"All we need is our friends and a tea party!" ~ Emiko Isa
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Emiko Isa

Emiko's Bio (Report Card)Edit

Dangan Ronpa - Emiko Isa's Report Card

Emiko's Report

Name: Emiko Isa ( 恵美子伊佐 )

Height: 5 ft and 6 in

Weight: 115 lb (Pounds)

Bust[Chest]: (Couldn't really think of one, so yea.) 32 cm

Specialty(Known as): Super Duper High School Fairy Tale Queen ( スーパードゥーパハイスクールおとぎ話の女王 )

Likes: Tea, Coffe cake, her friends, her fantasy world, bright and happy colors, cats, cute things and people bring happy.

Dislike: Blood, dark and sad colors, people being said, coffee, death, killing, her hair being like cotton candy, being alone.

Weakness/Fear: Loneliness, being by herself.

Personality: Cheerful, bubble, happy and sweet.

Attire: Always wear a Pink bow with a glaring black cat, wears a pink long sleeve shirt with yellowish-orange fridges, yellowish-orange bra underneath, slightly darker pink buffy skirt, pink socks with yellowish-orange friges and dark pink shoes. She also wears a pink collar, reasons are unknown. She also wears light pink Eyeshadow sometimes to match her outfit.

Hair: Vallian color

Eyes: Mint color

Special Skills:

  • Loving worries ( 悩みを愛する )
    • This increas health in class trails, but can also gain two hearts int he Nonstop debut if the lie/mistaken info is found.

What she is known mostly for: She is an amazing tea brewer, wanting to be known as "Super Duper High School Tea Brewer".

Backstory: Her mother was still pregant with Emiko when the Isa family suffer great lost of their two sons and one daughter of a car accident. When Emiko was born into the rich Isa Family, she was ignore and hardly care for an lest it was needed things. Always being alone, she ended up hiding in her own little world from school and home. Tease, insulted and ignore she ended up making up her make up friends. One of them she liks to go to is name 'Kage' whom is said to be a adventure of her world that always speak to her and have tea parties with her...


Theme songsEdit

Get Jinxed! Junko Enoshima AMV

Get Jinxed! Junko Enoshima AMV

Theme song for "Dangan Ronpa"

Cops and Robbers Dangan Ronpa MEP FULL Mep 9

Cops and Robbers Dangan Ronpa MEP FULL Mep 9

Second theme song of Dangan Ronpa ~Emiko's Experinces in her new 'life'~

They - Dangan Ronpa AMV

They - Dangan Ronpa AMV

Theme song of Emiko Isa -Blaming herself-

SHSL Despair Wasteland (SDR2 SPOILERS!!!)

SHSL Despair Wasteland (SDR2 SPOILERS!!!)

Emiko Isa's Sad Theme song.

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