The RPEdit

[It all began when two people decide to lock there characters in a indestructible bathroom]

Judas:-_-.....the door won't open

Kaede: That isn't good... Why are we both stuck in a single bathroom? *confuse, sitting on the tub part of the toilet*

Judas: Normally i would use my powers to break the door like a toothpick but this room is inoculated.... and for some reason there's food and water here.....? I'm gona kill him when i get out -_-

Kaede:*blushes a tiny bit* hm.... *sighs* So, what now?

Judas:We can talk to past the time, there's no one here but us...*light bulb* no one here but us


Judas: Tell me everything your parent don't want you to do

Kaede: Erm, They don't want me to have a boyfriend, they din't want me to fly, or have an ex gear, they don't want me alone with a boy, they don't want me to do a lot of things... um... *thinking*

Judas: I think the heaters busted. i hope i doesn't get "cold" in this room. Especially sens we don't have any blankets. If it is "cold" then we'll have to get close

Kaede:*blushes a little* U-Um...

Judas:Are you feeling cold?

Kaede: A-A little bit... *blushing a little*

Judas: then let me warm you up *Puts his arms around Kaede and wrap his tail around her* feel better

Kaede:*blushing, hugging Judas* B-Better.

Judas:Kaese you're so soft *Ruds his cheeks against hers* It's nice just the two of us

Kaede:*blushes, but smiles a little as she hugs him*

Judas:*gets closer to Kaede pressing his chest against her breast* We might be here for a while

Kaede:*blushes, looking at him* Y-Yea...

Judas:A long...*closes his eyes* time *does for a long kiss*

Kaede:*blushes, closing her eyees as she lean into the kiss*

Judas: If we do have to sleep i might a well make it a little comfortable *Take of his hoody and pants and layed it in the tub* I know it's not much *returns to hugging Kaede* So what do you think

Kaede: It is nice *she smiles* It should be comfortable enough.

Judas:*still hugging Kaede* This is almost fur to fur contact *blush* Its a good thing we are together under these circumstances

Kaede:*blushes, smiling at him* Y-Yea.

judas: You're so soft *rubs his body against Kaede* and warm~

Kaede:*blushes at him rubing against hem*

Judas:Oo does that feel good? If not you can tell me to stop any time *rubs his cheeks against her cheeks*

Kaede:*she blushes* I-It does f-feel good.

Judas: I loved it when you claimed me *starts kissing her neck*

Kaede:*blushes, gasping a little.*

Judas: It was enchanting *licks her cheeks*

Kaede:*she blushes, smiling a little*

Judas:Will you claim me again? *gets closer rubbing his chest against Kaede breast*

Kaede:*she blushes* M-mmm~ *gasping a little*

Judas:I'm yours*Kissing down her neck*

Kaede:*blushes* and I-I'm yours~

Judas: So you trust me that much?*move his hand to Kaede's big breasts*

Kaede:*blushes bright red, nodding*

Judas:*removes his hands* When we're older and if you still feel the same way lets get married. Some thing are worth the wait.

Kaede:*blushing, smiling* R-Right

Judas:I'm so happy you have so much faith in me*tears run down from his eyes*thank you *Kissing Kaede over and over again*

Kaede:*blushes a little, return the kisses* Your welcome, Judas. *she smiles sweetly*

Judas: What happens here is our little secret don't tell Juniper

Kaede:*Blushes, nodding*O-Okay.

Judas:Lets see what kind of food they packed for us

Kaede:Right. *She smiles*

Judas: wow they packed a Microwave . What did you find?

Kaede: Hot pockets... Meats... Bread...Um... A Fridge, which holds milk, eggs, more meat, soda, ice water... Then there is canned foods. as well as many sweets...

Judas:What do you want to try first?

Kaede: Mmm... *looking*Let's see if the hot pockets get cook up.

Judas: Ok *plugs in the Microwave*

Kaede:*Has the hot pockets.*

Judas: *Opens the microwave door*

Kaede:*Carefully takes it, nodding*

Judas:*eats some of his hot pockets* want a bite ?

Kaede:*Blushes, but nodded*

Judas: ok *holds out hot pocket*

Kaede:*blushes as she takes a bite of his hot pocket

Judas:*kisses Kaede on the lips*

Kaede:*return the kiss, blushing*

Judas:*puts his arms around Kaede, Kiss some more*

Kaede:*wrap her arms around his neck gently, returning the kisses*

Judas:Can't wait until We're older *kissing kaede*

Kaede: Agree *return the kiss*

Judas:*smells Kaede's hair*

Kaede:*blushes a little, smiling*

Judas:This is the first time we get to sleep together

Kaede: Y-Yea *smiles*

Judas:*nuzzel Kaede* I'm looking forward to it

Kaede: Y-Yea *smiles*

Judas:Actually i feel a bit sleepy how about you?

Kaede: I'm tired as well. *she smiles a little*

Judas:*Lays down in the tub* would you care to join me ^_^

Kaede:*nods as she lay down with him*

Judas:*starts to feel Kaede's tail* so soft

Kaede:*blushes, smiles*

Judas: and warm*rubbing his cheek against Kaede's tail while rubbing his tail against her*

Kaede:*blushes, nuzzles his tail*

Judas: what do you think of my tail?* nuzzles Kaede's tail*

Kaede:*blushes a little*It's fluffy.

Judas:Glad you like my Tail ^_^


Judas:*Pushes his body closer to Kaede*Soft~

Kaede:*Blushes a little, but smiles*

Judas:*Starts to fall asleep in Kaede's loving embrace*^_^

Kaede:*Smiles, nuzzling Judas as she falls asleep.*

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