Name: Kâbus Lemor The Tasmanian Tiger

Nick Name: Nightmare Demon

Age: 18

Species: Tasmanian Tiger/Demon

Tribe: The Taz tribe

Elemental Power: Dark Kron powers (nightmares)

Type: Skill

Combat Type: Fare ranged

Weapons: Chains

Likes: privacy, women,

Dislikes: Kron, his demon abilitess, his own memories

Occupation: None

Association: None

Love Interest: Renja (Sorrow) the wolf


Father: Reto the Tasmanian Tiger

Mother: Allima the Tasmanian Tiger


Kâbus is very shy and prefers to work in the shadows this being known as like a "background" Demon". Quotes: Your Dreams Are My Domain


He wears a chain around his neck, wrists and ankle. He has black strips and his fur color is red. He has yellow demonic eyes and his hair is black. He wars a black jacket. He also has bandages wrapedd around his arms.

Demonic Abilities Edit

he can control dreams and is known for causing nightmares. Kâbus's hands are wrapedd in bandages because they are alway in a demonic form so the bandages help hold his powers in and thus make his arms and hands look knormal. He can also open dream portals to the spirit world in which he can take your spirit from you in your dreams.


light (Yin) Kron elementals


Kâbus was born in the continent of Ausro-Middle. Here is wher his clan of Tasmanian tigers came to inhabit. They had fur colors of red and grey which drove them out of their first home by the brown fur colored tigers. During this century Zâbus lived during the end of the tribal warz. His home was soon on the sights of the dark echidnas so Zârbus' father (a manic voodo expert) decided to put his son through an experiment inorder to make him a Demi-God and save their clan. The experiments were painful and terribly scaring. The final nail in the coffin was when his father tried to insert yang fossilized blood into his son' bloodstream. This is when Zâbus obtained his dark powers over dreams, aka nightmares.

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