kisses his lips before quickly pulling her lips away and walks to the room.* That's me saying sorry.

Nero: *blushes as his eye turns red; he smiles* It's ok Janile. *he grabs her wrist quickly and turns her around and kisses her* That's thank you for helping me out and helping Hanail. You're a really good sister and im glad I have you.

Janile: *she blushes, but returns the kiss deeply, parting it.* That is for Hanail's choice of a lover... Brother...

Nero: *kisses her back deeply and parts from it slowly* I love her with all of my heart, and I love you too as well. *he blushes a bit as his eye shines red*

Janile: *Panting a bit* And I love you, Brother... Sis' love is far more superior over mine through...

Nero: *his tail wraps around her waist and pulls her closer* I know. And I love so much. But I also love you. So I don't care if your love isn't as big as her's. I will love both of you. And I know you love me, so as your older brother, I'll cherish your love as well. *he smilesa bit and blushes; He then leans in slowly and kisses her as he holds her waist*

Janile: *She return the kiss, before whispering.* Hanail wanted to have sex with you... But is waiting till our time is over... *She kisses him more.*

Nero: *he kisses her as he holds her closer* I'll get to her soon~ but first I want you Janile. *he whispers in her ear as he sucks on her neck*

Janile: *Sighs in pleasures* Nero..~

Nero: *licks her neck and nibbles on her shoulder as his hands start to slide down her waist to her ass*

Janile: *She sighs in pleasure, her body shiver to Nero's touch*

Nero: *licks up her neck and kisses her as he grabs her ass harder while he pulls her closer to his body* Mmm~

Janile: *she gasps, her hands gently grip Nero's shoulder.* Mm~

Nero: *kisses her deeply as he pulls her closer; he pants a bit as his tail wraps around her's*

Janile: *she pants as she is press against his chest, her tail wraps around his as she slowly wrap her legs around his waist.*

Nero: *pins her against a wall as he holds her waist; one hand slides up her shirt and messes with her bra* Janile~

Janile: Nero~ *she pants, kissing his neck.*

Nero: *holds her close as his hand under neath her shirt unstraps and pulls her bra out* Janile~ *he kisses her more as he starts to get hard* I want you so much right now~ *he whispers in her ear as his hand slides down her waist and starts to rub her thighs slowly*

Janile: *She pants, gripping onto him* Then Take me Nero, Nothing is stopping you~ *she whispers.*

Nero: I'll claim you as hard as I can~ I won't be easy on you~ *breaths heavily as he pins her even closer to the wall; he love bites her neck as he pulls her shirt off and gropes her breasts roughly*

Janile: *she moans loudly, panting a bit.* Mmmm~

Nero: *licks down her neck and sucks on her breast as he nibbles on her nipple* Mmm~ *he pants heavily as he grabs her ass and pulls her closer*

Janile: *Moaning softly, her legs still wrapped arond him.* Mmm~

Nero: *kisses her passionately as he starts to unbutton her pants* I wanna be inside you Janile~ *he whispers to her as he nibbles on her ear* My body is craving for yours right now~

Janile: *Panting* As My Body craves for you Brother~ *she looks to him.*

Nero: *smerkis just before he kisses her again as his tounge wraps around her's* Janile~ *he takes off her pants and his as his dick rubs against her panties* Show me more then sister~ Show me how much you crave for me~ *he kisses her lustfully and slowly breaks the kiss as he drools a bit*

Janile: I'll show you~ *she aggressively kisses him, slipping her panties slightly off and force his dick inside her pussy, fully inside of her.* Mmm~

Nero: *kisses her aggressively as he grabs her ass and thrusts deep inside her wet pussy, roaming her against the wall* Mmm~! Your pussy is so tight~ *he whispers in her Sara's he thrusts faster inside her giving her extremely amounts of pleasure*

Janile: Mmm~ Yes~! *she loves bite his neck* Mmm~! *she starts grinding against his thrusting, moaning against his neck.*

Nero: *thusts violently as he hits even deeper inside of her; ramming her sweet spot as he pants harder* Janile~! You feel so good~ Every time I thrust inside its sucking me back in~ *he kisses her lustfully; drooling a bit*

Janile: *drooling, moaning* I love the feeling, Nero~ Mooore~! *bites hard into his neck.*

Nero: *sucks on her neck as he rams deeper inside her pussy* Mmm~! *he violently fucks her as he rubs her thighs and holds onto them; pulling himself even deeper inside her* If I go any deeper I'll be hitting your womb~ *he whispers in her ear seductively*

Janile: *she moans.* That's Fine Nero~ Go as deep as you can~! *gripping him tightly, grinding as hard and violently as she can.*

Nero: *thrusts even deeper; hitting her womb as he grabs her ass to pull himself deeper inside her; he sucks on her breast as he fucks her pussy violently* Mmm~! Janile~ *he thrusts fats r as he starts to reach his climax*

Janile: Ah~ Nero~! Ah!! *She climaxs on him, moaning loudly.*

Nero: *kisses her deeply as he thrusts one last time, filling her pussy as he releasing inside her* Janile~ *panting heavily as he holds her close*

Janile: *she pants heavily.* Nero~

Nero: *panting heavily as he holds her; he kisses her neck as he whispers in her ear* Are you ready for another round~? *he whispers tauntingly*

  • After some more fun [Couldn't think of what else to do honestly]

Janile: *Blushing a bit red.* Should take care of Sis now. She might wonder what is taking you so long.

Nero: *blushing as his eyes shine red; he smiles a bit and pats her head* Ok. *kisses her forehead before leaving* I'll get some wood later so we'll be prepared for the up coming winter storm. After I take care of Hanail.

Janile: *she sighs, getting dressed.*

-In the living room-

Hanail: *sitting on the couch.* Mmm?

Nero: *walks in brushing off his jacket as his eyes still shine red, he looks at Hanail and smiles*

Hanail: *looking to Nero, she blushes a bit red as she smiles at Nero.* Nero

Nero: *walks up to her and kisses her forehead* Hey Hanail. *his hand touches her cheek* Is there something you wand my sister.

Hanail: *she blushes even more red, looking into Nero's eyes and seem speechless.* U-Um.

Nero: *sits next to her and smiles as he pats her head* Yes Hanail? *he smiles, blushing a bit*

Hanail: *she blushes bright red.*I-I... U-Um... *She looks to him.*Yo-You did it with Janile?

