FH the Frozen

Me! My eyes are actually brown however.


Name: Undisclosed.

Gender: Male

Age: Undisclosed

Species: Human/demon hybrid

Powers: Cryokinesis

R. Interest: Ketty the Angel- Lover

Friends: Malik

Rivals: DF the Dark.


Weapon(s): Greatsword that he holds with one hand, a smaller sword. Both are infused with ice.


FH has dark brown skin with short black hair that is wild. He has icy blue eyes that have a tendency to glow.

FH has a dark blue long-sleeved jacket with two pockets laced with light blue lining.

FB the Blackened SnowEdit

FB the Frost

Fb, otherwise known as Frostbite

FH when he's taken over by the darkness in his soul. 


Fretia the ColdEdit

Fretia the Cold

Genderbent FH

Name: Fretia

Gender: Female

Species: Human/Siren/Demon Hybrid

Powers: Cryokinesis/possible siren-like abilities

R.Status: Single




Frebitia the Black SirenEdit

Frebitia the Siren

Frebitia, watch out she'll get chu with her siren powers!

When Fretia's Siren spirit wakes up. She's considered the GB to FB.

Gender: Female

Species: Siren/Human, this is suppressed