"Hello, it's nice to meet you. Have you seen my sister?" ~ Kaede The Wolf

Judas X Kaede

Kaede The WolfEdit

Name: Kaede

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Species: Timber Wolf

Alignment: Good

Powers: (*Thinking*)

Fur color: Light gray and dark gray

Hair color: Dark gray(Not darker than her fur)

Eyes: Light blue

Backstory: Kaede is Juniper's one year younger sister. At the time, they almost shared each other appearances, till Juniper vanished on one of the days she had gone to school. Kaede had to live with their parents without a sister to related. Kaede doesn't know where her sister is, but she knows that she is still alive.

Personality: Kaede is kind,respectable and proper. She was taught with manner, and she shows that manner to strangers and friends.

Weakness: Kaede has been blinded from what the world truly is, so she doesn't know about murders, kidnapping or anything along those lines(She was taught that everyone in the world has a heart). She has always related on Juniper for when anything harmful came to her, so she can't really protect herself.





Love interestEdit

  • Judas [Belongs to Onup]

Older KaedeEdit

After spending time with Judas, she has gain more knowledge of the world, and had never gone back home to her parents. Older Kaede is far more laid back and thinking over things then just trying them right away. But, there is still a small spark of childish that never left her eyes, and it came to being around Older Judas in things they do, she forgets to think over the things and just goes along with him. Mostly because she fully trust him with her heart.

Older Kaede

Basic bioEdit

Age: 21

Married to: Older Judas.

Daughter: Jessica the wolf

Theme songsEdit

(None yet)

Pictures of KaedeEdit

Ex GearEdit

Kaede has an Ex Gear made by Judas. (I might have to draw it or something ^^; )

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