"Happiness is important!" ~ Ketty
Angel Ketty new look

Angel Ketty

Basic bioEdit

Name: Ketty

Age: 1,303

Size: B cup

Species: Angel

Mv: 6

Weakness: Not being listen to [She a brat kind of person when no one listen to her opinions.]; being confuse

Class: Healer

Ability: Heal Mastery- increases healing by 100%. 


HP 100%  Fist: D

SP 140% Swords: E

ATK 20%  Spear: E

DEF 60%  Bows: S

INT 140% Guns: B

RES 90%  Axe: E

HIT: 80% Staff: S

SPD 150%


Magical skills


Heal 4 SP24/24

Mega Heal 15 SP24/24

Giga Heal 40 SP24/24

Omega Heal 100 SP24/24

Tera Heal  10 SP24/24

Espoir  10 SP  24/24 Cures Ailments



Braveheart 8 SP 24/24 Raises Attack

Shield 8 SP 24/24 Raises Defense

Magic Boost 8 SP 24/24 Raises Intelligence

Magic Wall 8 SP 24/24 Raises Resistance



Wind 4 SP 36/36

Mega wind 10 SP 36/36

Giga Wind 25 SP 36/36

Omega wind 60 SP 36/36

Tera Wind 150 SP 36/36


Owner: Viper the up-coming Overlord?


Big Sister: Faven

-working on-


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