|first appearance = None yet

|appearances = None

|full name = Conner "Geno" Dango

|nicknames = Geno, Dango, Powerhouse Gene

|age = Unknown (18 physically)

|birthday = august 12, 1996

birthplace = Egg Carrier

|species = Artificial Hedgehog

|gender = Shown As male (gender is really Unknown)

|height = Classified

|weight = Classified

|fur = Blue with orange streaks

|eyes = Crimson

|attire = Orange and violet Gloves and Light Violet, dark violet, green and white shoes

|alignment = Neutral/Good (Evil in the Fallen Timeline)

|favourite food = Lemon Pie

|likes = Defeating his rival, Memes killing, kicking ass in general.

|dislikes = Getting his ass kicked, Ludwig (to a curtain degree)

|relatives = Ludwig Robotnink (Creator), Sonic The Hedgehog (Genetic Base), Veno the Hedgehog (Genetic Brother)

|friends = 43rd Century Freedom Fighters, Future Core City Guardians

|neutral = Any body who's just a citizen, or He does not care for

|rivals = Veno the Hedgehog (to a Degree)

|enemies = Ludwig Robotnik

|skills = All of Sonic's Main abilities, plus Xenoshock Punch, Xenoblade Slash, Xenoarts (Inspired by Manardo Arts)

|theme =

Concept & DevelopmentEdit

Created: February 22, 2015


Geno was created in a Artificial Mobian Chamber, From Sonic's DNA and with core abilities called the Xenoarts, the art of Changing the status of Power, Speed And more (similar to the Marnardo arts used by Shulk in Xenoblade Chronicles), Geno also had his so called "brother" created the same time as him, both Geno and Veno are Created by the descendant of the Infamous doctor himself, Dr. Ludwig Robotnink. Geno Betrayed the doctor and began to do more good than evil like he was supposed to, Veno did the same, then got noticed by the 43rd Century Freedom Fighters, help them in some occasions

after a while Geno seen some "Bads" and "Goods" then seen a Hedgehog/Hyena, she was the leader of the Future Core City Guardians and Geno helped her and her Group to fight off Coratin's Descendent, Zeo, and his Dynasty, now Geno helps out Ravoka and Amion in their battles


Geno is a bit Serious, but more cocky and out going due to Sonic's DNA, geno only gets serious if its a major Battle or fight


43rd Century Freedom FightersEdit

he gets along really well with the leader and the Faction itself.

Future Core City GuardiansEdit

Same with the 43rd Century Freedom Fighters, he gets along really well.

Veno the hedgehog Edit

he and veno don't really get along (this is why they are rivals in some cases), but still are Brothers till the end.



Did you know, Geno's name is similar to the word Gene or Genetic

Geno Was going to have a super from at the start, but I will develop it once I get there.

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