Gender: Female

Age: Looks to be eighteen, chronologically unknown.

Species: Fragment/Hedgehog

Sexuality: Bisexual

Romantic Interest: Siekte - Girlfriend


Sister: Temitra the Void

Brother(s): Malitia the Black, Faust the Inferno




She has a tan muzzle, with no hints of fuzz on both sides of her cheeks. This color extends to her chest, the inside of her ears, but not her arms. The color of her fur is rock brown, with various prange markings that can be found on her waist, arms, hair and tails. Her hair is neat and looks as if it's flowing, though she makes sure it doesn't get messed up by tying it into a ponytail, since it reaches her shoulder.

She wears a white t-shirt with brown sleeves and orange lining, a pair of black jeans with orange lining and brown buckles, and a pair of white sneakers.

It can also be known that she wears glasses to help with her eyesight.

Personality Edit

Frita, due to having been the ifrit, suffers from a temper with a very short fuse.

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