Doom the Greek wolf[He was once a Hedgefox]Edit

Name: Doom
Doom the Greek wolf

Doom's new look :D

age: appears 18

Species: Greek wolf [Was a Greek Hedgefox]

Powers: How am I going to explain this that makes senses...

Due to Doom being an Experiment to cure diseases[which didn't work] and to replace a dead older son of the doctor that created him.

Forehead marking (Omega Kappa): Able to form a sheild around him to keep others away from him and able to pick up things that weight the same or lest than him.

Glove markings ( Phi Lambda) : Forms orbs that shoot glass-looking beams like lazers.[that's all it does]

Shoe markings (Mercury Ur {Power} ): Able to cause small earthquakes and could [if glowing] cause bone damage.[It mostly leave bruising.]

Tail marking : When glowing, can heal wounds [only wounds, not bruises.]

Backstory: [I'm going to have to dig for it.]

Love interested: April the fox[dead] {My female April, I know there is more than one April}

Celestia [a shared character between me and Onup.]

Weakness: Lasers, anything laser related.

Friends: Aidan the Wolf/Dog



Doom is friendly and loyal to his friends. He cares a lot about Aidan, Amira, and their children. Otherwise, he can be forgetful or lost in thought.


Demonic Wolf form - This form has been locked away ever since he was created, not knowing what the true powers in him holds.

When not in this form, Doom can goes faster than a werewolf, but only for a short time, good for dodging. He has a sixth sense, where he can senses when someone appears or disappears- allowing him to pinpoint where the person might appear, not always correct; but close. His force-field is also boosted more than normal, able to cause harm to others that he doesn't want near him. He can pick whom he wants in and whom he wants out.

In this form, his far faster than a werewolf in longer periods of time, his sixth sense and able to form a field around himself. He can also cause it to change from night to day. (working on more powers.)

Extra info~Edit

  • Due to Doom being an Experiment, his blood is really blue- giving his bruises a dark blue appearances and his blush a purple appearances.
  • He has three layers of bruising before really bleeding, but he has to sleep three weeks in all the layers of bruising is gone.

Gallery of DoomEdit

Doom's genderbend- Unmei the Greek wolfEdit

Name: Unmei [means doom]
Unmei drawing


Age: 18

Gender: Female

Powers: [Same as doom's]

Weapons: Chaos war axe

Dislikes: Males [For some odd reason, she likes males if their her friends through.]

[Working on the rest]

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