• Name: Ivorygrace (Ivory-grace)
    The curse 3
  • Age: he looks to be roughly 17
  • Gender: Male
  • Powers: None
  • Form: None
  • Alignment: Neutral
  • Fur: ... I don't really know what to say beside his mostly light orange...
  • Eyes: Right light blue, left is part robot.
  • Weakness: His fears really.


Ivorygrace was born with a disease that was incurable. When he gotten around to being ten, he lost all nerves in his left leg, and could barely move his left arm and the very tip of his strangely, long hedgehog tail. When he gotten around being 17, the body parts that were rotten away were replace with robot pieces. So his left arm, left leg, tip of his tail, left eye and his left ear maybe robotic. However, he has a huge fear of touching people with his left side of his body, or even having people touch him.

Current LifeEdit

Ivorygrace lives in a hospital so the doctors can keep checking on him, however, he is allow to leave the hospital whenever he wants; but, fear takes control over him about the outside world.

Likes and dislikesEdit

Ivorygrace likes to stay near the doctors and nurses; thinking of them as family. He likes to read and sometimes even just walk through the hospital hallways.

He dislike people assuming his a female, doesn't like being touch on the left side of his very body and fear many things....


Ivorygrace doesn't really have a personality, but when he does. He is mostly scared, worry or shy. No one understands why.






  • Parents: The head Doctor and Head nurse of the hospital (Not blood related parents)
  • Aunts and uncles: All the doctors and nurses in the hospital (Not blood related aunts/uncles)
  • Sisters/Brothers: Doesn't know
  • Cousins:No clue

Love interestEdit

Theme songsEdit

Two Door Cinema Club - What you know lyrics

Two Door Cinema Club - What you know lyrics

Old theme song...

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