HeartBreaker 2

"I don't like you very much" ~ HeartBreaker


Pony Name: HeartBreaker

Species: Pegasus(With devil wings instead of normal wings)

Attire: Front leg warmers and collar with a strange magical gem

Parents: -Have to remember, the Father was a Pegasus and the mother was the royal blood[Mix of Pegasus and unicorn, can't remember the name]-

Colors: Mane - Black and red/ fur - Maroon / Eyes: Deep red

Cutie Mark: A broken heart (A back story behind that)

History:(Working on)



  • None

Cannon WorldEdit

  • RainbowDash
  • FlutterShy(In fact, Heartbreaker is extremely nice to Fluttershy and is rather quiet towards her)
  • AppleJack(The apples)


  • None

Cannon WorldEdit

  • Rarity(She and Rarity don't get allow at all)


  • None


-Before events-

HeartBreaker wasn't Heartbreaker to begin with, she was Heartabell for her sweet personality and caring towards other. Her cutie mark was a nice heart and nothing more...

-After Events-

HeartBreaker has something people call Split Personalities. Her main personality is cold front and doesn't care for most, but sometimes when she hits her head really hard and something snaps her to a memory moment, she goes to the Heartabell personality, mix with confusion and sorrow of knowing what happens.


HeartBreaker lives in the edges of Everfree Forest. Her replies are mostly of "Reminds me of home" and "Why does it matter to you."


  • HeartBreaker's cutie mark in fact changed over time, I wanted something a little new for any book woman pony to try and guess why certain events done to her affected her cutie mark.
  • HeartBreaker in her earlier states of life never wore the collar nor front leg warmers till her fathewr abuse.
  • The Collar is in fact to ensure HeartBreaker's personalities are in check.
  • At the earlier stages of her life, Heartbreaker couldn't fly due to the small size of the strange wings, after her father's abused she learn that she could enlarge her demon wings to able to lift her weight.


[Will add more to this page]

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