"Get out of my sight... I don't need to be bother by humans like you..." ~ Katsu Dante (Pic coming...)

Basic BioEdit

Name: Katsu Dante (カツダンテ)

Age: 19

Sex: Male

Species: Half Archangel and Half demon ( Dante [The real character] Is Half Human and Half Demon.)

Powers: Able to sense Demons of any kind.

Job: Demon Slayer

Advance BioEdit

Eyes: Right- White and Left - Dark Grey

Hair color: White and short

Skin color: Between Tan and Pale

Personality: Easily bored, Katsu will tease anyone or just completely ignore them. Being a lone wolf, he seem to be good at making people not want to be with him.

Weapons: Shotguns that he duel-wields: Haden and Rosabelle, and his Demon sword: Gahus.

Outfit: Dark Red jacket and black-white shirt and pants with black boots. He wears a Diamond-gem necklace around his neck like a pendant that reminds him of his mother...

Likes: Strawberry shortcakes, Chocolate chip Sunday and Seasama Red bean pasta balls.

Dislike: Harmful demons, Limbo, Greedy humans.

Backstory: [working]


  • Father: (???) Dante -Demon
  • Mother: Julie Dante -Archangel
  • Siblings: Unknown.


  • Add


  • Add


  • Any Demon wishing to harm the human world.

Theme songEdit

Devil may cry Anime Theme HQ sound02:45

Devil may cry Anime Theme HQ sound

Theme song

Devil May Cry 3 Demon World (CHOIR version)-008:39

Devil May Cry 3 Demon World (CHOIR version)-0

Memory song of Katsu's Mother.

Devil May Cry 3 - Devils Never Cry05:21

Devil May Cry 3 - Devils Never Cry

Katsu's Fighting Song

Devils Never Cry Remix03:50

Devils Never Cry Remix

Second Theme song of Katsu/Remembering the past theme while fighting.

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