Infected Mushroom - Killing time (lyrics)

Infected Mushroom - Killing time (lyrics)

Theme song of Josh the Mink

Josh the Mink -color-

Josh the Mink

"I may be insane, but that doesn't mean I don't care; I just choose to not care for your health and well being." ~ Josh the Mink

Basic Bio of JoshEdit

Real Name: Joshua Vean

Nickname: Josh, insane Josh

Species: Mink [Something new]

Fur Color: Golden yellowish-orange

Eye colors: Purple

Attire: Straight jacket

Aligment: Chaotic Evil/Netural Evil

Love interest: Sarah [as a crush]

Hobbies: Confusing people, stalking Sarah, fighting and insulting people

Likes: Sarah, killing, being insane, hiding secrets from other people and confusing them.

Dislike: Sarah's friends, having no fun and someone harming Sarah.


Insane and crazy, that is what Josh is. A Madman who loves to joke around and doesn't want to show his true inner feelings.


He is able to make someone go simply insane by tricking their minds with strange questions, he can also teleport to places he already know [Or known as his home bases.]

[Working on]