Female sonic base rules by xxjennathehedgiexx-d5wrdgl


Sonic male base attempt 1 by itsunaku chan-d54tvm6


The two's battle theme song04:01

The two's battle theme song

"Messin' with a zone cop eh?"-Saida

"Punishment will happen as we take you back."-Hunter

Saida the red pandaEdit

Name:Saida Bounty


Species:Red panda

Colors:Red and White


Eye color:Green

Occupation:Zone cop/Engineer

Hair:Dark blackish blue hair.


Speed:She can run fast like Sonic but a bit slower.

Night Vision:She uses this in the night during a chase/criminal stuff.

Double Pistol:She is armed with two pistol.

Gear:She takes this if the criminal runs away faster than her speed

Hunter the Red PandaEdit

Name:Hunter Bounty


Species:Red Panda

Color:Red and White


Eye Color:Green

Others:He has a huge scar on his chest.

Occupation:Zone Cop/Engineer

Hair:Messy Dark Blackish Blue hair.


Same things as Saida

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