"Believe what the hell you wanna believe..No one's gonna stop you anyway."


Name:Kenny 'Kenia' Bloodsworth

Species:Bloodwork/Bloodwisps(They take form of a hedgehog or a fox.Their true appearance is blood or blood made wisps)


Likes:Scarring herself,blood,darkness

Dislikes:Love,light,her past





Occupation: Soldier(?)


The Waterinas


Assac:Has a really good relationship with him.Ever since his death,she became a jerk and most of the time sitting inside her pool,growling as she remembers the death.

Frezik(FroZenHybrid):Has a uh... relationship with him.She likes him and usually daydreams about him :Y.


She wears an orange parka jacket and a black skirt.Her eyes are green and purple,but sometimes changed into black and white.Kenia appears to have bloody red color fur and black,raven hair.Kenia's raven,black hair is messy and long to her knees.She sometimes appear to have bangs covering her eye.There are purple and red markings on her head.If her parka is taken off,she appears to have bandages all over her body.Some have a splat of blood on some of the bandages.Speaking of bandages,she has a bandage on her right eye sometimes.If her clothes and her bandages are undo,there will be stitches,blood,and deep scars on her body.


Crimson's Blood-A wayyyyy evil and a bastard form of Kenia.She appears to have crimson red eyes instead of her normal eye color.


Nightcore - Sleepless (Dubstep)-0

Nightcore - Sleepless (Dubstep)-0

Crime & Punishment - Hatsune Miku English Subs

Crime & Punishment - Hatsune Miku English Subs

INSaNiTY English lyrics on screen

INSaNiTY English lyrics on screen

DJ Snake - Turn Down For What (feat

DJ Snake - Turn Down For What (feat. Lil Jon) Music Video