Nero: *holds her close* I did. I love you and your sister. *Nero gets close to her face* As your brother all I want to do is make you two happy.

Hanail: *she gasps a little, gently kissing his lips while blushing even more.*

Nero: *kisses her back as he holds her* Hanail~. Is this what you want~? *he whispers to her* I'll do anything you ask me as long as I please you~

Hanail: *she blushes bright red.* I-I want this Nero~ *she nuzzles into him, her eyes glowing a bit.*

Nero: *kisees her more as he holds her closer* I want you as well Hanail~ I want to make you feel good

Hanail: *she pants as she kisses him* I-I want you to fi-fill me up Ne-Nero~!

Nero: *kisses her more as he pins her on the couch* I want to hear you moan as is release inside you~ *he kisses her more as he starts to unbutton her pants* I wanna see how much you want me~ *he whispers as he rubs her thigh*

Hanail: *Gasping and moans a bit.* Ne-Nero~ *she blushes red as she looks to Nero*

Nero: *kisses her neck as he slowly takes off her pants, he then holds her close as he pants heavily, looking at her blushing a bit* Hanail~ No madder how many times I do this, you always make me wanna love you even more~

Hanail: *she pants heavily, hugging him.* Oh Nero~

Nero: *pants heavily as he kisses her passionately as his hand slides down her waist and grabs her thigh* Mmm~

Hanail: *Kissing Nero deeply, hugging him close.* Mmmm~ M-Mm~ *She presses herself more into him.*

Nero: *kisses her lustfully as he bus her thigh to her ass* Mmm~ Hanail~ *his tongue wrestles with her's as one hand grabs her waist*

Hanail: *Sucking on his tongue* Nero~

Nero: *kisses her intensely as he rubs up and down her leg* Hanail~ I want you so much~ *he starts to take off his jacket*

Hanail: *Kissing him even more* Oooh Nero~ I want you inside of me~!

Nero: *sucks on her neck as he takes off her shirt* Hanail~ *he kisses her lustfully as he grabs her ass and rubs down her waist*

Hanail: Nero~ *Kissing him lustfully, blushing bright red.*

Nero: *takes off his pants and kisses her deeply as he rubs her thigh* Mmm~ Hanail~ I want to claim you over and over again~

Hanail: *Panting* Please Do Nero~

Nero: *starts to lick down her waist and slowly takes off her panties*

Hanail: *Her pussy was extremely wet and begging for him as she pants.*

Nero: *licks her thigh to her pussy* Mmm~ I'll save this for later~ *he whispers as he sucks on her neck; he grips her hips as his dick rubs against her extremely wet pussy*

Hanail: *She gasps and moans a bit, her body shiver* Oh Nero~! Mmmm~!

Nero: *love bites her neck as he thrusts deep inside her pussy; he starts to fuck her violently as he grabs her hips, pulling himself even deeper inside her* Hanail~! Im inside you~ *he whispers as he thrusts into her*

Hanail: *Moaning loudly.* Nero~! Yes~!

Nero: *thrusts deeper inside her hitting her sweet spot violently* H-Hanail~! *he rips off her bra as he sucks on her breats* Mmm~!

Hanail: *Moans loudly, drooling as she grips tightly on him* Ne-Nero~! Ah~!

Nero: *grips her waist harder as he thrusts deeper inside her, giving her even more pleasure* H-Hanil~! *he kisses her lustfully as he drools a bit as well, he thrusts faster as he fucks her harder*

Hanail: *Moaning as she grips the couch arm.* Ne-Nero~! *She moans in between the kisses.*

Nero: *fucks her aggresivly, hitting her womb as he sucks and nibbles on her breasts* Hanail~ I want to fill you up so much~ *he whispers in her ear as he starts picking up the pase, ramming her pussy violently*

Hanail: *Moaning as loud as she can* Fill me Up Nero~! Please~! Ta-Take me~!

Nero: *grabs her legs and opens them more as he thrusts even faster inside her, giving her extremely amounts of pleasure* Hanail~! I-I'm reaching my climax~! I'll fill you as I claim your body over and over again~!

Hanail: OH NERO~! *she screams his name in pleasure, drooling a bit.* Ye-YES~!

Nero: *thrusts deep inside her pussy; cuming inside her and filling her up* Hanail~ *he pants heavily holding her close as he still pups cum inside her* Can you handle more my dear sister~? *he whispers as he he breathes heavily, holding her waist and kisses her*

Hanail: *she looks to him and nods while she returns the kiss* Yes Big Brother, I can handle more~

nero: *kisses her lustfully as he grabs her ass* Do you want me to fill you here next~ *he whispers as his dick rubs against her ass*

Hanail: *she pants, blushing red.* Yes Nero, Please~

Nero: *grabs her hips and starts fucking her ass hard; he thrusts aggressively as he fingers her pussy at the same time* I want you to scram Hanail~ I want you to want nothing but my love flowing inside you~

Hanail: *she moans loudly* Ye-Yes Nero~ Mo-More~!

Nero: *thrusts even deeper and harder in her ass as he love bites her neck; he spreads her legs out more as he thrusts even deepr* H-Hanail~! Y-You're so tight~! I want to cum inside you so bad~ *he grabs her breast and pulls himself deeper inside her*

Hanail: *she archs her back as she was screaming* NERO~! YES~! DO-DON'T STOP~!

Nero: *thrusts violently in her ass as he grips her breast harder* Hanail~! More~! I want to hear more so I can release inside your ass~! *he thrusts faster and aggressively as he fucks her ass* Show me more so I can cum inside~!

Hanail: *she keeps screaming* I'm Yours Nero~! I'm No one elses~! F-Fill me Up, Please Nero~!

