Junpier The timber wolf

King the Rabbit


[Juniper Phone starts to ring]

Juniper:*Answers the phone*Mm? Hello?

Judas: Hey its me judas, just wanted to know if you want to come to the beach. You can bring a freind ^^

Juniper:*Thinking*I am unsure if I have anything for the beach, Judas.

Judas: That's ok we can stop by the mall to get you a swim sut.

Juniper: I think I can get my own...*Thinking, sighing*

Judas: Alright this will be great ^^ we never did anything fun together. Don't forget to bring a freind

Juniper:Right...*She sighs, hanging up and looking for King's number*His the only 'friend' I have...

King: Hello ^^ King speaking

Juniper:This is Juniper.

King: Hey Juniper glad to hear from ya ^^

Juniper:Yea... another friend of mine called me, saying he wanted me to go to the beach... Want to come, I have to buy myself a swim suit.

King: I would love to come where do you want us to meet up?

Juniper:I guess to the mall so I get a swim suit, and then go to the beach.

King: Alright I'll head there right now ^^

Juniper:Very well.*she hangs up and goes to the mall.*

King:*waiting at the intrance* Hey Juniper

Juniper:*Waves*Hello, King.

King: Thanks for inviting me I needed a break ^^

Juniper:Yea, no problem...*She walks inside.*

King:*fallow Juniper inside* So you know what your going to buy?

Juniper:Hopeful something that fits.

King: I'm sure they have something in your size...want me to wait at the intrance

Juniper: if you want to. *She walks into one of the stores.*

King:*Watches Juniper inter the store* I shouldent look *sturn around and sighed* (It's to tempting especaly with all thos bikines. I don't want her to think that I'm some perv)

Juniper:*Groan as she couldn't find any swinsuits that fit*

King: Is everything ok over there? Need any Help?

Juniper:Nothing fits.*She groans*

King: Really?! With a body like yours there should be lots of options.

Juniper:*She sighs*My size is in between two sizes so nether fit.

King:Then get the biger siz then we can get it ajusted to fit you.

Juniper:Then tell me which one to take.*Cross her arms.*

King:Um *blush* You want me to pick hehe ^^; you should pick watever your comfotable with.

Juniper':I am not hugely picky, I am only wearing it for one day.

King: Ok then how about that one *he pointed out white color bikini*

Juniper:*Gets it and buys it*


[King and Juniper got the bikini ajusted and walked to the beach where Judas and Kaede was waiting for them]

Judsa:Hey over here *he places his arm around Kaede*

Kaede:Hello Sis!

Juniper:*Walking to them*

King: Hi ^^ guys My name is king nice to meet ya

Judas: A I see you have a new freind ^^ is he your boyfreind by any chance

Juniper:*She shrugs*Eh.

Kaede: ^^

Judas: Just eh? O well *hugs Kaede nuzzling into her furr* Just so you know she's mine and we'r close~

King: I have no intres in dateing Juniper's younger sister -_-;

Judas: Good ^^ *hugs Kaede tigher as his hand rubs her back*

Juniper:*Sighs, goes and sits under some shade* Mm...

Kaede:*Blushes a bit*

King: I'll just leave you two love birds alone -_- *fallows Juniper under the shade* So that's Kaede's boyfreind, though he was older. I should say I'm lucky he dosen't remember me....That bikini looks really good on you *blush*

Juniper:*Looks at him*Thanks.

King:*he moves his hand closer to Juniper* So aaa... is there anything you want to do together.

Juniper:*she shrugs*

King: We can go swimming or would you like me to buy you some icecream.

Juniper:Either is fine, do what you want.*She blinks.*

King: It's a hot day so let gets some icecream ^^

Juniper:Very well*She sits up*

King: *stands up* So what kind of icecream do you like?

Juniper:*She shrugs*Any flavour is fine.

King: Ok ^^ lets go to that Icecream shop over there, I heard the icream there are home made.

Juniper:Very well.*She stands up.*

King:I don't think they'll miss us if we'r gone for a little bit *walking over to the icecream shop*

Juniper:Alright*She follows him*

[Inside the Icecream shop you see that the place is busy]

King: Wow alot of people here *looks around* There a free space just for us.

Juniper:*She just nods.*

King:*walks over to the table pulling out Juniper's site*

Juniper:*Sits down at the table.*

King:*walk to the other side and takes his site*

Waiter: What can i get you two ^^;

King: Two bnanna splits ^^

Waiter: On it *she quickly whent to the other tables to get there orders*

King: This place is popular hu ^^

Juniper:I guess so.

King: Having fun so far? ^^

Juniper:Sure*She shrugs*

King: Minde if I ask a personal question?

Juniper:Mm?*Looks at him*What?

King: Do you have a boyfreind?

Juniper:No, the last one was years ago.*Narrowed her eyes slightly, glancing away.*

King: Sorry if i brought up painfull memeories...

Juniper:Nope, I beat the guys ass. *She close her eyes.*

King: Some reason I'm not supresed, you are a strong and beautiful woman.

