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H'Kengle (In Skyrim)

"I could care less... " ~H'Kengle, daughter of S'Kavr's leader.

Basic BioEdit

Clan Name: H'Kengle

Name: Keila

Species: Lycaea (Pure breed werewolf)

Eye color: Silver

Hair color: Darkest brown

Weapons: Warhammer, Battle Axe, Greatsword

Armor: Lgith armor


Combat: Two-handed, Restortion, and Light armor

Non-combat: Smithing, Speech, and Lockpick[lesser]

HP,Stamina and MagickaEdit

HP - 360 [Working on)

Stamina - 320 (Working on)

Magicka - 130 (working on)


Jace - He is her father. [That's all that is needed to be known.]

Meeko - A stray dog she brought along happily.