Nero: *fucks her ass violently and faster* I-I'm gonna-! *he grabs her waist and pulls himself deep inside her ass and cums inside* T-That felt amazing~ *he pants heavily as he still releases inside her ass*

Hanail: *Blushing as she pants, looking up at him* It-It was amazing Nero~

Nero: *holding her close as he pants heavily* Hanail~ I never want to stop making love to you~ *he holds her closer panting*

Hanail: *hugging close to him* I want you to never stop making love to me as well, Nero~

Nero: *holding her closer as he breaths heavily* I never will~ I'll claim you over and over until you're compleatly filled~ *he whispers to her*

Hanail: *she gasps a little* Oh Nero~ *she kisses his neck, panting a bit.* Please do that~ M-Make me yours~ Take me however you like, I'll always love it~

Nero: *kisses her lustfully as he gropes one of her breast* Hanail~ I want to hear more of your sweet moans as I claim you~ *he starts to her hard again as he sucks on her neck*

Hanail:Ah~ *She moans, hugging Nero close.*

Nero: *sucks on her neck as he rubs his hard dick against her pussy* Mmm~ *he nibbles on he ear and blows in it as her gropes her breasts*

Hanail: Aaa~ *she moans even more, drooling a little.*

Nero: *kisses her, licking her drool as he rubs more against her pussy* Hanail~ Mmm~

Hanail: *Moans against his lips* Nero~

Nero: *kisses her lustfully as his hands slide in between her legs and open her up* Hanail~ Does your body want me that much~? *he teases as he whispers in her ear*

Hanail:Ah~! *she archs her back as her pussy was extremely wet.* Ye-Yes Nero~!

Nero: *teases her pussy more as he gropes her breasts* I want your pussy to beg or more~ I want to claim you at your peek~ *he whispers in her ear and sucks her neck up to her lower jaw*

Hanail: *She moans even more as she gets even wet.*

Nero: *kisses her lustfully as his tongue wrestles hers* Hanail~ Your so wet~ *he opens her legs wide as he thrusts violently, bringing her pleasure and lust*

Hanail: AH~! Oh Nero~!

Nero: *thrusts deeper and harder as he barbs her ass, bringing himself deeper inside her* H-Hanail~ You feel so good~ *he whispers in her ear as he opens her legs wider and fucks her faster*

Hanail: *she moans loudily.* OH Yes Nero~! Ye-Yes~! *she archs her back to bring him in deeper inside of her.* So-Sooo Good~!

Nero: *thrusts deeper and faster as he grabs her ass harder* Mmm~!! *he kisses her lustfully as he licks her neck and nibbles on her ear* Hanail~ I cant resist your body~ *he kisses her more as he thrusts even deeper; he hits her sweet spot violently* Making love to you feels soooo good~!

Hanail: A-Ah~! Aaaah~! Oh Yes Nero~! Ha-Harder~! *she moans louder, spreading her legs out more for him as she grips his shoulders.* Fa-Faster~! *she archs her back a bit.* Fo-Forceable make love to me Nero~!

Nero: *sucks on ur neck as he nibbles it a bit* H-Hanail~! Your body is soo tight~ I want to fill you~! *he thrusts violently, hitting her sweet spot repeatedly as he goes deeper* H-Hanail~! Wrap your legs around me~ I want to make love like this all the time with you~ Your love and body are mine, and my love and body is your's~ *he whispers in her ear as he fucks her aggressively as he fingers her ass*

Hanail: AH~♥ *She wraps her legs around his waist and her eyss both glow bright gold* Yes Nero~♥

Nero: *thrusts faster hitting her womb as he releases a bit each time he enters her pussy* Hanail~! Mm~! *kisses her pasionaty and lustfully as he Rams her wet pussy* Hanail~ Your body is begging me to fill you up~! *he fingers her ass harder as he thrusts faster* Hanail~! I want to make you feel so good that you'll won't let go after I claim you~!

Hanail: *She grips tighter on him, moaning loudly.* Oooh Yes Nero~! Fi-Fill Me~! Cl-Claim me~! *Her body shivers and she arches her back as she moans even more louder.*

Nero: H-Hanail~! *fucks her pussy violently as she moans* I'm gonna cum~! *he pants heavily as he Rams her pussy* I' Gonna Claim Your Body~! *he thrusts in anod cums inside her; filling her up with his cum* H-Hanail~ A-Are you over flowing with my love~ *he holds her close as he kisses her*

Hanail: *Panting heavily, kissing him* Yes Nero~! *kissing him even more, gripping him tighter.*

Nero: *holds her closes as he kisses her* A-Are you finnaly satisfied now my sister~? *he nuzzles her as his tail wraps around them*

Hanail: *she pants heavily, hugging Nero* O-Only if you are Br-Brother~

Nero: *panting as he holds her* I've already claimed you 3 times, do you really think you can handle a fourth?~

Hanail: *she blushes a bit, panting* I believe I can, but Me believing doesn't match my body sometimes.

Nero: Panting as he holds her* Than we'll just have to wait later tonight~ *he nuzzles her* Its going to be snowing and I need someone to warm me up tonight~ *he whispers as he nuzzles her neck*

Hanail: *she blushes a bit more, but smiles at Nero* Al-Alright~

Nero: *holds her close as he nuzzles her* Hanail~ *he holds her as the snow falls*

*Later on in the day

Nero: *putting on snow gear* looks like we need fire wood.

Hanail: *sleeping on the couch with a much of blankets.*

Janile: *glance over.* Be careful brother.

Nero: I will. *he goes out side and starts choping* Man it's cold out here.

Janile: *warm up Hanail.*

Nero: *gathering wood as the snow falls down harder; he picks it up and walks back to the house; its late now and the storm rages on* Man it's nasty out there. *hears the phone ring and answers it* Hello?

-On the line: Hey buddy! It's me! Theroy!

Nero: *hangs up but is called again and answers* What do you want *sounds annoyed*

Theroy: Dang man. Hostel much? Any way I'm just letting ha know that your folks are staying with us for a few days and will be there next Saturday.

Nero: Ok. Is that it?

Theroy: *chuccles* Tell your lovely sisters they're beautiful and I love th-*Nero cuts him off as his nerves pop out*

Nero: Damn that mongoose. *sets up the fire in the living room as night falls*

Janile: *looks to Nero*Mm?

Hanail: *sleeping.*

Nero: *sitting next to the fire place* Mmm...*smiles a bit as the flames heat up the house*

Hanail: *sits up and yawns*Mmm...

Nero: *smiles as he warms up* I wonder if Hanail is up yet....*he soon is reminded by the phone call and sighs a bit* So they'll be back soon. *he also remembers Theroy and starts to get a bit aggrivated* Damn Mongoose.

Hanail: *she gets up and goes to Nero* Nero?

