An rp for DXS and Sovash

Characters (Including canon)

Ion the hedgehog - DXS

Cloud the Meerkat-S100

Velena the Snake-S100

Vallery the Hedgehog-S100


Ion: *sitting in the park, sighing*

Velena: *sees him and walks up to the younge man on the bench* Um excuse me sir, have you seen a white and grey mongoose. Kinda fidgety and about yeh high?

Ion: not really. *looking at her confused*

Velena: *sighs as she adjusts her guitar case on her back* Well thanks for the help. *she smiles as she leaves in a hurry*

???: Ptssss! Is she gone? *a whisper emerges from the tree above the bench Ion sits under*

Ion: ?! yeah, she is.

???: *snikers as he hops down next to Ion* Thanks. The Name is Cloud. cloud the Meerkat.

Ion; ion the hedgehog

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