Juniper:Strong is the fact, beautiful is only ones opinion.*She sighs a bit.*

King: We have ben workinf for a while and I want to get to know you better. So what Im trying to say is um.. *Blush*

Juniper:*looks at King*Well, spill it.*She blinks, having open her eyes.*

King: Will you be my girlfreind.*blushing bright red*

Juniper: Mm... Sure, we can see if it works out.*She close her eyes.*I'm not butthurt about dating again. Not all males are the same.

King: That's great ^^ glad you said yes... If you don't mind me asking what did your ex boyfreind do?

Juniper:Oh, said some rude things after he dump me. That's when I slam his face into a wall and kicked him in the balls and called him a bastard before walking off.*She stretches.*That was when my true strength awaken.

King: Ouch but it sound like he deserved it.

Waiter: Here you do a Bannana split for two ^^ *places a large bannana split betwen them*

Juniper:Yea, and thank you sir.

Waiter:Stop by again ^^; *she quickly serve the other people there icecream*

King: Um would you mind if i feed you some icream? ^^

Juniper:Erm... Sure, why not.

King: Ok ^^*graps a spoon and scops some icream* here you go *hold the spone close to Juniper's mouth*

Juniper:*Blushes a bit, but eats the ice cream off the spoon.*

King:*scoups another spoon full of icecream* I'm glad your enjoying the icecream *blush ashe hold up to Juniper's mouth*

Juniper:*Blushes a bit, eating the icecream.*

Judas: Hey Juniper, Rabbit guy are you here?

King:-_- Man ruin the moment.

Juniper:*She sighed*Yep...

Juniper: Hey guys we got worryed when you two dissapered.

King: Thanks for your consern -_-

Judas:...Oook so I'm geting come icecream to go, I thought that you two would like to play some vollyball ^^. It's more fun with more people.

Juniper:*looks to King*Want to play after we eat?

King: Ya that sounds like fun ^^

Judas: Great a two on two match ^^ see you two later *He leave right after he perchas two icecream*


King: What's wrong, think he's up to something?

Juniper:When isn't he thinking of something?

King: You do know him longer than me, I only met him that one time -_-;.*scoops a spoon full of icecream and eats it* We should finish it befor it melts.

Juniper:*Eating her ice cream*He always has something in plan.

King: What could happen in an inocent game of vollyball*scoops a spoon full of icecream and eats it* Maybe we shoulden't play

Juniper:And get bored? Nah.

King: Ok but I'm keeping an eye on him*scoops a spoon full of icecream and eats it* Want the last bit?

Juniper:Sure, I guess.

King: Ok *raises his hand*

Waiter: Ok here the bill

King:*pays* Let's go


[Juniper and King left the shop, they walked back to the beach where they can see Judas and Kaede near the vollyball net finishing there icecream]

Judas: That really hit the spot *grins* A they finally came

King: It's not to late to turn back is it -_-


Kaede:*Waves*Hi sis ^^

Judas: So this will be a freindly two againts two match or we can play competivly ^^

King: My vote is for a frendly match -_-

Juniper:*She shrugs*Has to be friendly, or someone gets hurt for harming my younger sis.

Kaede: ^^

Judas: Ok It's me*puts his arm around Kaede* and Kaede againts you and rabit guy

King: It's King -_-

Juniper:Very well.*Stretches*

Judas: Just a far warning your sister is alot faster than you think ^^ you can say she's just as fast as me.*makes his way to his side of the court* Be prepared to lose

King: Um this is a freindly competition right? *makes his way to the other side*

Kaede:*Goes on Judas' side of the court*

Juniper:*She sighs, going next to King.*

Judas:*Connecting his soul to Kaede as he hands her the ball* Will you do the honor ^^

Kaede:*Blushes*Of course!*She serves the ball*

Juniper:*ready, her eyes narrowed and watching the ball.*

King:Ok *As the ball came to him he gently knocks the ballup and over the net*

Judas:.....Kaede show them what you got

Kaede:*She speeds right to where the vollyball was and hit it over the net.*

Juniper:*She was quick as well and hit the vollyball back over the net.*Hmph.

Judas:*Moves fast jumps up and spiks the ball*

King: Wow*dives down and boucse the ball into the Aire* Juniper heads up!

Juniper:*Already in place and hits the ball over the net.*Hmph.

Judas:*run into postition* Kaede* Knocks the ball over to her* Go for it!

Kaede:*since the ball was close enough, she goes for spike.*

Juniper:*She was right up there when Kaede goes to spike and Juniper blocks it*Heh.

Judas: *Curently distrated by seeing Kaede's body juggle in her bikini* Best sport ever

King: On Opening! *Run up and hits the ball over the net a little hard*

Kaede:*Blushes, having not made the spike very well.*!*she goes to hit the vollyball*

Juniper:*ready once more.*

King: Let's show them what we got*Knock the ball the Juniper* Heads up!

Juniper:Hmph.*she was quicker than Kaede, spiking the Vollyball.*


Judas:O no you don't*Makes a run dive hiting the ball high into the sky* Let's win!

