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"No one flirts with my man!" ~ Erya the fangirl


Name: Erya
Erya with Red outfit

full name: Erya "Rosia" Bernadette

gender: Female

age: 13(past cannon); 18 (Cannon); 21 (future cannon)

species: Otocyon Megalotis (Bat-eared fox)

personality: Very clingy but out going. A super fangirl for any hot guy (She will only pick one). She is very headstrong and not easily sway out of her choice when it comes to her 'crush'.

residence: -Working on-

occupation: Works at Wally-world(Walt-mart); Works at a Bar at the age of 18

alignment: Pure good

height: 2'10

weight: 78 lbs

attire: common attire: -will see in picture-; work attire: Looks pretty much like Walt-mart's work clothes.

hobbies/talents: none at this time

likes: Hot guys, her battle-axe, looking pretty, ice cream, sweets and sunny days

dislikes: Storming day, girls hitting on her 'crush', being dirty, and sour candies.

relatives: Mother: Annie Bernadette. Father: Doug Bernadette

friends: Forza the Mink (Alphonse)

love interest:

Saren [By Saren The Dark Lynx](13 years old);

-Unknown-(21 years old)

neutral: -???-

rivals: -???-

enemies: -???-

Fur color: dusty brown

Hair color: Blonde (Yellow)

Type: Power


Erya is consider to be your average 13 year old girl, if you count that her carrying a battle axe is average.

Erya was raised in a warrior cast family in a village named Breezeway, far west of any known city. There Erya learn the way of the battleaxe by her farther. Not much happen in this village, so Erya got bored and set her life goal to travel around the outside world of her home to fight legends told in folk tales. She finished her training at the age of 13, now starting her quest outside her home village.


Erya wields a battle axe of that is 3'6" tall, which is able to control holy light powers and cause things to explode if she put her mind to it.


Healing aura - Able to heal all teammates at 30 ft diameter.

Screen shout: Shouts really loudly.

Theme songs Edit

The Pretty Reckless - Only You (Lyrics HD)03:41

The Pretty Reckless - Only You (Lyrics HD)

Fangirl theme song



  • I base this character on an awesome card character in a phone game app .w. Yea, I know, original -w-;
  • Different color outfits is so she isn't always wearing red -w-

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