An older character meant to be the counterpart fo Voltio, hailing from Vulkan's dimension. However as I had scrapped the dimension not too long ago I wish to bring this character back to life.


Age: 19

Species: Mongoose

Gender: Male

R. Interest: None

Sexuality: Straight


Mother: ???

Father: ???



Geo is Geokinetic, or in other words, is able to manipulate the very earth.   


Geo has a tan muzzle with two tinges of fuzz on both cheeks, with a smaller tinge above the two. This tan coloring reaches to the inside of his ears, but nowhere else. Geo has snowy white fur that covers a majority of his body, and reaches to his tail, with green markings running on his arms, legs, the tip of his tail, and his hair. The same green coloring is shared with the irises of his eyes. His hair is cut short to his shoulders, tied up into a ponytail, and he has a few strands of loose hair.

Geo wears a black short sleeved t-shirt, with a brown vest on top. He wears black fingerless gloves, with the black coloring being shared with his pants. On his feet, a pair of brown boots. Geo also has a black stetson hat that he wears for a great deal of his time outside a building.

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