"I am no yandere."-Non-Yandere
                                                               "Don't touch him,or I'll haunt you in your dreams."-Yandere side

Kimi Akusachi is a female teenager with a yandere personality.Kind and friendly,but insane and overprotective on her love. She works in Akibita Café and is often seen in her maid dress.

Bio Edit

Name: Kimi Akusachi



Alignment: Depends

Interest:No one

Friends: Guinevere Ablino

Nicknames: Stalker,Fangirl

Appearance Edit

When in a café, She appears to wear a pink and white maid dress, a large, pink bow behind her back and her brown hair tied with white ribbons. Her eyes are green and she wears white gloves.

When outside, She appears to wear a bright,pink dress that goes up to her knees. Her brown hair is still tied with white ribbons,but her hair is a bit more curlier than her hair in the café.She wears pink stockings and white shoes.

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