"I am the lady of Alchemy and a knight of the sword."

Emilia Alchemi is the lady of Alchemy and a knight.She is respectful and responsible.She wishes that evil should be banished from the world in order to restore peace to the world.

She is the daughter of the well-known Alchemist in Camelot.

Information on EmiliaEdit

Name:Emilia Alchemi

Knight Title:

Alchemist's Sword

Weapon:A sword

Sword Name:Sword of Magic


Alias:The Alchemist's daughter


Eye Color:Ocean Blue


Likes:Knights,Magic,Camelot,Peace,Peaceful people

Dislikes:Insults,Evil,Having someone being hurt,Blood.


Items:Book,Item unknown that hangs around her waist(Looks like a huge necklace..)




She wears a red dress with one long black sleeve and one long white sleeve.Her shoes are laced boots.She wears a necklace with a pendant on it.On her waist hangs a huge necklace-liked item with a chain wrapped around her waist.


Emilia knight knight of sorcery by absolhunter251-d6a1i19

Made by SonicKnucklesFan92


  • Emilia used to love Sir Sargmore(Tobias),until he left her for mistakenly believing that she was betraying him,which wasn't true and unknown how did that happen.She didn't betray him in any way.
  • Her knight outfit was based on Sayaka Miki from Puella Magi Madoka Magica

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