Lunar the Echidna: Y-Tiger

Sicile the Foxwolf: FroZenHyBrid

Part 1Edit

Sicile swings at a tree, with an axe made from her powers.

Walking not too far away, not noticing, Lunar was scanning around. "Mm... I think I just got myself lost..." He mutters quietly, looking around.

"..." Sicile looks at Lunar, blinking. "Who is that?"

Lunar sighs and pulls out a small gem. "Mmm..."

"?" She dissipates her axe. "Hey!"

Lunar tenses up, putting the gem away. "Mm?" He glances. "Yes...?"

"Are you lost or somethin? This place gets most people lost pretty easily."

"Oh... I believe I am lost." Lunar sighs a tiny bit, thinking. "I'm unsure where I am going through, so I'm lost in both direction and end goal."

"Don't have to be technical. I was only asking if you were lost."

"Oh... Erm... then yes, I'm lost." Lunar had a small sweatdrop, as if he wasn't used to talking to people.

"Need some help leaving? Say yes, or no."

"I'm unsure..." Lunar said, thinking.

She sighs.

"I'm sorry if that wasn't helpful." Lunar said, before pulling out the gem. "Mm... I lost where I was going, so I don't know if I am to leave or not..."

She rolls her eyes. "Let's go."

Lunar glance over, seem confuse. "?"

"Want to find your way back don't you? So let's go."

"I was out looking for something." Lunar glance around. "..."

"What were you looking for?"

"The Gem I'm holding knows more than I do." Lunar said, looking down at it. "But, I think I lost the trail."

Sicile frowns. "Look. if the gem knows more than you then ask it where to go."

"I can't... I... don't know how..." Lunar glance away. The gem was strange and lookes nothing like the gems.(Ecplise Lunar Master emerald)

She sighs.

"I'm sorry... I'll just leave." Lunar stated, glancing away and goes to walk off.

"Hey woah. You still need my help in leaving!"

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