"This is extremely boring and Annoying!" - Julie Mani

~Warning: This page is still being worked on~
Julie The Lynx

Basic BioEdit

Name: Julie Mani

Nicknames: Jul

Birthday: July 14

Age: 18 (15 for High school stuff)

Species: Lynx

Personality: -basic- Tomboyish, easily bored

Fur color: A dark pinkish-purple with light pinkish-purple tips (and eyeshadow)

Eyes: Yellow/gold

Attire: A red T-shirt with a heart, yellow under-long sleeve shirt, shorts and legwarmers. (Sneakers)

Powers: Able to see and speak with ghost.

Love Interested:

Personality (Advance)Edit

Julie isn't one to lay back, she is always one to hurry and get it over with without much planning; which causes her to look stupid or miss something important and everything goes down hill from there. She isn't girly and in facts hate dresses and refuse to even wear dresses. This personality then to cause trouble for formal invites like weddings or job parties; she'll always be the one wearing shorts to any party.


  • Boy clothes
  • Sunny days
  • rainy days
  • thunder storms
  • horror (Books, real life, movies, you name it)
  • Red, black and yellow with hints of blue.
  • Video games (Shooters, RPG, fighting, MMOs)
  • Cosplaying
  • Fighting
  • Causing trouble.
  • Tennis and swimming


  • Girly things
  • Dolls
  • Dresses
  • Lame days (Such thing for her.)
  • Boring days
  • Boredom
  • Cheery things
  • Non-horror things (An lest it's science fiction)
  • Puzzle games, baking games, sport games (For video games)
  • Football
  • Other girls (Mostly drama queens)
  • Makeup (But Eye shadow)

Backstory (working on)Edit


Another worldEdit

  • Luigi (A comic will come up soon)


  • None


  • [thinking on]

Another worldEdit

  • Boo [A comic will come up soon]
  • King boo [A comic will come up soon]
  • Ghost (different kind) [A comic will come up soon]
  • (thinking on)

Comics [yea]Edit

  • Luigi, Borka & Julie -Shards Hunting- [Mix with Luigi Mansion Dark moon/Luigi Mansion 2. Maybe come soon]

Comic pages Luigi, Borka & Julie -Shards Hunting- [coming soon]Edit

Theme songs (working on)Edit


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