"It is very nice to meet you!" - Hanail
Hanail and Janile

Hanail[Left] and Janile [Right]

"Get out of my way, moron." - Janile

Basic bioEdit

Names: Hanail Darkenson and Janile Darkenson

Nicknames: (thinking on)

Ages: both 16

Species: Dark gaia Porcupine/lynx

Fur colors: Dark gray/black and purple

Eye colors: Emerald colors

Attire: Janile - Has the same desgin long sleeve shirt that is a bit like Dark storm's coat.

Hanail - Has the same long sleevee shirt desgin as Ebony.


  • Telepathy[with each other]
  • Telekinesis[To fit with the Telepathy]
  • Form little shadow minions (Janile's is a bloodhawk while hanail's is a sabertooth tiger)
  • Dark chain(Janile can only use this.)
  • Illusions(Hanail can only use this.)

[Working on]


Hanail - She is sweet and honesty, keenly aware of her surroundings and can be very sneaky when need to.

Janile - She is more cold and rude, through respectable and nice to friends and family; rivals and emenies suffer in her cold staring eyes.



Father: Dark Storm

Mother: Ebony

Brothers: Froy Darkenson And Nero Darkenson

[Working on the rest]