"Wanna See something cool!? Your Blood!" - Demayo [Working on a better name]

Basic InfoEdit

Demayo 2

Age: 20

Spieces: Hedgehog

Powers: Demon Summoning[Different from Nisih], quickness[Different from having speed], and Swordsman summoner.

  • Demon summoning
    • Demon Summoning, unlike Nisih's summoning, summons the demon from within; it has to be a seal demon in order for this to work.
  • Quickness
    • This power only works with bladed and blunted weapons [Swords, axes, hammers, ect.], this make the user go before their opponent, they get an extra attack at the end after their opponent has attack. Only thing that beat this quickness is speed.
  • Swordsman Summoner
    • Swordsman summoner only works on swordsman/weapon-masters[People who fights with anything but rang weapons, so bows/crossbows/guns.]. They can summon a special kind of weapon that is made only for them, the design, shape, ect. depends on the user's personality, powers, ect.

Special powers : [working on]

Forms: Demon and psycho/madman

Alignment - Chaotic Evil/Chaotic neutral [For her own deeds]


Demayo is cruel, and Gothic. She finds fun just toying with others, and enjoy the sigh of blood whenever she can. The insane female always grin and laugh at anything, enjoying even pain as she is strikes at by her opponents; nothing seem to bored her an lest it is talking. Demayo as a sharp personality when it comes to beings like Eniab, making her more careful on her actions than some believe: But, she will always be the madman that she is, and she enjoys it.


[Working, may give ideas.]

Anti-Yellowtiger's weapon

This weapon is Demayo's Special weapon, which she can only use [It is not to scale]. This weapon is 17feet long, as Demayo stands 4foot and 10 inches [Yes, it's that long.] This weapon is made of heavy, strong black steel with ruby crested steel[will come up names for these metals], there is a dark red ruby with chains on the handle of the sword.


Demayo has two different forms, each with their own traits.

Demonic formEdit

Demayo's Demonic form was a demon that couldn't be killed, this demon controlled Demayo, having her murder her whole village with not pain nor guilt. After slaughtering all of the villagers, a powerful demon sealer sealed the demon inside. However, this didn't keep Demayo from being a insane, psycho madman that she is now. Having now the powers to unseal the demon whenever she wants, she can crush through her emenies with no care. [Working on some more, feel free to give ideas]


[working on]


  • Eniab - Demayo found Eniab hard to trust and hated her to the guts after trying to get close to her brother.[who she abuses.]
  • Anti-Daemondan[has yet to get his own page] - She abuses him, his her brother.

Love interestEdit


Theme songsEdit

Special powersEdit

(working on)


(working on)

Pictures of DemayoEdit

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