Nero: I'm fine.

Hanail: *she goes to Nero and nuzzles into him*...

Nero: *nuzzles her back* Mom, Dad, and Froy will be home next week. *he nuzzles her more*

Hanail: *hugging Nero, nuzzling him* Sad... Meaning we'll hardly get our time together, Nero...

Nero: *nuzzles her as he holds her hand as she hugs him* I know. But I'll still spend time with you. Mom and Dad will understand. *he nuzzles her neck as his tail wags a bit* But still, until then I want to spend my time with you.

Hanail: *Her left eye glows a bit as she gets onto his lap as she kisses his lips* I want to spend with you forever, Nero~

Nero: *kisses her lips as his eyes start to glow red; he grabs her ass as he stares in her eyes* I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and your sister *he kisses down her neck* I want to have you in my arms all the time~

Hanail: *she keeps kissing him as she strips her shirt off for him.*Mm~

Nero: *kisses and sucks on her neck as he takes his jacket off* Mmm~ *he grabs her ass harder, squeezing it as he sucks on her neck*

Hanail: *Panting a bit, has she was only wearing her panties as she grips his head gently.* Mmm~

Nero: *nibbles on her neck as he grabs her ass harder* Mmm~ *he takes off his pants and starts to pull at her panties*

Hanail: *Moaning a bit, gripping onto Nero as she pants heavily.* Mmm~

Nero: *sucks and nibbles on her neck and under her chin as he slowly takes off her panties* Mmm~ *he rubs his hard dick against her pussy as he ropes her ass* I want to fill you up~ *he whispers in her ear as h gropes and shapes her ass*

Hanail: *Moaning a bit more, leaning into Nero as she grips onto him, her pussy was extremely wet.* Aaaa~ Ta-Take me Nero~!

Nero: *grabs her ass as he slaps it and rubs her body against his dick* More Hanail~ I want you to want me more~ I want your body to feel perfect bliss when I make love to you~ *he whispers in her ear* Show me more on why you want me inside you~

Hanail: *Moaning even more, blushing bright red.*Ooh Nero~! *She rubs herself against his dick* Take me~ Please~ *She press more against Nero, gasping a bit.*

Nero: *kisses her lustfully as he pins her against the wall and penetrates her pussy* Mmm~!

Hanail: *Moans in the kiss, kissing him lustfull as she brings her legs over his shoulders.* Mooore Nero~! Fa-Faster~!

Nero: *kisses her lustfully as he fucks her faster and harder, griping her hips as he pulls himself deeper inside her* H-Hanail~ More~ Give me more~

Hanail: *Moaning, gripping tightly on Nero as she try to pull him deeper inside her as well* Oooh Nero~ Do-Don't stop~! Keep Going~! I-I do-Don't want it to end~!

Nero: *thrusts deeper as he sucks on her neck* H-Hanail~! *he fucks her harder as he hits her sweat spot* I-I'm going to fill you're body so much~! *he pants harder as he fucks her aggressively, hitting her womb as he penetrates her deeper*

Hanail: *she archs her back fully, moaning loudly as she drools a bit.* Oooh Nero~! Ye-Yes~! Sh-Show no Mer-Mercy o-on my body~! Aaa~!

Nero: *fucks her agresivly and Faster as he cums a bit* H-Hanail~! Your body is begging for me~! Your pussy is sucking me back in deeper every time i thrust~! *he kisses her lustfully, drooling a bit as his rounded wrestls hers* My body wants to cum inside you right now~ *he whispers in her ear as he starts to thrusts even faster, giving her even more pleasure and lust*

Hanail: *Kissing him aggresstively.* Ne-Nero~! Do-Don't Stop Pl-Please~! *Gripping onto him even more.* I-I don't wa-want it to en-end~! *she moans, almost screaming in pleasure.*

Nero: *thrusts violently as he gives her even more pleasure* Yes Hanail~! Your Body is Screaming fo me~ *he kisses he as gets close; he fucks her deeper.

Hanail: *Kissing him lustfully and agresstively, gripping tightly on him as her screams are muffe in the kiss.*

Nero: *Thrusts deeper as he hits her sweet spot repeatedly* H-Hanail~! I'm Gonan~! *he grips her tightly as he love bites her neck, cumming deep inside her pussy* H-Hanail~

Hanail: *she arches her back.* Nero~!

Nero: *panting heavily as he holds her close* H-Hanail~ *he holds her closer as his tail wraps around her waist* Lets take this to my room for the rest of the night~

Hanail: *she blushes, looking at Nero as she smiles* Ye-Yea~ *Her gold eye keeps glowing.*

Nero: *carries her upstairs as he kisses her passionatly* Hanail~ All I want is your love~ He kisses her neck as he pins her against the door* S-Sorry if I'm being impatient~

Hanail: *pants, her left eye glowing brighter.* I-I don't mind Nero~ I'm im-Impatient too~

Nero: *panting harder as he opens the door* I want to be inside you right now~ *he whispers before he French kisses her* Hanail~ Let me claim you~ I want to see you beg for more~ *he whispers in her ear as he pins her on his bed*

Hanail: *she pants as she grips onto him, her left eye glows bright yellow.* Oh Nero~ Please Claim~ *Kissing him* I-I want you to claim me please~

Nero: H-Hanail~ *he kisses her aggressively as his hand rubs down her waist* I want to fill you hanail~ I want to send shivers of pure pleasure down your spine~ *he kisses her more as his tongue wrestls her's*

Hanail: *Panting heavily, kissing him as she grips onto him* MMm~

Nero: *kisses her intensely as he sucks on her tongue* H-Hanail~ *he opens her legs slowly as his hand slides down her body*

Hanail: *Kissing him even more, panting* Nero~ Ma-Make love to m-me~ Ne-Neverending love~ Make my body beg till it can't beg anymore~

Nero: *kisses her more as his tounge wrestles her's; his hands slide down her thighs up to her waist.* Hanail~ *he kisses her aggressively as he slowly inserts his dick inside her* Your body feels so good~ *he thrusts in and out as he sucks on her neck*

Hanail: *she moans in the kiss as she keeps kissing him, her tongue wrestles with his in return.* Mmm~

Nero: *kisses her passionately as he holds her close, he thrusts deeper as she moans* H-Hanail~ *he thrusts faster as he grips her hips*

Hanail: Nero~ *she kisses him passionately in return, hugging Nero close to her body as she wanted him deeper.*

Nero: *picks up the pace as he thrusts aggressively* H-Hanail~! *he sucks on her neck as he pins her down, thrusting faster as he pleasures her body*

Hanail: *she archs her back as she moans loudly* Ah Nero~! Ye-Yes~!

