"I be happy if I had friends in this wasteland..."~ Dendera the Sanwolf

Dendera The Sand Wolf -Information-Edit

  • Name: Dendera Sandwolf
  • Age: 19
  • Gender: Female
  • Species: Sand wolf
  • Powers: Wind
  • Weakness: thoughts of being alone forever and sand getting in her eyes.


Dendera is cheerful, happy and sometimes daring.

Likes and DislikesEdit

Dendera likes having friends(If she could that is), being at her home in the middle of a desert wasteland (Which her house is, there is water, grass and trees), And running.

Dendera Doesn't like being alone, the sand kicking up everywhere and sand storms.


She is dirty brown, with light brown shades form fur and hair. Her eyes are blue. She wears a white, long sleeve shirt with blue edges and brown jeans. Her gloves her fingerless and brown as her shores are black with yellow on them.

Power attacksEdit

She can make sandstorms happen with her wind skills, she can also make other type of storms as well. She can hover over the ground in fast speeds, about as fast as sonic- but, she can't last longer then two days on just hovering.

  • Hover - No ground base attacks can affect her[Earthquarks for Ex]
  • Wind wall - A wall of wind throw anything that was threw at her in a different direction
  • [working on]


Dendera lived in the desert with her mother and father, and they lived happily together till her parents gone out to hunt. Ever since then, they never came back and she was always alone... [They left when she was six.]






Her mother and father died(Yet, Dendera doesn't know.)

Love interestEdit

Pictures of DenderaEdit

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