French Perfume By Great Big Sea Lyrics03:01

French Perfume By Great Big Sea Lyrics

This is a Sonic pirate RP, where any Sonic character can be pirates or villagers. However, I will really only two other people beside myself RP this as I may not making this free to play.




This is the character place ^^ (User can have up to four characters


Raibyo the Hedgehog(Captain Shocks EbonyCrystal) (Y-Tiger) - Captain of a ship name Rosina

'Voltio' Tyon(Blackstone Callin) (FroZenHyBrid)


Each Character's backstoryEdit

Raibyo's Story:Edit

Raibyo, or going by Captain Shock, was a young lady under a noble house. This Noble house used to build ships till they were taken down by a cheaper and weaker ships of another noble family. Raibyo strikes her revenge, running around while dressed like a male(and acts like one). She uses one of her families most strongest Ships known as The Rosina. Captain Raibyo has smuggles lots of things and never got caught...


Raibyo's Pirate outfit(Old XD )

Ch 1.Edit

Out in the deep waters, The Rosina was sailing, the fags open of black with a skull, one crossbone with a sword replacing the other. Standing on the deck of the Rosina was a hedgehog of orangish-yellow fur, dark blue bangs. The emerald and ruby color eyes staring out over sea. "Heh!" THe person wears a big grin across the muzzle as the ship was being care for.

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