Juniper:*Ready, watching the ball.*

Kaede:*Goes up and spikes.*

Juniper:*Goes and bumps it into the air*King!

King: Let's end this*jumps high near the net as he spiks the ball hard*

Judas:*Run and trys to make a save but trips*

Kaede:*she was only an inch away from saving the ball before it when out of the border*!?

Juniper:*She sighs, wiping her forehead.*

King: Man we where so close *panting*

Judas: Hahaha ^^*hugs Kaede* That was awesome we'r awesome. Hey Juniper i bet you have new repect for your sister ^^

Juniper:*She gives a cold glare at Judas*Are you saying I don't respect my own sister.*She growls a bit.*

Judas: I'm just saying that you never expected that your sister can challenge you *grins* She has grown the last time you saw her, I have grown with her.

Juniper:Don't ever state that I don't respect my sister. Why the hell do you think I let her be around you.*She groan, now slightly pissed.*

King: I would like to know?

Judas: Sory sory I didn't mean it like that. I know you love your sister dearly ^^ *holds Kaede closer his chest presed more againts her breats* I know I do *kisses her*

King: You wern't kidding when you said they really are lover.

Juniper:*She sighs a bit*

King: Ok you two that's enough public affection for one day.

Judas: It's never enough but we should get going to our next destination ^^

King: SO where are we going -_-

Judsa: There's a carnival grand opining today ^^ I can win Kaede a few prizzes.



[Judas Kaede King and Juniper whent to the see side carnival. Tou can see many rides boths of all sorts and even a big Ferris wheel]

Judas: Lets see what should we do next ^^

King: Judas I think you should go on with Kaede, me and Juniper will explore around ourselfs.

Judas: Only If ok with Kaede and Juniper.

Kaede:I would like that, Judas ^^


Judas:Perfect *he holds Kaede's hand* It can be the two of us ^^

King: Take care and have fun ^^

Kaede:*Hugging Judas*Yea

Juniper:Hmph.*She nods.*

Judas:Let's Go!!*walks off with Kaede as his Tail wraps around her tail*

King: There they go...*his hand raches for Juniper's hand*


King: We should be going to *Holds Juniper's hand, blushing a little* I-I want to win you something.

Juniper:Huh? Mm... Sure, but don't think I'll be like my younger sister.

King: I know and I like you just the way you are. I'm just new at this.

Juniper:Very well, let's go then.

King: Ok ^^ That looks like a good place to start *Points at a Strong Man Carnival Game booth*

Juniper:Very well.

King:*walks with juniper to the booth* I'll like to try ^^

Both Guy: Ok take a hammer, hit it real hard. Ring the bell and win a prize.

King:Ok *pick up the hammer and slames it down*

[It slides all the way up and rings]

Both Guy: Congrats pick anything you want ^^

King: What priz do you want? ^^

Juniper:*she shrugs*Anyone you want to pick.

King: Hmm...I'll get the whte tiger plushi

Both Guy: Here you go *hands King the plushi*

King: Hope you like it ^^ *holds out the white tiger plushy to Juniper*

Juniper:*She nods her head, holding it.*

King: Are you craving anything? Some cotten candy perhaps ^^

Juniper:*shrugs*Not really hungry, but sure.

King: Sweet what kind of cotten candy do you want?

Juniper:*shrugs*I don't care for the flavor.

King: Can you tell me anything in particular that you like?

Juniper:*she shrugs*Mm...

King: What's your favorit color?

Juniper:I don't really have a favorit color, I just like the dark colors.

King: That purple in your hair is really does look good on you. I'll get us some blue cotten candy^^

Juniper:*she nods her thanks*Very well.

King: *He walks over to perchus the blue cotten candy* Thanks *He retuns with the blue cotten candy* Here you go *hold out Blue cotten candy to Juniper*

Juniper:*nods.*Thank you.*she takes it, thinking a bit as she eats.*

King: Something on your minde?*eats some cotten candy*

Juniper:Nothing really.*She keeps eating.*

King:Can you tell me more about yourself?

Juniper:Not much to talk about me.

King: Any goals or dreams you want to acheve?

Juniper:No.*she close her eyes.*Not really.

King: Really?...Is there anything you want to know about me?

Juniper:You can tell me anything you want to tell me.*she shrugs*I've been over with goals and dreams years ago.*she eats.*

King: Well my favoret color is purple, my goal is to be a great hero and my favorit food is ramen.

Juniper:*she nods*Mm... Alright.

King: Juniper are you having fun so far?

Juniper:Hmph.*she smirks a bit*Up to you to think if I am having fun or not.

King: Haha funny -_- *finishes eating* So do you want to go on the ferris wheel?

Juniper:Too dull and boring.*she stands up*and I believe Judas and Kaede are already there anyway.

King: Let's rent a boat ^^

Juniper:Do you have the money for that?*she looks to him, asking but seem serious when she said that.*

King:Yes heros get lots of discounts and I did most of my traviling on foot so I saved up. It won't be a problem to rent a boat and some gear ^^

Juniper:Very well*she nods.*

King: Lets go ^^ *holds Juniper's hand*

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