Nero: *he fucks her aggressively as he sucks on her breasts* Hanail~! M-More~! *he sucks and nibbles on her nipples as he opens her legs wider*

Hanail: *she moans louder as she still archs her back* Oh Nero~!

Nero: *he fucks her deeper and violently as he cums a bit every time he enters her her body* H-Hanail~! *he fucks her even faster, hitting her sweat spot as he grabs and fingers her ass* I want all the lust from your body~ * he whispers in her ear as he thrusts deep into her womb* I want even more of your love Hanail~! *he breaths and pants heavily as he kisses her lustfuly, licking her drool as his eyes shine blood red*

Hanail: *she moans as loud as she can* Oh Yes Nero~! *she archs her back as much as she can, gripping onto Nero in extreme pleasure as she drools. She kisses him lustfully as her eyes glow bright gold.*

Nero: fucks her even deeper and faster as he causes her body to shiver from pleasure* H-Hanail~! More~! Just a bit more~! I want to cum inside you so much right now, to fill you~! *he licks her drool as he kisses her even more, hardly taking breaths as his tongue wrestles her's* More Hanail~! *he fucks her even deeper into his sister as he gopes her ass, bringing him inside her further*

Hanail: *Kissing him even more, panting* Oh Yes Nero~! Ta-Take me! Make me yours~! *she grips tightly on him, trying to pull him deeper into her.* Ta-Take all you want~! I-I'm only yours~!

Nero: Hanail~! I-Im Cuming~! *he fucks her intensly as he releases deep inside her; gabing her ass pulling himself deep inside her as he fills her body* H-Hanail~ I-If I keep making love to you one day you may bear a child~ *he pants heavily, blushing as he kisses her lustfully and pulls away as drool parts from their tongues*

Hanail: *Panting, she wrap her legs to keep him inside of her as she kisses him even more lustfully* I wouldn't mind Ne-nero~ I would bear your child~ *she keeps kissing him as she pants, blushing a bit as she drools a bit* I'll even bear as many as you want Nero~

Nero: *his eyes shine intensly as he starts to get even harder than before* Than let me fill and claim your pussy as many times as I can~ I want you to always beg for the feeling of me inside you~ *he whispers in her ear as he kisses her intensly, panting as he licks her drool*

Hanail: *she wrap her arms around his neck, kissing him even more* Of Course Nero~! I'm forever Yours~ *She pants even more as she sucks on his tongue.*~

Nero: *grips her hips tightly as he imediatly starts fucking her wet pussy, he kisses her even more as he drools a bit* I want all of your body~! *he kisses her evn more intenly as he fucks her deeper, slaming into her sweatspot and womb*

Hanail: AH~! Nero~! *She arches her back, leaning back as she moans loudly in pleasure.* My Body is yours Nero~!

Nero: *fucks her deeper and intensely as he sucks on her neck; he thrusts himself inside of her faster as she moans* Mmm~! Hanail~! Your body-It feels so good~! *he kisses her lustfully, sucking on he tongue as he opens her legs wider* M-More~! Mmm~!

Hanail: Aaa~! *she moans louder, gripping onto Nero*

Nero: *thrusts even deeper as he love bites her neck; opening her legs as he fully claims her body* H-Hanail~! I'm reaching my limit~! *he pants harder as he claims her body for himself; inserting himself deeper inside her body*

Hanail: *she moans* Nero~!

Nero: *he thrusts faster and deeper as he kisses her even more* Mmm~! H-Hanail~! *he releases inside her, claiming her body*

Hanail: *Kissing him deeply, panting as she parts* A-Aa...~

Nero: *panting heavily as he holds her close, nuzzling he neck* Hanail~ How was that~

Hanail: *Panting as she nuzzles into him.* Good Nero~ Mm~

Nero: *panting hard as he holds her close* Let me take you one last time before night ends~ I want to love you all through the night my lovely sister~ *he licks her neck* That's if your body can handle it~

Hanail: *she moans a bit, drooling a little from her brother licking her neck while her body shivers. She pants and hugs him* M-My body can't resist you my brother~! Ta-Take me as much as yo-you want Brother, my-my body can handle anything~ Aaa~

Nero: *he licks up her neck; licking her drool and kisses her intensely, hardly taking a breath* H-Hanail~ Let me take you from behind~ *her whispers in her ear in a lustful way as her body shivers*

Hanail: *Panting heavily, blushing as her body shivers in more of pleasure.* Take me however you like brother~ I can never deny you, Nero~

Nero: *he turns her around as he spreads her legs appart* H-Hanail~ *panting heavily as he kisses the back of her neck, his dick rubs against her ass as his hands slide down her waist*

Hanail: *she gasps as she gently grips the bedsheets, ready for him fully.* Nero~ Take me~

Nero: *he grabs her hips as he thrusts into her ass* Mmm~! Y-Your so tight~ *he fucks her harder as he pulls himself deeper inside of her* H-Hanail~!

Hanail: *she moans loudly in pleasure.* Oh Yes Nero~ S-So Deep inside me Brother~! *she grips on the bedsheets tighter, her eyes glow bright gold but her left eye was slightly turning lavander.*

Nero: *fucks her ass harder and deeper as he gives her even more pleasure; he grips her waist harder as he nobles on her ear* Hanail~! Your Ass~ I want to release deep inside~! *he spreads her leads even more as he fucks her intensely*

Hanail: *She moans loudly, gripping tighter on the bedsheets* You May Nero~! *Her eye glows lavannder as she was feeling extreme pleasure from Nero.*

Nero: *fucks her intensely and deeper as she moans* More~! I wanna cum inside you so bad Hanail~! Your so tight it keeps pulling me in~! *he grabs her breasts as he thrusts aggressively; he nibbles on the back of her shoulder as she moans even more*

Hanail: *she moans as loud as she can.* Oh Nero~! I'm Yours forever~! Cu-Cum inside of me Nero~ Aaa~

