Timber Counting Stars MASHUP (Ke$ha OneRepublic) - Sam Tsui04:00

Timber Counting Stars MASHUP (Ke$ha OneRepublic) - Sam Tsui

Happy (Pharrell) - Sam Tsui & Sariah Cover04:39

Happy (Pharrell) - Sam Tsui & Sariah Cover

Frozen "In Summer" song -- Official HD02:00

Frozen "In Summer" song -- Official HD

Good Time (Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen) - Sam Tsui Cover ft03:53

Good Time (Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen) - Sam Tsui Cover ft. Elle Winter

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Eli as a superhero 1 (Not mine)

"I am a danbo! A danbo that saves justice!"

Eli's BioEdit


Age:No age -w-..

Gender:Literally genderless,but is consider a male.

Likes:Chocolate,Evan,Rise,Justice,Baine,Volito,Innocent people

Dislikes:Evil,Baddies,Being crushed(of course),sadness,death


Interest:Nope.Unless there's an another danbo >.> -shotdead-


Eli is an outgoing danbo and loves to run around.He is always happy and usually helps out those who needed it.He believes in justice and wants to become the first danbo hero -w-..He is willing to prove and take risks for that.He will even sacrifice himself for someone.


For a small danbo,he is suprisingly fast for his height and weight.He can also hide very well into his surroundings.Since he has can open his body,he can take out wires and put it on the person,making him charge and electrocute the person.He doesn't do this however.


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