ChibiMaker Joey

~Hi I'm Joey ^^~

Basic InfoEdit

Full Name: Joey Slick

Species: Humanoid-Demon

Age: ???


Mv: 10

Counter: 1

Weakness: ???


Hidden Skill: ??

In love with:Faven The Demon


Note: Based on a 600 point system

HP 100%      Fist E

SP 50%    Swords E

ATK 1%       Spear E

DEF 80%      Bow E

INT 1%       Gun S

RES 100%     Axe E

HIT 150%     Staff E

SPD 120%


-Siegfried-(Gun)                           DEF+100                               HIT+750

-Providence-(Glasses)                                  INT+250                 HIT+800

-Infernal Cape-(Armor)                 DEF+550                SPD+150 HIT+150

-Star Orb-(Orb)                 SP+80                                                              RES+80

Skills setEdit

Note: Gun Skills comes from Disgaea 2

Personal Skills

Star Cannon 10 SP: Places a Star Cannon on the field


  • The level of the Star Cannon is 1 + half (1/2) of the Joey's level + Skill level of Star Cannon
  • The human player has 10 seconds from when the Star Cannon is played to shoot as much as possible on any targets.
  • After the 10 seconds, the Dark Cannon will auto-lock on to the closest enemy and will fire 5 shots between the player's turn and the enemies' turn.
  • At all times, the Star Cannon's shots will be fired in a straight line to the target, but will not pass through walls and the like. This is a good way to avoid shots from the Dark Cannon, but can also be annoying if an enemy is hiding behind a wall in the same way.
  • When the Star Cannon's shots hit, it causes explosive damage, which means any other characters that are nearby the target are also hit.
  • These explosive shots will cause Prinnies to explode as if they were thrown.
  • The Star Cannon's shots will always do at least 1 damage to any target.
  • The Star Cannon has an ammo limit of 999 bullets.

Slick Hand 1 SP: Able to steel without a stealing hand

Magical Skills

Espoir 10 SP: Cures Ailments

Gun Skills

LVL: 1 Tri-Burst

LVL: 3 Gaia Blast

LVL: 6 Proximal Shot

LVL: 10 Shooting Stars

LVL: 15 Totenkreuz

LVL: 21 Inferno

Relation infoEdit

Serve:Faven The Demon