Nero: *pulls himself all the way inside her ass as he grabs her breasts* H-Hanail~! *he cums inside her, filling her ass with semen deep inside her* H-Hanail~ *he pants heavily, still holding on to her as he releases* Now your fully claimed tonight~ *panting heavily as his eyes start to turn back to normal*

Hanail: *she pants heavily, her eyes started to go back to normal as she was blushing red.* Mmm...~

Nero: *holds her close as he nuzzles her in the bed* Hanail~. *he holds her as he nuzzles her neck* Im tired, I've been claiming you all night. Let's sleep. Tomorrow is a new day for me to love you. *he smiles a bit*

Hanail: *she pants a bit, nodding* Right Nero~ *she nuzzles into him.*

Ch 6: A Clown and the Truth Edit

*the next morning

Nero: *yawns and moves the covers seeing Hanail on his chest; He smiles a bit as he gentility touches her face* Hanail. *he pats her head*

Hanail: *sleeping, but open her eyes.* Mm...?

Nero: *pats her head* You awake Hanail? *nuzzles her*

Hanail: *glance up to Nero, smiling a little* Ye-Yea...

Nero: *nuzzels her and kisses her forhead*

Hanail: *Giggles a little, yawning a bit.*

Nero: *nuzzels her as he holds her* Had a good night's sleep?

Hanail: *she smiles a bit, nodding* You?

Nero: Yes, I did. *he kisses her and nuzzles her* As you said, you wanted to be with me every night- *hears a knock at the door* Who could that be so early-


Nero: *looks I'll with disgust* Theroy!

Hanail: *she gasps a little bit, blushing a tiny bit as she looks to Nero.*

Nero: *gets out of bed* What's that nuisance doing here. *he sighs but smiles a bit since they are childhood friends* Well. Let's let in our guests.

Hanail: *she looks to Nero* I-I'll need to get dressed.

Nero: Ok. *kisses her forehead and gets dressed as he heads down stairs*

Theroy: Nero! Nero! Nero! Nero! *knocking on the door while being annoying* Tinane, why is he so slow. *gets a bit irritated and sees a window open* I found a way in! *smiles*

Tinane: Brother, I think you need to wait along with me. *she has a small sweatdrop*

Hanail: *she gets dressed.*

Theroy: Nothing shall stop me! *climbs the house and enters through the window into Nero's room* Oh Dark one? *starts snooping*

Hanail:EEEEEEK! *She throws a pillow right in Theroy's face as she wasn't full finished*OUT! OUT!

Tinane: *she sighs* I told you Brother...

Nero: Hanail! *runs up stairs to see why she screamed*

Theory: H-HANAIL!? *falls out the window and lands right back next to Tinane on his back* Damn that hurrt!

Hanail: *she sniffles a little, covering herself* Per-Perv! *she starts finishing up getting dressed.*

Tinane: *she walks to Theory* What did I tell you brother?

Theroy: *gets up and looks ember raised a nod upset* HOW WAS I SUPOST TO KNOW SHE WAS IN HIS ROOM! AND WHY WAS SHE CHANGING!? *he rubs his back* There's something going on. And I'm gonna get to the bottom of it, of my name isn't Theroy Punch jr!

Nero: *opens the door and checks on Hanail* ARE YOU OK!? *sees her changing and turns away* I-I'm sorry for not checking to see if you were already dressed...

Hanail: *she finishes getting dressed.* The-Theroy came in through you-your window. *she sniffles.*

Tinane: Maybe Hanail was just frighten and stay with her olderbrother, I mean- her sister sometimes doesn't share the bed. I know this from having a sleepover.

Nero: WHAT!?! *he looks furious* Hanail. When you get dressed please let Tinane in. I'll Handel the nuisance.

Theroy: Still! Tinane, she was changing in his room and there was a smell that didn't seem right. *he nods folding his arms; he looks up and sees a shadowy figure jump from the window* Nero? *he lands right on top of him causing a dust cloud*

Hanail: *she was done getting dressed, going out of his room once she has scented herself. She goes to the front door and opens it.* Tinane?

Tinane: *she goes to Hanail, smiling* Oh, Hi Hanail, sorry for my brother.

Hanail: *she smiles* It's... Alrigtht Tinane, come in.

Theroy: *doging Nero's jabs* Hey! Hey! Nero, calm down!

Nero: You peeped on my little sister! *he growls as he sumons his wepons*

Theroy: Accident buddy. *sweat drops but he smiles* I'll just have to beat the truth into ya! *he pulls out his knife* Gear one! *the two end up brawling in the front yard*

Tanile: *She, oddly enough, steps into the middle as she had been trainiing in secret, her hands glows*Stop. *she spoke coldly.*

Hanail and Tinane: *Inside, having breakfast.*

Nero and Theroy: *stops as Nero holds Theroy's tail, about to punch him in the face while Theroy charges a fist as he gets ready to bite Nero's leg* O-Ok.


Theroy: *sitting next to Tinane pouting*

Nero: *sitting next to Hanail with his head turned with a ticked look*

Janile: *glaring at both Nero and Theroy.*

Tinane: *eating her breakfast happily*

Hanail: *she sighs as she looks to Nero*

Theory: *finnaly cracks as he holds his head in shame and stands up* I'm sorry Hanail. T-That was unintentional and I'm truly sorry. And I'm sorry for our squabble Nero.

Nero: *turns around, sighs but smiles a bit* You've grown up Theroy. I remember when you'll just rather take punishment that say sorry. *he gets up* I too am sorry. It was a misunderstanding and you apologized to Hanail. Thank you.

Theory: *smiles and sits down* Thanks!

Nero: *sits down* You happy now Janile?

Janile: If you can state I'm happy, then yes. *she blinks*

Hanail: *she smiles at both of them.*

Theroy: Anyway, me and Tiname have a message from your dad and mine. They said they'll be doing missions for the council soon so there's something that's coming up. Anyway, it means that things like this will happen often. *startes at them* And now to the other subject at hand, what are y'all doing here all by y'all's selves?

Janile: Taking care of each other, why do you ask?

Tinane: Theory, I think it is their personal family matters, not ours.

Theroy: But that smell! You can't deny it sis. They're hiding something from us.

Tinane: So? It is their business.

