Gonhorreah Monet

Gender: Female

Species: Cat/Vampire

Sexual Orientation: Lesbian

R. Interest:


Gonhorrea has a pale muzzle with no tinges of fuzz, except for some small hints of it. She has dirt brown fur with hints of green mixed in on her back, hair, and arms. She claims the green comes from her heritage. She has hair that reaches to her elbows, though she sometimes keeps it tied in a braid, most of the time she'd just let it loose. Also, the top of her hair is green, though the rest of it all the way to her elbows is brown. Her sclera is glossy white, with the irises being pale green and her. 

When going swimming Gonhorrea will wear a red bikini complete with a pair of sandals and a sunhat.


Gonhorrea is a calm woman, most of the time acting as a mediator between ayyyyy heated arguments.

When Gonhorrea drinks too much blood, she will enter a phase known as "homosexual". In this phase her personality shifts drastically, she will openly flirt with any girl she sees and will most often attempt to bite them, when she snaps out of this phase she'll have no memory of what goes on but she will apologize regardless, as she knows that she probably did something stupid. She loathes this phase with a passion and regulates herself on blood drinking to avoid it happening again.


Gonhorrea's name is a combination of the words, Gay and Terror.

Gonhorrea originally used to be a male character named Quake, but Doom is more fun tbh

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