Janile: *she looks to Nero and Hanail*

Theroy: *pouts* Fine fine, I get it sis. Well, let's head out. *starts to leave*

Tinane: *she bows to them* Sorry for my Brother, anyway, I hope you three have a nice day. *she goes to follow Theroy.*

Janile: *she looks to hanail and Nero*Mmm...

Nero: Theroy soon will know what's up...soon *he gets up and stretches* Anyway, Who will help me clean the kitchen. Whoever will do it with me will get special treat~

Hanail: *she blushes red as she looks to Nero*I-I'll help!

Janile: *she sighs a little bit* Let's keep it to being only one of us you do, Brother, well be a longer time for them to notice then.

Nero: If you say so. But when our parents come I dont intend of hiding it. I love Hanail and you. Nothing will change that. *smiles a bit as he walks over to her and kisses her forehead*

Janile: I understood, I meant the clown and his sister mostly.

Hanail: *blushing as she smiles at Nero.*

Nero: Ok. *smiles as he walks into the kitchen* You gonna help me Hanail? *his left eye shines a bit as he walks off with his hands him his pockets*

Hanail: *she blushes a bit* Of course Nero *she follows after Nero.*

Nero: *putting up pans* I'm sorry Theroy did that Hanail. *he stops and hugs her from behind* I'll make sure it'll never happen again

Hanail: *blushes a little, nuzzling into him* I know that, Nero. I'm glad I'm with you.

Nero: *nuzzles her as his eye glows red* I am too Hanail. *he holds her closer as he breaths on her neck* That's why I can't resist you, no madder how hard i try. *nuzzles her as one hand slides down her waist, the other towards her chest*

Hanail: *she gasps a little* I could never resist nor deny you Nero~

Nero: Hanail~ *holds her closer as he kisses her neck and holds her close* You're forever mine, and I'm forever your's~ *his eyes shine brightly*

Hanail: *her eyes shine brightly as well* Oh Yes Nero~

Nero: Hanail~ *whispers in her ear as his tail wraps around her thigh* So~ What shall we do sister~ *he whispers as he kisses her neck*


Theroy: *hidding in the woods* I shall find the truth dear sister! *smerks like an idiot*

Janile: *Walking around, hunting as she sniffs*Mm... I smell something that shouldn't be here...

Theroy: *hidding* do I get inside? Mmm....*sees Janile and quickly hides, trying not to get seen* why is she out here?

Janile: Ah, a deer... *she mutters, having a hunting weapon ready as she fires, killing the deer* Should be good for some weeks... You know, Theroy, hard to hide from me... *she stated bluntly.*

Theroy: *falls out a tree* Shit! *hops out* How did ya know I was here? *pulling leaves from his furr*

Janile: I hunt these woods for food, Theroy. So, you fail to hide among the very scents of the woods.

Theroy: *sighs* I'm not leaving tell someone tells me the truth! *smerks as he blitz it to the entrance of the Darkenson household *

Janile: *she sighs* You will truly regert such words once you truly knows... *She stated coldly.*

Theory: *smerks* Yea right? *stops and looks at her* Man and the others are all worried and we wanted to make sure you guys were ok. We're childhood friends and we all are really close but you guys still don't trust us. *folds his arms*

Janile: Oh no, I understand you and the others care. *she looks to him* We may seem untrusting of others due to lack of emotions... Hanail as much Trust in you and the others as Friends but... This matter you are about to shove your nose may change your own... Sight of what you think of Nero and Hanail mainly... *she close her eyes* Of course, it was sudden...

Theroy: So...Nero...and Hanail...sudde...-OHHH! *tilts his head and smiles* Did Nero finnaly come out of his densce shell and confess to you two? *smiles* As his number one friend and misfortune I know a lot about him even when he dosent tell enyone. *smiles brightly* Is that what he's hidding from us?

Janile: More like a new found power in him suddenly unleashed, but you could say Hanail confess to Nero as well. He has confess to me, but I'm not as hugely... Interested as Hanail is.

Theroy: *a sweatdrops* I-I see. She always did love her older brother. *he dusts himself off as he walks towards her, leaving* That's truly all I want to know. A Clown like me doesn't get a lot of things but I always like the truth. Especially from my dear friends. *starts to leave*


Nero: *nuzzling Hanail as he holds her cloase* Hanail, what shall I do with you~,

Hanail: *she blushes a bit* Anything you want, Nero~

Nero: *nuzzling her more as he kisses her cheek down to her neck* Hanail~ Your my everything~ So let me again show you~ *he whispers to her as his eye shines brightly*

Hanail: *she gasps softly* Oh you can show me whenever you want, Nero~ I'll always be yours~

Nero: *holds her close as he kisses her neck* Hanail~ I want you so much~ *he sucks order neath her chin* I don't care how many times or where we do it, I want it to be with you~ *his hand starts to rub in between her legs*

Hanail: *moans* Ooh Nero~ Ye-Yes~ *Her legs shivers as she becomes wet.*

Nero: *kisses her as he rubs more, his hand slides down her pants and rub her panties* You're already wet Hanail~ Do you want even more~? *he kisses her lustfully as his body rubs closer to her's*

Hanail: *panting and moaning* Yes Nero~!

Nero: *turns her around as kisses her passionately* H-Hanail~ *he picks her up and puts her on the counter as he kisses her neck* Mmm~

Hanail: *Moaning a bit* Mm~

Nero: *kissets her intensely as his hands slide down her waist and tug at her pants* H-Hanail~ You're all mine~

Hanail: *Kissing him even more* I am Nero~

Nero: *kisses her lustfully as he starts to pull down her pants; he starts to lick down her neck* Hanail~ I want more of you~ *he lucks up her leg and kisses her thigh*

Hanail: Aaa~ *she moans and gasps as she archs her back.*

Nero: *sucks on her thigh as he rubs the other, opening her legs wider* Mmm~ I wonder how good you taste Hanail~ *he kisses her panties as he rubs her thighs*

Hanail: *she moans, her pussy becoming even more wet.*

Nero: *kisses her panties more as she mans* Hanail~ *he slowly pulls down her panties as he sprees her legs wider*

Hanail: *she moans loudly* Nero~!

Nero: *licks her wet pussy as he rubs her thighs* Mmm~ *he starts to suck as he grabs her hips, bringing himself closer*

Hanail: *moaning loudly, arching her back* Nero~

Nero: *sucks more as his tonge swirls around; he brings himself deeper inside her as he rubs inbetween her thighs* Mmmm~ Hanail~ Don't hold back~ Release when your cant take anymore~ *he states and then carries on to lick her wet pussy*

Hanail: Aaaa~ Ne-Nero~! *she moans as loudly as she can, getting close to releasing.*

Nero: *his tongue penitrates deeper, licking around as he sucks* Mmmm~ *he rubs her thighs even more as he pulls her closer* H-Hanail~ *sucking even more*

Hanail: I-I'm Cumming Nero~! *She moans loudly as she releases, blushing bright red.*

Nero: *licks it up and sucks on her neck* Hanail~ You taste so good~ *he sucks on her neckas he starts to take off her shirt* I want to release inside you so bad~ *he whsipers in her ear as he starts to take of his pants* Show me Hanail~ Show me you want even more~

Hanail: Ooooh Nero~ *she drools a bit as her legs shake a bit.* Oh Please Nero~ *She pants as she becomes more wet.*

Nero: *rubs his hard dick aginst her wet pussy* Hanail~ *he tases her a bit as he licks her drool*

Hanail: *Panting, drooling even more* Please Nero~ Take me~ *Her legs shiver and termble even more as she becomes extremely wet against his dick.*

Nero: *panting heavily as he kisses her lustfully, licking her drool* Hanail~ More~ Show me even more~ *his dick rubs even more against her wet pussy as he gropes her breasts* I want your body to crave me even more H-Hanail~ I want you to fully give in to our forbidden lust~ *he kisses her intensely as her body shives*

Hanail: *Kissing him intensely in return, her legs suddenly wrap around his waist to pull him closer to her as she becomes even more wet and termbling a lot.* ~

Nero: *kisses her lustfully as he sucks on her tongue* Mmm~ Hanail~ *he opens her legs wide exposing her wet pussy* I want to make so much love with you that your legs wont let go of me inside you~ *he whispers as he slowly penetrates Hanail, teasing her body as he rubs down her thighs*

Hanail: *she gasps and moans* Oh Yes Nero~! Ne-Nero~ A-Aaa~

Nero: *pants heavily as he thrusts deep inside her* H-Hanail~ *he sucks on her neck as he fucks her faster*

Hanail: *she moan loudly, arching her back.* Ne-Nero~

Nero: *he holds her closer as he fucks her on the counter top* H-Hanail~ More~ Give me more of your love~ *he kisses her lustfilly as he penetrates deeper inside her* I want to claim you over and overs again~ *he grabs her hips as thrusts faster and harder, giving her even more pleasure as his tail thrashes*

Hanail: OH Yes Nero~! *she puts a leg over his shoulder as the other open more for him to thrust into her as she moans loudly, kissing him hard as she arches her back even more. Her pussy was soaking wet as he penetrates her*MMm~!

Nero: Hanail~! *he thrusts aggressively and deeper as he rams her sweet spot* Hanail~ Y-Your body feels so good~ Mmm~! *he kisses her intensely, hardly taking a breath as his tongue swirls around in her mouth* M-Mmm~ H-Hanail~! *he fucks her rapidly and intensely making her body shiver in extreme pleasure*

Hanail: *Kissing him lustfully and intensely as she grips tightly onto the counter as she moans.* Nero~! Nero Oh Yes~! Ne-Nero~! Ah~! *Her left eye glows brightly while her body just trembles in extremely pleasure.*

Nero: *thruats intensely inside her as he cums a bit* H-Hanail~ I want to release inside you~ *he fucks her intensely as she moans loudly* Let me fill your pussy~ Every time you moan it drives me crazy~ *he kisses her lustfuly drooling a bit as he holds her leg up, fucking even deeper inside her pussy* Hanail~ Beg me~ Beg me for more~ I want to give you all of my love~ *he nibbles on her ear*

Hanail: *she gasps and Moans* Oh Nero~! *she near screams his name* Please~! Mo-More Nero~! More~! Do-Don't Stop~! *she arches her back fully, close to releasing as she screams his name in pleasure.*

Nero: *fucks her intensely, hitting her sweet spot repeatedly; causing her to moan and gasp loudly out of pure pleasure* Hanail~! *he kisses her as his dick rams her extreamly wet pussy* I-I'm Coming~! *he fucks her aggressively as he cums inside her, filling her pussy as he breaths heavily* H-Hanail~ *he kisses her intencely as he still releases inside of her* H-Hanail~ You may get pregnate after today~ I won't hold back and I want your love~ *he whispers in her ear*

Hanail: *she moans as she also releases, kissing him* I don't mind Nero~ I-I'll be pr-pregnate with you-your kids~ *she whispers back at him, panting heavily.*

Nero: *panting heavily as his eyes shine bright red* Than you dont mind if I keep cuming inside you~ *he whispers as he picks her up, opening her legs* Hanail~ my body still wants you~, it wants to fill you deep inside~!

Hanail: *Panting heavily as her eyes shine bright pink in response to his bright red eyes* I don't mind at all Brother~ Fill me fully Nero~ *She whispers lustfully and sexily* Fill me till you can't fill me anymore, no matter what my body says~ *She licks and sucks his ear, blushing a bit as she move her hands down and opens herself more as he open her legs.* Take me Nero~ Punish your Dear horny sister~

Nero: *looses himself as he emediatly Rams his dick inside her, holding her up as he fucks her aggresivly* Yes Hanail~ I want to claim your horny body~! I want your body to buckle underneath the sex we have every day~ *he kisses her lustfully as he fucks her instantly, giving her pure pleasure* Bear as many children as you can because I wI'll fill four body with my seed~ *opesn her legs up wider as he fucks deeper inside, hitting her womb*

Hanail: *She nearly screams in pleasure* Yes~! More~! *She let her hair free of her ponytail as she grips onto his shoulders tightly as she starts grinding hard against him.* Make me Cry in Pleasure Nero~! Dominate me like a beast~! *She moans loudly as she arches her back.* More~! Lots More~! My Body will Carry Many Children of yours Nero~! *Her hips almost buckle from the extreme raming and massive pleasure she was getting, her pussy soaking wet as his dick was inside her.*

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